What is the Argument Against Mail In Voting?

What is the Argument Against Mail In Voting?

What Is the Argument Against Mail In Voting?

There's been quite a lot of dicussion about whether or not citizens should be able to vote for the president by mail in 2020. Each state has it's own voting system, so there is no universal YES or NO on whether or not you can vote by mail where you live. The theory that mail in voting leads to widespread voter fraud has been disproven by study after study on the topic. So, what is the argument against mail in voting then?

We sat down with our favorite Trump supporter to delve deeper into the logic on this one.

Vote For The President Online: So, why are you against mail in voting? 

Trump Supporter: Because it will lead to widespread voter fraud!

VFTPO: No, it won't, here is yet another study on mail in voter fraud that concludes it's so rare that it would be statistically insignificant in an election.

TS: But there have been reports of voter fraud in the news!

VFTPO: The same news you typically claim is fake? Different argument I guess. Yes, those reports of voter fraud are reported because the voter fraud was caught, and didn't work. It actually proves that our system works, and that voter fraud is caught before it's too late and has an impact on elections. So, why should Americans have to go to a physical polling location to cast their vote for President?

TS: Because that's the way it's always been done!

VFTPO: Well, that's simply not true.

TS: Yes it is!

VFTPO: For the first 50 years, people used to cast their votes by voice. Should we still do it this way?

TS: No, that's stupid!

VFTPO: Should we prevent women from voting?

TS: We got rid of that 100 years ago!

VFTPO: So, which voting tradition are you referring to that we should stick to?

TS: It's our American duty to vote. 

VFTPO: Well, only 58% did their American duty in 2016. Dont you think that mail-in voting would encourage more people to do their "American Duty?"

TS: But not like that? If I have to go vote in person, so does everyone else. 

VFTPO: Have you checked to see if you can vote by mail in your state?

TS: No! I never do research beyond listening to President Trump!

VFTPO: He doesn't do much research either.

TS: Fake news!

Which side do you agree with? Is the Trump supporter right that everyone should have to vote for the President in person? Or do you think that the logic wins this time? 

We think that everyone should be able to Vote For The President Online!

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Joe Biden vs. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Presidential Nomination

Joe Biden vs. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Presidential Nomination

The 2020 democratic nomination has come down to Joe Biden vs. Bernie Sanders. Joe vs. Bernie? Biden vs. Sanders? ... we prefer "Biden vs. Bernie," personally. No matter how you line them up, this is going to be a presidential nomination race for the ages. In the end, it's going to come down to who the party thinks can beat Donald Trump in this year's election.

Can Joe Biden's middle of the road, establishment background win him votes from those that Trump has alienated? Or does Bernie Sanders have a better shot at beating Trump because he'll bring out the young voters? Even with all of the polls and studies and models and maps laid out on the table, it's impossible to tell which candidate has a better chance to win against Trump this fall. Many Americans are still undecided on who they should vote for, and will end up being influenced by the millions of dollars in campaign promotion that will bombard every media channel for months to come.

Biden vs. Bernie will end up being one of the most interesting primary races ever seen. Both candidates are in this to defeat the incumbent, President Trump, more than in any previous similar election. For the good of the party, both will need to remain somewhat civil, while still making their case for why they deserve more delegate support than the other. Here are their argruments...

Biden vs. Bernie on the issues that matter most to voters

Don't know who you want to vote for yet? Now is the time to get up to speed on where the candidates stand on issues that matter most to you. Bernie Sanders has unquestionably been the more consistent of the two candidates, still promotion the same political positions he's had since the 1960s. Sanders is a self proclaimed democratic socialist, a term that has scared away many less educated voters who don't understand the differences between democratic socialism and communism. Bernie is well positioned as a candidate of the people, which is a stark contrast from his rival Joe Biden.

Biden is the establishment candidate, known best for his previous experience as Vice President under Barack Obama. While this experience helps gain the confidence of voters, it also comes with some issues. Previous controversial statements, positions and policies where Biden has since changed his rhetoric show a lack of consistency.

The Democratic Nominee vs. Donald Trump

There is no question that both Biden and Bernie are more fit for office than Donald, but there is still a good chance that Trump wins yet again in 2020. If the democratic national party decides to remain devided rather than rallying behind a "Super Ticket" - perhaps one with both Biden and Bernie on it together, gaining full endorsement from their constituents. Already know who you're going to vote for in 2020? Get all the voting info you need here!


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2020 Super Tuesday Early Voting Debacle

2020 Super Tuesday Early Voting Debacle

What a mess. "Vote early" said the democrats. "Vote for me" said Mayor Pete. 

And then Mayor Pete dropped out of the race, suspending his Presidential campaign two days before the official Super Tuesday vote for the democratic primaries. So, what happens to the potentially millions of early votes cast for Pete Buttigieg in Super Tuesday states? Nothing. They're wasted votes. 

People who voted for Pete Buttigieg or Tom Steyer are out of luck. There is no opportunity to go back and recast your ballot for a candidate who is still vying for the presidential nomination. Yet another way that the United States voting system has failed so many Americans. This is yet another reason why so many political activists are fighting for ranked choice voting.

Ranked choice voting is a better voting system, wherein voters can make selections for their top several preferences. In this case, ranked choice voting would have allowed voters to select Mayor Pete as their primary choice, with Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden as their second and third selections - allowing their vote to now be cast for their second preference. With the current system, your the second preference for your vote is the trash can.

Why Ranked Choice Voting Still Won't Happen

With yet another example of how our archaic voting system as failed so many citizens in the 2020 Super Tuesday Early Voting Debacle, we can still can't expect the government to make any changes to solve this issue. And there is a good reason for that. They don't want to fix this "problem" because it would effect the rest of the presidential voting process.

Ranked choice voting still won't happen, because that would mean that the emphasis would be on the popular vote in a presidential election. Instead, it's much easier for the US government to continue with the electoral college, which does not accurately represent the popular opinion. Keep in mind, the electoral college was established during a period when the average citizen simply didn't have enough knoweldge about each candidate to make an educated vote. Long before we had multiple televised debates watched by millions of Americans, a twitter account for every government official, and news organizations deliverying 24 hour coverage of every canddiate.

What To Do If Your Vote Didn't Count

Are you a victim of the 2020 Super Tuesday Early Voting Debacle? We have a solution for you. In less time than it took you to fill out your pointless ballot, you can cast your pointless vote in our mock online poll for the 2020 presidential election. Go ahead, vote for the president online here, and see who is currently winning the race according to our poll. 



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The Iowa Caucuses Are Stupid

Hopefully 2020 will be the last year of the Iowa Caucuses. This "tradition" to kick off the Presidential Election voting season only started in 1972, and has no place in modern society. Humans counting humans in corners of gymnasiums is embarrassing to the country, and extremely ineffective. Not only is the Iowa Caucus voting process too long and antiquated, but only about 16% of potential voters even participate in the event. We knew this going into the night of the 2020 Iowa Caucus, and it was proved with the lack of an immediate winner; The Iowa Caucuses Are Stupid.

There were problems reported before the Iowa Caucus even started this year. Many of the locations throughout the state of Iowa did not have enough "Preference Cards" available, while others had far too many. These "preference cards" are the equivalent to paper ballots in a real election, and defeat the need of standing in corners of gyms throughout the state.  Despite all of these reasons why the Iowa Caucuses are stupid, many Iowans still support their "tradition."

Their argument is that the Caucus process in Iowa allows for members of the community to influence the votes of others. This comes not only by seeing who your neighbors, friends and local outcasts are voting for, but also because they get to have them directly try to recruit your vote for their preferred presidential candidate. Unfortunately, some of them do not fully research their candidate and opponents to make an educated choice.

Homophobic caucus goer finds out Pete is gay after committing to caucus for him from r/PublicFreakout

The One Good Thing About the Iowa Caucus

There is one good thing about the Iowa Caucus that the rest of the voting system could really build on. Ranked voting allows people to make a first and second choice when casting their ballot, or "preference card." This allows people to still support the candidate that they truly like, but has no realistic chance of winning the Presidential Election while then allowing their vote to be used by a second candidate that has enough support to compete in the general election. Unfortunately, ranked voting isn't part of the Presidential Election process and only applies to these early caucus votes.

The 2020 Iowa Caucus has this Presidential Election season off to an embarrassing start, and democrats need to re-organize quickly if they want to beat Donald Trump in November. While final results for the Iowa Caucus still aren't in the morning after manual head counts across the state, early results appear to show the most support for Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, followed by Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. Who should you vote for in the 2020 election?

Vote for the President Online

While an app is getting part of the blame for the Iowa Caucus confusion, you can still vote for the president online in our mock online poll. No, your vote won't actually count towards the 2020 presidential election, but it's much faster than standing in the corner of a high school gym to Caucus for your preferred candidate. Our online presidential poll had over 500,000 votes in 2016, and we expect even more in 2020! Take part in this mock online poll for the Presidential election today!

