Presidential Candidates

The campaign field of 2020 Presidential Candidates continues to twist and turn as we get closer to Election Day.  Several candidates have already “Suspended their campaigns” – meaning that they’ve dropped out of the race – while others continue to win Presidential polls and endorsements from around the country.  The Presidential Candidates for 2020 understand the importance of this year’s election, and that come next year there will be a new President in office.  Both Democratic and Republican candidates are fighting hard to earn votes in key states to win the election.

But the truth is that most American voters don’t know all that much about the 2020 Presidential Candidates.  Despite numerous debates, townhall meetings, campaign rallies and awkward morning show appearances, the current candidates for President aren’t doing a great job getting their message to the people.  Unfortunately, the majority of Registered Voters feel disconnected from the political class in the United States, making it difficult to believe the political promises made leading up to Election Day.

The Presidential Candidates for 2020 offer a wide range of political backgrounds.  From lifelong politicians to career businessmen, voters have a wide selection of potential Presidents to choose from in 2020.

Republican Candidates

Democratic Candidates

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