Can You Register Online to Vote?

Almost everybody wants to vote, but the hassle and time commitment associated with the democratic process is enough to scare many away.  One of the easiest parts of voting is being able to register online.  You can register online to vote on a several different websites with your basic contact information and drivers license number.  Online voter registration has been around for years, and it continues to grow each presidential election year.  Despite being able to register to vote online, total voter turnout among young people is not increasing at the same rate.

There are several reasons why voter turnout is low in Presidential Elections.  Being able to register online ahead of time has not done much to improve the actual voting process, and in some places it has actually hurt the process.  You may not know how to register to vote online, but when you go through the process you will find that you need to choose a political affiliation – primarily Democratic or Republican.  Sure, there are other choices, but candidates in those parties never win…

When voter registration data is released, citizens are able to see what percentage of other people in their area will likely be voting with – or against their preferred candidate.  If the difference between the parties is too big, voter turnout from both ends decreases significantly because they feel that the election is pre-determined.  The problem comes when too many people think “everyone else will vote, so I don’t have to.”

You Still Have to Vote

The most important part of registering to vote online – is actually voting on Election Day.  There really is no point in registering if you aren’t going to vote – it’s only make it more likely that you’ll get called for Jury Duty!  So, if you spend the time finding a website where you can register, make sure you plan on finding a polling location where you can vote too.

Register to Vote at

Online Vote for the President MachineAfter you register online to vote, make sure you know where you can vote for President.  No, we’re not just talking about local polling locations on Election Day, but we’re also talking about the internet vote.

Take Our Mock Online Poll Today

Don’t want to wait until November 2020?  Do you want to vote today?  Take part in our online Presidential Polls now!  Our latest poll results might help you decide whether or not you even want to register online to vote after all…