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Red States vs. Blue StatesRed States vs. Blue States

While everyone likes to believe that their vote for the president counts, and can help determine the outcome of an election, the truth is that the Electoral College really has the final say.  Each state is allotted a number of Electoral Votes, based on it’s population, and in many cases, the recipient of those votes is all but chosen before you ever make it to the polls.  Should you vote for the pre-determined majority winner based on who is expected to win your state?  We say ‘NO,’ and here is why…

As of now, the popular vote means nothing in terms of who becomes the President on the United States for the next four years.  While this may discourage some from going to the polls on Election Day, the popular vote will eventually determine the winner in the future.  Political analysts and experts have suggested that in the upcoming elections, the vote of the people could become the determining factor of who becomes elected.  While that isn’t the case just yet, by voting now, you can help the country move towards a new system that would be truly controlled by the people.  If a candidate wins 51% of the popular vote, but loses the seat due to the electoral college, the powers that be are more likely to move for change in this system.  Since we aren’t there yet, let’s take a good look at the current layout of red states vs. blue states for 2012.

If presidential voting ends up as this map suggests, then the Republican Candidate, most likely to be Mitt Romney, will win the election.  It takes 270 electoral votes to win the seat, and according to this projection, the republican party would take 323 of those, vs. just 215 going to the democrats.  Will you be voting for the president as this map suggestions, or will you go agains the grain in the election?

Why waste your time going to your local voting location if your vote doesn’t really count anyways?  Instead, you can vote in our online presidential poll right now without the hassle of lines, registering, or putting down your beer to drive out on November 6th.  Go ahead and click the link to cast your vote for you think will win the 2012 election.

Unfortunately, your votes through this online poll for the 2012 president will not count in the official election.  Worry not!  This fun poll allows people of all ages, nationalities and even convicted felons voice their opinion of who they think will win the 2012 election for free!  With such a broad scope, you will get a great idea of who will actually take home the election by winning the majority of the electoral votes on Election Day 2012.

There are a whole host of questions to ask yourself that can help you determine who to vote for president this year.  We’ve included some questions below that can help you decide which candidate best fits your lifestyle and identifies most with the important topics in your life.  While these may not be the only relevant questions to ask yourself prior to the 2012 election, this is a great place to start!  Keep track of your answers, which can all be answered with a simple “yes,” or “no.”

Election Day 2012 is November 7th.  Don’t forget to register to vote first though, as it is a pre-requisite for being able to cast your ballot for the presidential race on the November 6th Election Day.  Keep in mind that you must be 18 years or older, and a citizen of the United States in order to register and vote in the upcoming election.  Happy Voting!

How Absentee Ballots WorkHow Absentee Ballots Work

Absentee ballots provide a way to vote for the president of the United States even if you aren’t able to get to your polling location. In an effort to ensure the highest possible voter turnout, the United States government allows citizens to submit their vote through an absentee ballot. Will you be out of the country on Election Day, Tuesday November 8, 2016? You still have the opportunity to make your vote count by turning in an absentee ballot. For American citizens who are overseas at the time of the presidential election, the Uniformed and Overseas Absentee Voting Act applies. If you fall into this category, you are eligible to receive assistance from the Federal Assistance Program in order to make sure your vote is properly submitted.

If you’re not going to be out of the United States, but will not be able to make it to your polling location, you may still be able to make use of an absentee ballot. The rules regarding submitting an absentee ballot vary depending on what part of the United States in which you live. Most states allow the option of sending your absentee ballot in by mail. There are a few that require it to be delivered in person, and several that actually allow for faxing or emailing ballots.

If you won’t be in the United States on Election Day 2016, November 8th, we can help you figure out how to vote via absentee ballot.

The answer to this question varies depending on your state of residence. Twenty states allow citizens to return an absentee ballot for any reason, while the others require an excuse. Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, and Delaware will only accept absentee ballots via mail, while a few others require that they be delivered in person. All of the remaining states will accept absentee ballots through either method. A full two-thirds of states permit early voting in presidential elections in order to ensure that each citizen has enough time to place their vote before election day.

If you can’t make it to the polls on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, but did not turn in your absentee ballot, you have another option. You can still unofficially cast your vote for president online.  

Simply click on the large red, white and blue VOTE button in the upper right hand corner of this page. Doing so will take you to the next page where you can vote for the candidate of your choosing. Don’t forget to hit “VOTE” once you’re done!

Online Presidential Poll

The latest presidential polls represent a very small portion of the voting population, but remain very close for the 2012 Election.  At this point in the campaign race, it’s impossible to predict who will win the election based on the 2012 presidential polls.  As the race heats up, who will win the election.

There will be several factors that helpvoters determine who they choose to cast their ballot for, such as health insurance, abortion laws, tax rates, and the economy that won’t be discussed until the 2012 presidential debates on October 22nd and November 3rd.  While the public has four years of example as to how President Barack Obama will carry himself in these debates, Mitt Romney has remained a mormon mystery to many.

Romney’s big business and religious background are well known by the American public, presenting a negative view of the presidential hopeful to some because they cannot identify with his character.  In a time where so many Americans are struggling to find jobs and others are going hungry, Mitt Romney is expected to have a difficult time converting voters who have already have a bad opinion of him.  Who will win the 2012 Election?

Due to the harsh view of Mitt Romney, and familiarity with current President Barack Obama, some political experts are suggesting that the Democrat will win seat in the white house come election day.  While considerable remains between today and November 6th, the online polls are already open, and awaiting your vote now!

Click to Vote for the President Online

Regardless of your age, nationality, or voting eligibility otherwise, you can vote for the president online here – even students!  Just click the big red, white and blue ‘VOTE’ button and cast your vote for who you think should win the 2012 election online.  This is a great tool to get an idea of where the real presidential polls stand for the 2012 election by comparing with voters from around the world.  Don’t wait for election day, take this mock online presidential poll now!


How do I Vote?

There will be many first time voters in the 2016 Presidential Election, many of whom have turned 18 since 2012, or have just never voted before.  Voting for the President can be confusing, from registering to actually finding a local polling location that is close to where you live.  The United States government goes to great lengths to encourage eligible citizens to vote for the President, but much of the process is still a mystery to many.  We’re here to help you learn how to vote for the President online.

Barack Hussein Obama PresidentBefore we start explaining how you can contribute your vote to the 2016 Election, we want to explain exactly how our government decides who will win the Presidential seat.  There are 2 components to a Presidential election. Individual voters like yourself contribute to the “Popular Vote,” which is a raw count of how many citizens vote for each candidate. The other component in a presidential election is the Electoral College vote.

Each state is allotted a number of electoral votes, based on its population as determined in the most recent national census. There are a total of 538 electoral votes which corresponds to the 435 members of the House of Representatives and the 100 members of the United States Senate.  Whichever candidate is granted the majority of the electoral votes (270) by the college wins the election and becomes the president for the next four years.

While there have been some elections in the history of the U. S. in which the outcome has not been so “cut and dry”, the majority of presidential elections have been decided in this manner.

Before you go to the voting polls on November 8th, 2106, you must first register to vote, and declare your party affiliation. You don’t need to vote for the party that you’ve declared on your voter registration, but it will help contribute to the numbers in the polls and will help to give some idea as to who will win the popular vote before election day arrives.

In order to vote in the 2016 presidential election, you must first register to vote.  There are many options to choose from, including whether you’d like to do so online, via mail, or in person.  We recommend contacting the election offices of your state, county, or local government about your voter registration options.

You MUST be registered to vote one month before the presidential election is held.

Who should you vote for in the 2016 election?  It is a big decision, as you only get to cast your vote once ever four years. Democrat or Republican? At this point in time, there are a variety of candidates on both sides to choose from, but after the Democratic and Republican primaries in the summer of 2016, there will be only two left standing.  You’ll have a big decision to make when you go to the polls in November, 2016. Political campaigns cost millions of dollars, and as each candidate tries harder to win your vote, it becomes more difficult to decide who to vote for in the election.

You can cast your online vote right now in our mock election for the president here on this site!  Just click on the large “Vote” button in the upper right hand corner, or click the box below, to find where you can cast your vote for the candidate that you think should win the election now!

And, you can visit the site and vote again and again as the field of candidates narrows to give you a better idea about who our next president may be.

Who is Paul Ryan?

Representative Paul Ryan is now Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay Florida.

Iraq War resolution, and the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Now announced as Mitt Romney’s running mate for the 2012 presidential election, Paul Ryan’s personal life and history are becoming points of conversation for the American public, as many are still deciding who to vote for in the presidential election.

Known for being hyper aware of his health, Paul Ryan’s personal life outside of politics is now being examined by potential voters.  Ryan is a married man, who prides himself on his political and religious values, while maintaining a body that is suitable for shirtless pictures, which are sure to sweep through the media outlets now that he has been thrust into the campaign spotlight.

A member of the St. JohnImage of Paul Ryan with Mitt Romney Vianney Catholic Church, Ryan is a devout Roman Catholic who has three children and is proud of his tax attorney wife, Janna Little.  With a difficult childhood, due to the death of his father when he was just 16, Paul Ryan is known to be a fitness enthusiast who is particular about what he eats, is open about his P90X workout routines, and has made close to 40 climbs to the tops of Colorado’s tallest mountains.  This comes as no surprise for someone who say their father, grandfather and great-grandfather all die of heart attacks in their 50’s.

