Who You Should Vote For 2020

If you have, you aren’t unlike many American’s who haven’t decided who you should vote for in 2020 quite yet.  And that’s Ok.  There is a lot at stake in the 2020 Presidential Election, and your vote could count more than ever.  That of course depends on which state you live in, and who you actually vote for – but that’s besides the point.  Let’s get down to helping you determine who to vote for the next Presidential Election.

You shouldn’t just vote for whichever candidate your parents do, or your friend’s tell you to.  You should vote for the candidate that you think has the best chance at running the country for the next 4 to 8 years – along with which will leave the country in the best shape for years to come following their term.  Who you vote for is a very personal decision, and one that you should make without significant outside influence.

In order to choose a candidate on the ballot, you will want to know where they stand on the hot topics.  Health Care, Abortion, Marijuana, Foreign Policy and many other elements should be taken into consideration.  If political debates don’t sway voter opinion, how can you possibly stay on top of which candidate you should vote for in 2020?

Let’s Start with Republican or Democrat

Both Republican and Democratic parties promise to be the best candidate for the next four years, but many voters don’t understand the core values of each party.  While Republican’s are know for saying they want to allow states to control power, the Democrats believe that a strong central government can benefit all Americans.  Obviously, the issues get much deeper than State vs. Federal, but this is the root of most arguments across the aisle.

Who to Vote for in 2020 President ElectionWhen deciding who to vote for, you will certainly look to your peers and family for guidance, but not in terms to a suggested candidate.  You will look towards them and think about which candidate gives them the best hope for long term success.  Family wealth, background and social status will all play their part in determining who you should vote for.

Voting on Election Day

Local polling locations will open on Tuesday November 3rd, 2020 knowing that a new President will be named by the end of that day.  We encourage all eligible voters to do their research, watch candidate debates, and participate in the 2020 election to determine who will be President of this great country for the next four years.