With the experience needed to calm the nerves of the American public, and reduce the extreme views that many have of his Republican presidential nominee running mate, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan is considered to be a good choice for the Vice Presidential seat in the White House.  Paul Ryan is just 42 years old, brings youth to the campaign, and a more moderate approach to his political views than Romney does, which may win over some voters in swing states come time for the election.

Rather than waiting until Election Day on November 6th, you can cast your vote for the President online now.  Just click the large, red white and blue VOTE NOW, button in the upper right hand corner to cast your vote for the 2012 president in this mock online poll.

How Can You Vote?

If you are restricted from voting because you are a not a U.S. citizen, under the age of 18, a convicted felon or fall under one of the other restrictions that prevent you from casting your ballot for the 2016 presidential candidate, you still have an opportunity to make your voice heard.

VoteForThePresidentOnline.com gives everyone a chance to let it be known who they think the next president of the United States of America should be. With Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, emerging as the clear front runner in her party, there is still much debate about who will be her Republican opponent. The race is heating up to see who will become the 45th president of the United States of America.

Next year Election Day comes on Tuesday, November 8th 2016, and the months leading up to it promise to be exciting. In the days ahead, we will be looking forward to each party’s national convention, presidential debates, and hotly contested campaigns that will see the candidates increasingly relying on social media to get out their message. Already know who you like? You don’t have to wait until November 8th to make your opinion heard!

That’s right!  You can now. Use this opportunity to cast your vote right now for the candidate you believe is most deserving of the majority of electoral votes. You can do this by clicking on the big “Vote Now” button in the upper righthand corner of this page.

We’ve made it really easy by removing those candidates who don’t stand a chance of being elected in 2016, like Lindsey Graham and Tony Goldwyn, who plays the president on the hit TV show Scandal.

While the votes on this site won’t officially be counted in the presidential polls, it gives you the chance to voice your opinion on who you’d like to see occupying the White House for the next term, regardless of your eligibility status. This website is a great tool for students to learn about the election process, and to allow noncitizens to voice their opinion from a global standpoint. We invite you to vote for the president online now in this mock poll.

In the end, the Electoral College ultimately determines the next president. The Constitution states that there are designated representatives from each state, known as electors, who cast the final vote for president. They are not limited to choosing the candidate who won the popular vote in that state. The Constitution allows representatives from each state to use their Electoral Votes

Since the majority vote doesn’t always determine which presidential candidate will win the electoral votes, we suggest you vote for the president online here.

The Presidential Polls

It’s that time again.  Once every four years, the American Public starts keeping an eye on the Presidential Polls as election day nears ever closer.  The Republican National Convention is coming up next week, we know who the major players are in this years election, and as of now the presidential polls are pretty close to even between the two parties.  It’s that time again.  Candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties will do their best to prove they are the best choice of who to vote for, while slandering the other in media campaigns in an attempt to convince the public that their opponent isn’t qualified to be the President of the United States.

How can you cut through all of the media and get down to the hard facts of what really matters?  Where does each candidate stand on the important topics that matter to you?  Who should you vote for in the 2012 election?  Well, while you spend your next several months watching the news to find out which presidential candidate is in the lead, we want you to ask yourself…

Do Presidential Polls really matter at all?  How accurate are they at predicting who will win the popular vote on November 6th?  Surprisingly, they are incredibly accurate, and typically predict how the electoral college will distribute their votes before the public ever go to the polls to cast their ballots.  Why don’t we just use the pre-election presidential polls to determine who wins the seat, rather than waste time going to our local polling locations?

So many questions, and so few answers.  In reality, your vote doesn’t really matter.  With the way that the government is set up to ignore the popular vote and only pay attention to the electoral votes from each state as a whole, it’s true, your vote doesn’t actually go towards anything in the election.

After hundreds of years, the United States government is still using this electoral voting system despite great advancements in technology making the reason for this system obsolete.  Back in the 18th and 19th century, the electoral college was needed, as many Americans couldn’t educate themselves on who was the best candidate for their way of life.  Now, over two hundred years later, we can find out what the President thinks on a topic, as well as the opinion of all our like minded colleagues at the same time using twitter.  Media has expanded and grown, why hasn’t our government?

Really want your voice to be heard by those who care?  Vote for The President Online right here, and share your opinion through the power of the internet.  Online voting isn’t officially accepted in Presidential Polls or elections as of yet, but this will be good practice for the day that our system finally changes.  When you vote for the president online, you can share your choice for the candidate of your choice without wasting your time of traveling to the official polling locations, and can even vote regardless of your age!  Go ahead!  Vote for the President Online!

Mitt Romney’s Acceptance Speech

Who will win the election?

We have explored online presidential polls to see how valid they are, and if they really matter come election day.  We’ve found that they don’t play any significant role in showing who the American public will vote for on November 6th, and if there is a direct correlation, that it’s entirely negated by our current electoral college voting system.

Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech for his Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Bumper Stickerpresidential nomination may be his first of two if he ends up winning the 2012 election.  While we don’t know exactly what the governor will say in his acceptance speech, we are going to make some bold predictions, and find out if we’re right once he actually opens his mouth at the podium at the RNC.

Thank you all for being here to join me in my acceptance speech as the GOP nominee for the 2012 presidential race.  Just as me, you’ve all known that I’ve been the choice candidate for months, if not a year at this point, but I’d like to thank the Republican Party for following through with their promises for once.  

Recent weeks have seen comments that have slowed down our progress in taking over the White House.  While we may all believe in the “Legitimate Rape” comment, we need to be smarter than to open our mouths and say so.  We all agree that women shouldn’t have the rights we’ve given them – the right to vote was enough – the right to have an abortion is too much.  

I understand that many of you in this room agree with me that Same Sex Marriage should not be allowed in the United States, and while we have seen steps in the wrong direction on this front, I feel that if elected President, I, Mitt Romney, can reverse the civil rights given to gay people.  

(Ignorant Cheers)

In an effort to keep this short, I’d like to end on this note…

We may not all agree on how many Gods there are, or the purpose of Jesus, but we all have irrational beliefs that cannot be explained, that allow us to make decisions in their name.  With our faith, we can do whatever we please for the betterment of our great county.  I meant country.  Have a great night – see you in January!

- Love, Mitt Romney

We can move on to the actual Presidential Race to see who will win the 2012 Election.  If the way that our vote for the president online polls are trending end up being correct, we will have a Republican in the White House for the next four years.  It’s time to turn our attention to the Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama, and the upcoming Presidential Debates.  With just a few short months leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election on November 6th, it’s time to get – you need to decide who you should vote for.


How Voter Fraud Works

Rigged elections and voter fraud are nothing new in the United States political system, but we’re hearing much more about it now because of Social Media and increased media coverage. The goal of committing voter fraud is to sway election results in favor of the desired candidate or party, but how does voter fraud work? If the answer to this question were simple, voter fraud would be easy to prevent – but there are many different types of voter fraud, and the methods are often intentionally confusing.

How voter fraud works depends on the goal of the group committing the act. In primary elections, voter fraud is more likely to occur in an effort to have one candidate get more votes than others within their political party. In presidential elections, voter fraud is more likely to occur in an effort to have one party win over the other. There are two main ways that groups can try to falsely influence elections, which is by either increasing or decreasing the number of voters for a chosen candidate.

There have been documented instances of people who were already dead voting in elections. In these cases, the goal was obviously to raise the number of tallied ballots for a particular candidate. This method of voter fraud has become outdate with the improvements in technology, although there are still ways to boost ballots in some cases. The second type of Voter Fraud is becoming more prevalent in modern elections…

Political groups have figured out that they will be caught committing voter fraud using the old method of padding total votes, so they have taken a different approach to illegally rigging elections. Voter suppression is when one group takes steps to lower voter turnout or total votes using unfair methods. This term, voter suppression, has been used several times in the current election, yet many still don’t know exactly how this is happening.

In the case of Maricopa County in Arizona, voter suppression occurred in two forms, potentially swaying the outcome of the primary election. Registered democrats were told that their status had been misfiled, and in some cases were told that they were not allowed to vote. Others were instructed to vote using provisional ballots, but the state wouldn’t release the number that they had provided.

Arizona’s largest county also failed to provide enough polling locations for the population and projected voter figures. Some voters waited in line for up to 5 hours to cast their ballot – many of which came after Hillary Clinton had been declared the Democratic winner in the state. Many feel that Bernie Sanders was the victim of Voter Suppression Fraud in the Arizona Primaries.

Voter fraud is a result of our antiquated election system in the United States. Citizens are told to trust having their banking records, tax statements and healthcare information stored and managed online – but the government won’t allow us to vote online? Don’t stand in line for 5 hours – or even 5 minutes! Take part and Vote for President in the largest poll online now!

Washington Democratic Caucus Polls

The Washington State Democratic Caucuses take place on Saturday March 26th, 2016 – and have the potential to heavily influence the race for the nomination.  Senator Bernie Sanders leads in Washington Democratic Polls going into the Caucus with 188 delegates up for grabs.  He’s up against Hillary Clinton who is leading in the delegate count, but has recently seen momentum slow with Sanders getting big wins in Utah and Idaho earlier this week.

Washington Democratic Caucus Polls suggest Bernie Sanders will on Saturday, but there may be potential downside to him being ahead in polling numbers.  Sander’s supporters are urging democratic voters to make sure they participate at the Washington Democratic Caucus locations despite Bernie’s large lead – because they are afraid many may stay home assuming a big win.

Sander’s has already shown earlier in this election race that polls don’t always predict the outcome of the actual vote.  With some of the vote counts coming down to just a few hundred ballots between Sanders and Clinton, both candidates know how important it is to get voters out on a weekend.

All eyes will be on Washington Caucus Polling Locations on Saturday, after potential voter fraud in Arizona earlier this week.  With record voting turnouts possible, it’s important that election officials provide ample resources for the potential crowds.  Caucus polling location information in Washington should be provided by your registered party, and clearly marked on voting day.

If Democratic Caucus Polls in Washington match vote results, Hillary Clinton may be in position to lose her once assume role as the nomination in 2016.  Recent national polls show Sanders vs. Clinton being even, which is a “win” for the Bernie campaign who has made up a lot of political ground in the last several months.  While the Caucuses in Washington will be the primary focus of the party on Saturday, two other states will be voting as well.

On Election Day every four years, Hawaiians are typically in the position of casting a meaningless vote after mainland polls have already close and a Presidential winner announced.  Hawaii’s democratic caucus has the potential to influence the race for the White House before the nomination is even made.  Alaska also has Caucus voting on March 26 – with 20 delegates at stake.

Don’t get left out – you too can vote for president today in our mock online poll!  Happy voting!

Is Our Election Process Fair?

Our great nation has fought tirelessly to spread Democracy to the rest of the world, and continues to tell citizens “every vote counts.”  Most educated Americans know that every vote doesn’t count equally, and that big businesses essentially buy US Presidential elections.  Yet we still have so many people asking: Is our election process fair?

The answer to that question would have to depend on who you are and what you have to gain from it.  How is our election process fair when citizens don’t directly vote for the President?  One of the most misunderstood parts the presidential election process is the Electoral College and voting system.  It is the electoral college, not the popular vote that decides who will become the next President in US elections.

The number of electoral votes by state is one of the most scrutinized parts of the antiquated process in the United States.  Each state is assigned a specific number of electoral votes based on the population from the last Census and the delegates in control of these votes can choose to vote however they choose.  The electoral delegates do not have to vote with the popular vote in Presidential elections.  Are you still asking if our election process is fair?

Not everyone thinks that the Presidential election process is fair, but is it effective?  While the electoral college isn’t bound to vote with the citizens of their state, they do in most elections.  The election process can be effective if the candidate elected also wins the popular vote – but is it fair if the electoral college determine the President?  We don’t think so.

“I Voted” stickers should actually have subtext that says “and hope that the electoral college agrees with me.”  Unfortunately, many American’s aren’t even aware that their vote doesn’t go directly to the Presidential election, and that the voting process is more symbolic than it is effective.  There must be an easier way.

Given the fact that so many people question if our election process is fair, and the improvements in technology over recent years, it’s surprising that we still can’t Vote for President online rather than in person at polling locations.  Our mock online poll is free, and easy for anyone to vote online for the candidate of their choice.  This is only for practice, but we expect you to be able to vote online for President in the coming years.

Who is SE Cupp Voting For?

CNN Commentator SE Cupp has continued to gain popularity during the 2016 election season, and now voters want her to weigh in on which candidate they should vote for.  It’s no secret that SE Cupp is a Republican, as she has expressed her support for several of the GOP candidates throughout the race so far.  Cupp has also voice her strong opinions against Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton time and time again throughout the campaign.

Sarah Elizabeth Cupp has received attention for reasons other than her political views in recent months.  SE has been known to lean back in her chair and put her legs up on the desk from time to time – grabbing the attention of her male fans.  While many men consider SE Cupp “hot,” her focus really seems to be on the 2016 election polls.  It seems as though Cupp is dedicated to voting for whoever receives the republican nomination at the GOP convention in July.

This could even mean that Cupp will be voting for Donald Trump come election day 2016.  While she has vehemently defended the other candidates from Trump attacks, her loyalty lies with the GOP regardless of the nominee for the Presidential election.  While this is the predictions months out, this could all change should Trump continue to degrade women and women’s rights at his current pace.

We continue to see that many voters are heavily influenced by TV personalities such as SE Cupp – which is exactly what mainstream media wants from you.  Cupp and her fellow talking heads on CNN aim to influence voters by suggesting who they will vote for President in 2016 – they’re just as malleable as the candidates themselves, being bought by big business.

Visit SE Cupp’s Website

There are many different factors that go into determining who you should for in 2016 – none of them include commentator candidate preference.  Real issue such as women’s rights, GBLT issues, religious freedoms, foreign policy and police brutality top the list of important topics during this year’s election, which many people continue to ignore.  Maybe you’re different, and have made up your mind of who you want to be the next President already.

On Election Day, 2016, you will be voting for the next President of the United States – for yourself, your family and even for SE Cupp.  While you may or may not trust the results in the popular election, you can trust the results from our online poll.  Vote for the President now by casting your ballot in our mock online poll and see who is currently winning according to our site visitors.

Is the Election Vote Counting Process Broken?

The United States Vote Counting System for Presidential Elections is still somewhat of a mystery to most voters.  Vote count processes change by state, and for different parts of the election, so there is no one single answer to “how votes are counted in Presidential elections.”  The process is less than official and has caused many problems throughout the years, especially in recent elections as technology has fueled social communication and information sharing.  Only those responsible for counting the votes on election day really know how exact and reliable the process is.  The truth is that it probably varies drastically from county to county and state to state.

Votes have to be gathered from a variety of sources and in a variety of mediums, sorted and counted before any official result announcements can be made.  From early vote ballots to last minute electronic submissions (in certain locations) all need to be counted as accurately as possible by voting officials.  We’ve already seen voters question the counting process multiple times during the 2016 election season, and we expect this trend to possibly continue through Election Day in November.

Most recently, vote counting errors in Nevada had originally handed the Democratic Primary win to Hillary Clinton – but this was overturned more than a month after voting had been conducted to name Bernie Sanders the victor.  There have been vote count discrepancies in Arizona and Missouri as well, and many anticipate that there may be more questionable results before the next President is elected.

There is a saying that “it doesn’t matter who votes it matters who counts the votes.”  While we don’t typically agree with Stalin on much, this quote appears to be more correct today than ever before – despite technological advances that could potentially fix a broken system.  Rather than having to gather and count votes for elections, we think that electronic ballots could solve the problem.

By allowing people to vote for President online – in a simple system like ours – voters may actually trust the outcome of elections with data driven popular results.  Sure, some would question the validity of the process, but the counting process would be faster and much more accurate than ever before

The way that we count votes and the entire voting process could really use an update. From the voter fraud in 2016.  If you were able to vote for President with the click of a button from your home computer – would you?

New York Primary Polls

In every election year, there are certain states that end up carrying more weight than the rest.  In the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primaries, that state is New York.  New York Primary Polls for the Democrats have gone back and forth – with Former Secretary Hillary Clinton leading early in the race, but Senator Bernie Sanders has gained momentum and made up significant ground.  In some of the most recent Polls for the Democratic Primary in New York, Bernie Sanders actually edges out Clinton – a state where she once expected to win by a landslide.

Both candidates have done their best to establish themselves as New Yorkers – and both do have very real ties to the Empire State.  Bernie Sanders grew up in New York – while Hillary Clinton held public office in the state.  Clinton’s ties to New York are more recent, as her time in the Senate was from 2001 to 2009.  Bernie Sanders’ can claim that he spent his formative years, growing up in New York – making him more of a New Yorker than Clinton, and the recent polling results seem to confirm.

New York Primary Polls have fluctuated so much in the months leading up to the April 19 vote that it’s difficult to rely on their results.  Going into the New York Primaries, Sanders has won 8 straight states over Clinton, with Wisconsin and Wyoming already in April.  This momentum may help carry him to a victory in the 2016 New York Primaries.

If the recent poll results for the New York Primary race aren’t reliable – how can we determine who will win on April 19th?  There will be a very important Democratic Debate on Thursday April 14th in New York between the two candidates competing for every last primary vote.  The recent break of information from the “Panama Papers” showing big money corruption mixed with Politics on an international scale will certainly be one of the main topics during the debate.

Bernie Sanders will continue with his rhetoric that Hillary Clinton is from “the establishment” and do his best to align her position and history with the corruption described in the Panama Papers.  Clinton will be attacking Sanders’ socialist policies and grand ideas with what she believes is a more realistic approach to governing the United States.

The New York Primary Poll Results will continue to be updated by your mainstream media outlets, but you too can take part by voting for the President online today.  Our site allows anyone to vote – regardless of age, location, criminal history or political preference.  With one click of a button you can cast your vote for who you want to win the 2016 Election, and see how tens of thousands of other’s have voted as well.  Happy voting!

Democratic Debate Tonight, Thursday April 14 2016

Tonight’s Democratic Debate in New York almost didn’t happen.  Senator Bernie Sanders challenged Hillary clinton to debate in her “home state” prior to the New York Primaries in April.  After some back and forth and arguments over specific dates for the debate, the Democratic candidates agreed on Thursday April 14th.  The debate will be aired on CNN at 9PM Eastern, and is likely to be one of the most electric battles we’ve seen in the Sanders vs. Clinton war.

The 2016 Campaign trail has seen several previous debates between Bernie and Hillary, but the two candidates have “played nice” for the most part leading up to this point. Recent news of the Panama Papers has linked big government to big business corruption, which is more in-line with the Clinton establishment than Bernie’s Grassroots background. The problem with this topic being the center of a debate question tonight is that many American’s don’t understand the complexity or magnitude of the information.

Tonight’s debate is more likely to focus on the Verizon strike, where 36,000 employees went on strike starting yesterday.  To no surprise, Bernie Sanders immediately showed his support for the workers fighting for higher wages and better conditions – while Hillary Clinton actually received large donations from Verizon before joining the picket line.  Many political experts expect Bernie to touch on this point several times during tonight’s debate.

There are still many voters who have registered as Democrats that claim to be undecided going into the New York Primaries next Tuesday.  Former NY Senator Clinton was expected to win the state early on in the campaign, but Sanders has made up significant ground according to recent New York Primary Polls.  Bernie has an opportunity to complete the biggest upset victory of the 2016 Democratic Primaries if he is able to win tonight’s debate.

Other topics for tonight’s debate are likely to include recent activity at previous primary voting locations.  There have been issues with potential errors in vote counting in several states – most times weighing in Clinton’s favor.  Sanders will look to point this out, without sounding like he is complaining or whining.  It should be interesting to watch the dynamic between the two candidates in tonight’s debate.

So few people from the audience get to ask their questions during live presidential debates – yet so many people want to weigh in to show support for their candidate.  You can vote online for President during live debates here on our site for Free – quickly and easily.  All you have to do is pick your candidate, and hit VOTE NOW to cast you ballot in our mock online poll.  Try it now and see who is winning today!

Can Bernie Win the Nomination?

Senator Bernie Sanders has promised to continue his campaign for the 2016 Presidential Election until the Democratic National Convention in July – but can Bernie win the Nomination?  Sanders trails Clinton in total delegates after losing to the former Secretary of State in the New York primaries.  Many political experts are trying to suggest that it’s too late for Bernie to make up enough ground to win the Nomination, but that doesn’t mean the race is over.  There are several key states remaining that could tip the scales in Bernie’s favor before the Democratic National Convention.

Leading up to the New York primaries, where Clinton won by a much smaller margin than originally anticipated by the establishment Candidate’s political team – Sanders had won 8 of the 9 previous competitions.  Despite his previous wins, Sanders was unable to make up much ground in the total delegate count due to election delegate counting rules in each state.  This has many voters wondering if Bernie can win the nomination – and if they should still vote for him in the remaining primary states.

While Bernie Sanders has stood on a platform against a rigged election system, he may need that very establishment to help him if he is going to be able to win the nomination.  If Sanders can gain enough momentum leading up to the convention, and continues to perform better in head to head polls agains the probable GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, the establishment could hand Bernie the nomination.

That’s right, the DNC can nominate whichever candidate they think is most likely to win in a General Election, regardless of the results in months of Primaries leading up to the convention.  And if Bernie can win the nomination, he will need their help to do so.  The DNC has made Clinton their clear choice since before the primaries even started, but there are many reasons why they could nominate Bernie Sanders instead.

Donald Trump is the main reason why Bernie Sanders can win the democratic nomination.  Sanders continues to beat Trump by larger margins than Clinton, and it’s more important for the party to control the White House than to have their ideal candidate nominated.  Could we be looking at a Sanders / Clinton democratic ticket?

If Bernie Sanders can win the nomination, many Americans will consider the win a step in the right direction to rid politics of big business influence and corruption.  Many of those same American have cast their vote for President in our online poll to show who they think would make the best choice in the 2016 election – join them by voting now too.

Presidential Primary Results

We’re well past the halfway point in the 2016 Presidential Primary race, but no single candidate has dominated the results within their party to the point of being the defacto nominee.  The GOP continues to struggle with Donald Trump’s polarizing political positions, while the Democrats are locked in an establishment vs. grass roots battle that is still far from over.  The Presidential Primary results over the next several days may give the American voters a much better idea of who will be the nominee for each party in 2016.

Presidential Primary results from the last election year show that just around 20 Million voters participating before the general election.  Compare this to the nearly 130 million who participated in the Presidential Election in November – and it becomes obvious that the Primaries don’t represent the nation as a whole.  So, just how important are Primary election results in determining who will become the next President?

Depending on the vote count margin between candidates, primary results can predict who will win the general election – but that won’t be the case in 2016.  With such tight races – Bernie gaining ground on Hillary, and the potential of a Brokered Convention for the Republicans, the Presidential Primary results might not even determine who gets the nomination from their party.

That might not make much sense at first, but that’s how the US Primary election process works.  Despite months of caucus and primary voting, the candidates with the most delegates may not win the nomination.  On the GOP side, the only candidate who could potentially get number of required delegates to win the nomination is Donald Trump, but it’s unlikely that he will reach the total needed, leading to a brokered republican convention in July.  The democratic primary results will most likely not be determined by voters, but instead by Superdelegates who can change their mind at any time during the election.  So, why should you even vote?

Maybe you shouldn’t vote.  At least not in Presidential elections.  The truth is, that unless the entire country rallies around one primary candidate, that the establishment is able to pick and choose who they want to be in the White House for the next four years.  Voting in local, and smaller national elections is much more likely to have an influence over Presidential Elections – because that is where your vote has actual weight over who is elected.

If voter turnout in Presidential Primary elections is such a factor in determining who will win, then why can’t we vote online in 2016 instead?  Well, we think you should be able to, which is why you can participate in our online voting poll, where over 100,000 have already cast their e-ballot.  This mock online Presidential poll will give you an idea of how easy it could be to vote online someday.  Don’t you think this is a better idea?

Gary Johnson in the Polls

Libertarian Gary Johnson is starting to gain momentum in Presidential Polls.  The little known candidate is now pulling approximately 10% of the vote nationwide, and polls show that his vote share is hurting Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election. Some Presidential polls that include Gary Johnson show the third party candidate with enough momentum to interrupt the current campaign narrative, with the real possibility of effecting the outcome of the election in November.

Gary Johnson is not a newcomer in the political world.  Johnson previously served as the Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003, and even ran for President in 2012.  In 2016, Gary Johnson has become the official nominee for the Libertarian party for the 2nd consecutive Presidential election, showing how much confidence the party has in their candidate.

Despite confidence from other Libertarian party leaders, Johnson is unlikely to be able to do much more than interrupt the battle between Trump and Clinton this November.  Johnson is likely to see his campaign to term, pushing for support all the way up to when we vote for the next President on November 8th.

We’ve received feedback from site visitors that they want to be able to vote for Gary Johnson.  Some have even been upset and emailed us for not including Gary in our online presidential poll.  Unfortunately, polling at just 10%, we don’t think that adding Gary Johnson will add any legitimacy to our presidential poll results.  In fact, most people don’t even know who Gary Johnson is.

But they certainly know who Hillary Clinton are.  The two party system candidates are headed into what is predicted to be the most exciting and entertaining Presidential race ever seen.  Both candidates are heavily disliked by the oppositions supporters, and many voters are choosing to vote defensively in 2016.  Defensive voting is when a registered citizen votes for one candidate based not on things that they like about them, but based on what they dislike about their opponent.

If you really think that we should include Gary Johnson in our Presidential Poll, email us. We also want to hear from you if you think that we shouldn’t include Johnson in our vote for the President, simply because he has such a slim chance of winning the election. We look forward to hearing from you!

Will Bernie Sanders Drop Out of the Race?

Bernie Sanders has said that he will not drop out of the race for President.  Despite mounting pressure from the left wing in an effort to build support for Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump in the vote for President come November – Sanders is not dropping out of the race.  There is speculation that by doing so, he may be damaging the potential of a democratic victory in the Presidential election, but many of his supporters believe there is much more behind Bernie’s conviction.

While mainstream media has people wondering “Did Bernie drop out of the race?” his loyal supporters are keeping close tabs on the Presidential Candidate.  Many believe that recent – and upcoming news about Hillary Clinton’s email server may prevent her from securing the nomination at the Democratic National Convention.  The content of those email messages continues to leak out, and some believe that the Sanders campaign may know that more damaging information is coming.

Sanders continues to speak out against presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, including specific attacks against his denial of global warming.  Many of the people who voted for Bernie during the primaries have vowed to the “Bernie or Bust” movement – meaning that if Sanders is not on the ballot in November, that they will not vote in the 2016 election.

The Hillary Clinton campaign has effectively claimed victory based on number of delegates and superdelegates that have pledged to vote for her in July.  While supporters vow only to vote for Bernie Sanders, many other’s are vowing only to vote against Hillary Clinton.  The same can be said for Donald Trump.  It appears that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate still (barely) in the race who has people voting for him, rather than against him.

In "What's Next" video, https://t.co/7A8ZNkve5Q

— NBC10 Philadelphia (@NBCPhiladelphia) June 17, 2016

If Sanders does take his campaign all the way to the Democratic National Convention, you can expect a media circus just as intense as Trump will create at the RNC. Sanders supporters are known to show up in droves, and could interrupt the DNC itself with protests. One thing can be said for sure, Bernie Sanders has left his mark on America – even if he does drop out of the race.

Until Bernie Sanders drops out of the race, we will keep allowing people to vote online for the senator from Vermont.  The 2016 Presidential race has been far from predictable, and anything can happen up until an official nomination is confirmed for the Democratic party.  If you still support Bernie Sanders for President, we encourage you to take part in our online Presidential poll today.

2016 National Conventions

The 2016 National Conventions will determine which candidate from each political party will receive the official nomination in the Presidential Election.  There are separate national conventions for the Republicans and Democrats, where Clinton are expected to officially win the nominations for their respective political parties.    These political conventions set the stage for the remainder of the 2016 Presidential Campaigns until Election Day.  While the presumptive nominees ready for their victory speeches, both are holding their breath and looking over their shoulder for good reason.

Presumptive 2016 Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has seen polling numbers drop significantly since he became the only candidate left in the campaign race. Many are surprised that his recent comments are have driven voters away from his campaign, after many other earlier Trump quotes that have been labeled as racist, homophobic and rude.  On the other side, other’s expected Trump’s statements to eventually be his downfall, and simply believe that the other shoe is finally dropping.

Hillary Clinton is still expected to receive the nomination for President at the Democratic National Convention, but is still battling her email scandal.  The FBI has been investigating Clinton’s email server setup and messages for months, which is becoming a focus leading up to the 2016 National Conventions.

Date and location information for the 2016 National Conventions…

Location: Cleveland, OH

Dates: Monday July 18 – Thursday July 21

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Dates: Monday July 25 – Thursday July 28

who you should vote for President, we recommend waiting until after the 2016 National Conventions to take part in our poll.  Then again, you can vote for the President online now, and then come back to vote later too!  If politicians can change their mind, you can too.

The Gun Control Debate and the 2016 Election

The gun control debate becomes a hot topic during every Presidential election, but we expect to see the conversation get louder in 2016.  Candidates will be facing questions regarding their stance on gun control laws leading up to the 2016 election, as many voters will use this topic to decide who they are voting for.  There are really two different topics in the gun control debate, and it’s important to understand the differences between them – as well as where the Presidential candidate stands on each.

Americans have always loved their guns, and the debate on gun laws and gun control has placed a large divide between two very different groups of people in this country.  Gun owners and supporters of the NRA have fought to allow private citizens to own almost any type of gun.  This has been justified with hunting, as well as the need to protect yourself and your family from government or private attacks.  The 2nd Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms.  In most cases, gun owners support the Republican Party Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

As media coverage becomes more instant and graphic, many American’s have sought bans on certain types of guns – and even guns all together, in an effort to end unnecessary violence.  While many stats show that gun deaths have decreased over time, 24 hour news coverage of mass killings has helped democrats gain support from voters to push measures that will limit access to certain types of guns.  In the debate on gun control, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has sided with party leaders to support stricter laws, limiting access to some guns for some citizens.

Unfortunate events like the one that occurred in San Bernardino, CA and Orlando, FL have influenced people who plan to vote for President in 2016 to choose Hillary because she is backing stricter gun control laws.  Trump had seen continued growth in Presidential polls until the gun control debate heated back up after the shooting at a Gay Nightclub killed 49 in Florida.

The gun control debate revolves around the AR-15, which is an easy-to-use and easy-to-get high powered rifle that has been used in some of the mass shootings in the United States.  The other side of the aisle argues that stricter gun control would only stop law abiding citizens from being able to obtain weapons – that terrorists and criminals would be the only ones left with guns instead.

The gun control debate is far from new, and far from over.  As Democrats continue to push bills and laws to restrict the types of guns that citizens can legally buy, Republicans will have to continue defending their stance as legally obtained guns continue to kill people.  The debate on gun control continues to influence who people will vote for President in the 2016 election, where Hillary Clinton and the democrats continue to lead in online polls.

Is Hillary Clinton Going to Jail?

Many democrats are wondering if Hillary Clinton is going to jail instead of the White House.  Of course, voters don’t want to cast their ballot for a candidate who could be arrested, rather than elected as the President of the United States.  Most Americans would rather save their Presidential vote for a candidate if who they know hasn’t done anything illegal, and isn’t likely to end up behind bars.  But why are so many people on the internet search for “is Hillary Clinton going to Jail?”

Hillary Clinton could go to jail if she is found guilty of crimes by the current FBI investigation into her private email server.  The content of emails sent to and from Clinton’s email server have been under investigation for months, as she was supposed to be using a secure address provided by the US State Department.  Instead, she set up her own internal email server which web security experts have proven to be hackable and less than secure.

Many of Clinton’s email have been identified as “top secret” – but Hillary claims that none of it had the emails were classified until long after those messages were exchanged.  Some of the information contained within the emails sent to and from the email server in question was classified retroactively, something Clinton could not have known would happen at the time.  This is a key element to the FBI investigation, and could be the crime that determines if Hillary Clinton is going to jail.

Clinton has fought very hard to become the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party in the 2016 US Presidential Election, but the FBI has the power to change those plans if they determine she did something illegal with her email server messages.  In her second campaign to become President of the United States, it would be a big disappointment for her team if Clinton was arrested instead of elected.

Despite this uncertainty, the DNC has continued to support Clinton as she tries to become the first female President in US history.  The second place candidate, Bernie Sanders, has vowed to remain in the Presidential Race until the Democratic National Convention, and many think that this may because he thinks that there is still a chance that Hillary Clinton will go to jail instead of the White House.

Could you imagine the leading Presidential Candidate being arrested just months before the general election?  The stability of the stock market and world economy could be in danger if the FBI decided that “yes” is the answer to “Is Hillary Clinton going to jail?”  When it comes to deciding who you should vote for President, you shouldn’t be worried about whether or not Hillary will be arrested and sense to jail – it’s highly unlikely.

Who Should Christians Vote for President in 2016?

Christian voters are having a difficult time deciding who they should vote for President in the 2016 Election.  Typically, Christians have had a clear choice of which candidate they should vote for based on their beliefs, but neither Trump or Clinton have political policies rooted deep in religious faith.  Both Presidential candidates support Planned Parenthood, which has always been at the center of the religious debate for Pro-Life Christians.  When it comes to who Christians should Vote for President in 2016 there are few key things to keep in mind.

Christians voting for Hillary Clinton are doing so mostly because they do not support Donald Trump.  Clinton does not have a particularly rich religious background, but in fact is Methodist.  While this does alienate some voters, it also has shown that she does have belief in a higher power.  Hillary has not been very vocal about her Methodist faith, as she knows that it will determine how some people will vote on Election Day 2016.

On the other hand, Christians voting Donald Trump for President are doing so mostly because they do not support Hillary Clinton.  Despite Trump supporting Pro-Choice based Planned Parenthood, his Republican position is enough to convince Christian voters that he is the best choice to vote for President.  His conservative take on many current political issues has gained the confidence of Christian voters that typically vote Republican in Presidential elections.

While a candidates religious faith alone certainly isn’t the determining factor in who will win the Presidential election, it does play a roll in determining the outcome.  Every single Republican candidate who was running besides Donald Trump had cited that “God told them to run,” but did not pray hard enough for a positive result.  Now, in the general election, Christian voters will back the candidate that they feel allows them to most freely express their religious faith.

Freedom of religious practice gives Christians the power to deny services and rights to others who do not agree with their stance on political issues.  As our country continues to become more progressive, Christians have become more scarce, but just as vocal as ever on certain topics.  Both sides of the aisle make strong arguments regarding the place in politics for faith, but everyone gets to Vote for the President.

Not everyone who believes in God can cast their ballot in the 2016 election – but they can vote for President in our online poll!  Regardless of faith, age, or voter registration history, you can participate in our online poll by choosing which candidate you think should win the election in 2016 now.

Proud of your candidate choice?  Make sure to share this online presidential poll Twitter to find out who they plan to vote for as well!

Current Political Issues in the 2016 Election

Most voters determine which candidate they will vote for President based on current political issues.  The major political issues in the 2016 election will play an important role in deciding who will become the next President of the United States.  Voters want to know what the key political issues are, and where each Presidential candidate stands on them.  The candidate whose statements line up with more voters personal feelings on current political issues will be most likely to win the 2016 election.

But what are the current political issues in the 2016 election?  With media coverage of the Presidential race at an all time high, there are more major political issues than ever before – as the news needs more topics to cover.  We wanted to create a list of the major political issues in the 2016 election, and have found few other comprehensive sources to cite.  Unfortunately, with the pace of the 2016 election, the important topics seem to change for each candidate on a weekly basis.

Not only does speaking about different hot topics give candidates the opportunity to win over more voters, but it also gives them a chance to alienate them as well.  This year’s Presidential election will come down to who voters vote against on Election Day, as unfavorable ratings for both Clinton and Trump are at an all time high.

All topics of concern are important to voters, but there are a few hot buttons in particular that have the most reach in 2016.  Here is a list of the current major political issues in the 2016 Presidential election:

These top 10 political issues in the 2016 Presidential election effect all voters opinions in some way.  Many of these topics are controversial, but you can expect candidates to be questioned on these current political issues during upcoming press conferences and debates.

Candidates are strategically choosing which side they want to take on each political issue, but you already know where you stand – so take part in our online Presidential Poll and vote now!  Voting online is easy and with just a couple clicks you can cast your mock ballot today.  When you vote, you can see how many votes each candidate has received and who is currently winning in the 2016 election online.

When to Vote

Voting on Election Day, Tuesday November 8th, 2016, isn’t your only option of when to vote.  When you vote depends in part on how you vote for President in 2016.  Those who vote early via mail are able to cast their ballot for a period of time leading up to the official election day.  This is the ideal, official way to vote for President if you already know who you plan to support in 2016.  Many other people however, will want to wait to see how the final days of the campaign plays out before making their final decision.

Deciding when to vote for President also depends on where you live, and your local polling locations.  In many areas, local voting polls will have long lines, leading to long wait times. Other’s have jobs that require them to work on Election Day, in which case, voting early would be the best option of when to vote.

Anyone who has followed the 2016 campaign race closely knows that this has been a rollercoaster of an election cycle.  Both major party candidates, Trump and Clinton, have had made controversial statements and have taken unfavorable stances on major current political issues that have influenced voters decisions.  Even if you think you know who you will be voting for President in 2016, there are some good reasons to wait until Election Day to cast your official ballot.

The world is waiting for political debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, which won’t begin until September 26th.  Predictions are that these debates will include more personal attacks than political arguments, and will likely command some of the highest ratings in television history.  Voting prior may be a mistake, because you may change your mind after debates.

Deciding when to vote for President – early or on Election Day – is just one of the many difficult decisions voters will have to make in 2016.  Many people who have chosen to Vote for Donald Trump to keep Hillary out of the White House.

Don’t wait until Election Day – vote for President now in our online poll!  Even if you aren’t sure when to vote because you don’t know who to vote for yet, you can cast your ballot online now, and come back to vote again later!  You can vote online for President in less than 30 seconds and see who is currently winning in our poll now.  So, you can actually vote right now!

Does My Vote Count

Most American voters know that the popular vote doesn’t determine the winner of the Presidential Election, but they aren’t sure exactly how the process works.  Before registering to vote online, finding local polling locations and casting a ballot for President, most people want to know “Does my vote count?”

Yes, your vote will be counted if you vote for the President in the 2016 election, but it won’t necessarily help determine the outcome.  This answer leads most people to the obvious next question of “how much does my vote count” if it doesn’t matter in the outcome of the election.  The Presidential election process can be complicated, but we’ll do our best to explain how it works.

In short, when you vote for President your ballot is only counted on the state level.  In theory, the electoral votes from your state will go to whichever candidate received the most votes within that state.  Unfortunately, the electoral college can actually assign votes to whichever candidate they want – regardless of how the citizens of the state vote.  In fact, the electoral college has gone against the popular vote several times.

If your vote doesn’t count directly in the election, does that mean you shouldn’t vote for President?  While your vote doesn’t matter in this election, it is counted, and could help change the way our electoral process works.  The popular vote results are always reported alongside the electoral vote totals in general elections.  As recently as 2004, the United States popular vote was in favor of one candidate – while the electoral college chose the other.  Could this happen again in 2016?

In most cases, the electoral college does vote the same way the popular vote does.  But what would happen if the electoral college didn’t agree with the popular vote in 2016?  With election media coverage at an all-time high, the potential backlash of the delegates voting against the people would have the potential to create political chaos.  Rather than wondering “does my vote count?” – people should be asking “how can I make my vote matter more?”

You can make your Vote for President matter more with the power of social media than you ever could before.  Did you know that friends opinions are more likely to sway voters opinions than Presidential debates?  Here’s one way that you can make your vote count, and influence others to support the same candidate as you.

Take part by voting for the President now in our online election poll, and then share the results with your friends on social media!

Email Voting in 2016

We live in a world of convenience and speed, but the Presidential voting process hasn’t followed suit.  Many voting machines could be considered antiques, and most polling locations are run by election officials who don’t get enough practice on the job because real life situations only come up once every four years.  We’ve discovered that many Americans think that email voting in elections would be the best way to solve these issues.

While there are some instances in which citizens can vote for the president online in 2016, email voting is still not an option.  The concept is simple, people could vote by email by sending a message to a specific address with their candidate selection.  The actual implementation and execution would be a security nightmare for the US Government, so it doesn’t seem likely that email voting will ever be an option in Presidential Elections.

If voting by email is not an option in elections, then how can people vote from home?  The obvious solution would be to create a website where people can vote for the President online, in a secure environment that accurately counts all ballots.  Despite trusting every other important element of our lives to the internet – banking, health records, personal information – voting for the President online for the 2016 election will not be a widely available option.

Due to long lines and complicated voting machines, many support the idea of an easier voting process in Presidential elections.  The effects of an easier voting process would include shorter wait times, easier to understand ballots and higher voter turnout on election day.  While these effects sound like benefits to most Americans, the change in voting process could have a negative outcome for some of the nations most powerful individuals.

While email voting may be too simplistic, being able to vote for President online in 2016 shouldn’t be beyond our technological capabilities.  There are many political groups that have began to push for electronic voting online, and digital election ballots – but it’s unlikely that we will see them for another four years.  Instead, you can Hillary Clinton online in our mock poll today!

You can take part in our mock online Presidential Poll too!  You can vote online for the candidate of your choice and see who is winning the election right now according to our site visitors.  This isn’t just a poll for register voters, anyone can cast their ballot online now – and it’s more fun than email voting too!

What is the DemExit?

Hashtag Demexit.  #Demexit.  But what is the Demexit?  The Demexit movement is lead by a group of Democratic Delegates who are threatening to leave the party, and cast their votes for another candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election.  They are protesting Hillary Clinton because of the recent email leaks proving that her campaign colluded with the DNC to rig the primary elections.  These emails showed that the DNC favored Clinton over Sanders, and actively worked to sway voters to vote for Hillary unfairly.

The Demexit supporters are particularly offended because Bernie Sanders ran a very clean Presidential Campaign, and took in more money from individual donors than any candidate in history – despite never really having a chance to win.  This means that the $222 Million donated by supporters was for naught.  Sanders was taken advantage of the same corrupt political system that he rallied his supporters against.

But, if these democratic delegates decide to vote against Hillary Clinton, does that mean they are voting for Donald Trump?  Not necessarily, as other third-party candidates have started to gain attention in the wake of the DemExit movement.  Green Party Jill Stein are both giving independent voters hope that neither Hillary or Trump will win the 2016 Election.

Many political experts analyze votes for Third Parties to simply be votes that primary candidates will not receive.  What is the DemExit planning to achieve by leaving the party and voting for a candidate other than Hillary?  Could one of the third party Presidential candidates win the election?  Some think that the DemExit could inspire a nation to vote for one of the alternative candidates in 2016.

In order to be included in the First Presidential Debate, Johnson and / or Stein will need to command 15% in election polls nationwide.  For those who have not followed these other candidates, Gary Johnson is the alternate for Republicans to vote for instead of Trump, and Jill Stein represents the progressive Democrats who would have voted for Clinton otherwise.

Want to watch Democracy in action?  Follow the DemExit movement on Twitter with the hashtag, #demexit.  You will see tweets from politically charged activists who are trying to make their voice heard over the media and message of the primary candidates.  Stay tuned to see how the DemExit will influence the vote for President in 2016.

Florida in the 2016 Election

The key swing state of Florida may determine the result of the 2016 Presidential Election. Florida has 29 electoral votes, the most of any swing states in the 2016 election, and will likely play an important role in deciding if Hillary or Trump will be the next President.  Just as in other recent elections, all eyes will be on the voters and vote results in Florida come Election Day on November 8th.

Many people don’t understand why Florida is so important in the Presidential Election, but once you look at a map of Swing States it’s easy to tell why they have so much power.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will both be campaigning in Florida aggressively, as the predicted to win the 2016 Presidential Election.

There are several other important states in the 2016 Election, such as Pennsylvania, but polls in those states seem to show that Hillary has a lead.  Trump is hoping to overcome some swing state losses with a win in his second home state of Florida.  He has employed many people in the state of Florida, and does have a residence there as well.  Because he brings money into the state, he does have a chance to win this key battleground area – taking the win in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Many presidential polls are showing that Trump and Clinton are neck and neck in the Florida race for electoral votes.  These current polls for President in Florida give voters a good idea of who is winning, but they certainly don’t show the full picture – and have the power to influence the outcome of the election.

Because the polls are so close in Florida, both Presidential Candidates will be campaigning hard to win the independent voters ballots on election day.  Voter turnout in Florida is expected to be at an all time high for the Presidential Election in 2016 because of the importance it holds in determining who will win.

The race between Trump and Clinton is too close to call in Florida, but our online polls show who is winning the race, according to users on our site.   We encourage you to participate by taking part in our mock Presidential poll today to show support for the candidate that you want to win the 2016 Election.

Green Party Convention

The Green Party Convention will be held in Houston, TX August 4-7, where DemExit movement, Jill Stein’s Green Party Convention won’t go unnoticed this year.

Jill Stein’s popularity has risen significantly over the last several weeks as a results of Sanders officially conceded the Democratic nomination to Clinton despite the latest political email scandal.  Sander’s supporters joined Stein in the streets of Philadelphia to in protest of a rigged primary election, and many Delegates have vowed to leave the party.  Some of those delegates plan to support Jill Stein at the Green Party Convention in Houston from Thursday to Sunday.

The Green National Party is expected to rally around Jill Stein and newly named VP candidate Ajamu Baraka.  Many democrats have announced their plans to vote for Jill Stein and the Green Party come Election Day 2016, so we can expect more news coverage of the Green Party Convention than in previous years.

Jill Stein is a physician, and the Green Party’s candidate for President in 2016.  She is arguably one of the most powerful women in politics, who is currently being overshadowed by Democratic Nominee, Hillary Clinton.  Clinton, and her Republican opponent, Donald Trump are two of the most disliked Presidential Candidates in history, which is driving more voters to Third Parties than ever before.

The Green Party Convention in Houston will feature speakers such as David Cobb, Howie Hawkins, Cornel West and others.  The theme of the convention will be “Houston, We Have a Solution,” and speakers are expected to discuss policy stances and agendas on behalf of the Third Party during the course of those 4 days.

The most recent Presidential Polls that include Jill Stein show her with 5% of the national vote.  These Jill Stein Polls will need to reach 15% in order for her be included in Vote for President in our poll online and see who is currently winning the race today.

What if Trump Drops Out?

What if Trump Drops Out?  The 2016 Presidential Election might go from being the most exciting of all time – to the most boring in history very quickly.  There are rumors that Donald Trump may Drop Out of the Election, and that the GOP is urgently trying to find a potential replacement candidate to run against Hillary.  But what if Trump drops out of the race?  Will the Republicans have a chance at winning the election?

Donald Trump dropping out of the race wouldn’t come as a complete surprise to many voters who thought his candidacy was a joke to begin with.  In recent days, many other top Trump Campaign officials resigned from their positions supporting the Republican Nominee.  After nearly 12 months of questionably racist remarks, and shocking comments from Donald Trump – why would he drop out of the race now?

If Donald Trump drops out, it appears to be spurred on by his highly publicized ongoing argument with a Gold Star family who spoke at the DNC.  The back and forth between Trump and the man who offered Donald his copy of the United States Constitution has finally hurt Trump polling numbers, as Hillary surged directly following the DNC.

Donald Trump has many reasons to drop out of the Presidential Race – multi-million dollar companies to run, and of course, his ego.  The “America Never Wins Anymore” rhetoric won’t go very far for Trump if he see’s this campaign through to the election only to lose against Clinton.  By dropping out of the race now, Trump may be able to save some dignity after of the comments he has made.

What happens if Donald Trump drops out in the rest of the election?  Third Party Candidates are likely to receive more attention than previously expected from both voters and media outlets, but unlikely enough to overcome Hillary.

If Trump drops out of the race, who will be the replacement nominee for the Republican Party?  Previous candidates such as Mitt Romney will likely be mentioned, but we could even see Paul Ryan try to get on the Ballot for November.  Who do you plan on voting for  if Trump drops out?  Show us who you would choose by Voting for President online now.

Political Polls

Political polls can confusing, misleading and hard to understand – but when properly set up and run, they can predict who will become the next President of the United States with extreme accuracy.  There are many differences between polls you see in the 2016 election, and they have a huge influence over the political system.  Political polls aren’t just used to determine who people will vote for President on Election Day, but also to influence undecided voters.  But how are undecided voters influenced by political polls?

When there is a big difference in political polling numbers, many people end up not turning out to vote.  This is because they assume that their choice candidate is either far enough ahead in the race to win easily, or because they are perceived to be so far behind that they cannot overcome the difference.  Many people don’t know that most major political polls have an error margin of 3 to 4%,   This allows some major outlets to manipulate current poll results by shifting their preferred candidate to the further allowable margin of error.  But this isn’t the only way that political polls are manipulated.

In most cases, we hear about the latest national polling numbers for Presidential Candidates, which can be misleading.  National Polls don’t represent how the political process actually works in the United States, as votes from each state’s electoral delegates determine who will win.

Polls are available for the politically active to take part in all the time, but Presidential Polling brings out a lot more voters to participate.  Many people who don’t vote local or non-presidential elections look to participate in political polls online, despite not knowing much about the candidates or policies that they’re voting for.  And that’d Ok.  Here’s why.

These same people voting in political polls online prior to the Presidential Election are the same ones who will cast a ballot on Election Day as well.  Therefore, while the poll pool may not be as politically educated as in Congress polls, for example, they do still represent who will participate in the popular vote on Election day.

You can take part in a political poll today when you cast your vote for President in our mock election.  If you already know which candidate you want to win – or even if you don’t – you can vote online for who you think should become the next President of the United States.  Once you vote, you will be able to see which candidate is current winning the race in our political poll online.

2016 Presidential Endorsements

Official Presidential Endorsements for 2016 have come from politicians, celebrities, corporations, business people and seemingly just about everyone else.  The 2016 Presidential Endorsements are becoming yet another way that candidates can influence voters to cast their ballot in one direction or the other on Election Day.  But how much of a factor do Endorsements actually play in determining who will become the next President?  Perhaps more than you may expect, as we’ve seen candidates put more emphasis on their top supporters than ever before.

You don’t need to have any certain qualifications to make a Presidential Endorsement, just a big enough audience so that people will listen to you and respect your political views. Endorsing a candidate simply means that you intend to vote for them in the Presidential Election, but like politicians – many change their mind.

Some endorsements shouldn’t matter to the public as much as they do – such as celebrity political endorsements.  Those tend to be particularly biased and unfounded.  Instead, you can count on Economists and Newspapers to help you decide which candidate to vote for through their Presidential Endorsements in 2016.

News coverage of the 2016 Presidential Endorsements is at an all time high, and in many cases the media could be highlighting other parts of the election that should have more influence over voter decisions.  Do people really decide who to vote for President based off of endorsements in 2016?

Unfortunately, the answer is clearly “yes.”  Otherwise, the candidates wouldn’t spend so much time trying to win Presidential endorsements from key political figures.  Who you vote for President in 2016 shouldn’t be based off of endorsements, but if it is…

Even if you still don’t know who to vote for, you can take part in our Presidential Online Poll today!  Tell us who you endorse for President by casting your vote online now, and join the hundreds of thousands of other’s who have already cast their ballot!  Once you vote, you can see who is currently winning the race on our site!

Printable Election Ballot

Wouldn’t it be fun to participate in a mock Presidential Poll?  What if you could create your own mini-election with friends by printing election ballots, voting, and determining which candidate would win among your group?  Sure, printing ballots is a step in the opposite direction from allowing people to vote for the President online, but it can still be a fun activity for voters of all ages.  Printable election ballots are perfect for students too – a must have for teacher’s Presidential election lesson plans come this fall.

The truth is that printable election ballots for 2016 would actually make casting your vote for President easier than many of the current methods.  Unfortunately, many voting machines can be difficult to understand, and aren’t uniform from state to state – or even county to county.  Many machines are old and out of date, and printable election ballots would surely be more “voter friendly.”

Of course, there would be many security barriers for Printable Election Ballots to become an option in a Presidential Election.  Verifying votes from printed election ballots would be nearly impossible, which is the primary reason that this is not a current option in November 2016.  Instead, you can print ballots for President and make your own 2016 election!

Want to find out who your friends or family would elect for President in 2016?  These printable election ballots create a fun activity for groups of any size!  Just print the number of ballots you will need, cut as needed, and issue to all playing along in the mock vote.  Then, have all voters fold their election ballots so that other’s cannot see which candidate they selected, and collect them in a box.

You can then designate one “election official” to count the votes in front of the audience, so as to avoid any tampering or fraud.  Whichever candidate receives the most votes in your Presidential Election will be considered the winner for 2016.  While this process doesn’t follow the rules of the electoral college, it can be a fun activity – or end up causing arguments among friends who won’t see eye to eye.

Ready to hold your own election?  Print Presidential election ballots now!  Each sheet has 3 ballots, so you can cut them and easily share.  Don’t forget to tell us who wins the vote for President in your private election!  Click to print!

Don’t have enough friends to create your own election?  You can Vote for President in our Online Poll with the hundreds of thousands of others who have already participated!

Polls: Clinton vs. Trump

Voters are watching the 2016 Polls for the Clinton Vs. Trump matchup.  Each candidate has had their time to lead the polls at one point during the campaign, but all that really matters is who is winning come November 8th.  Clinton vs. Trump polls have created one of the most interesting and unpredictable campaign races in Presidential election history.  Hillary Clinton can’t seem to escape her political email scandals, while Donald Trump’s comments don’t seem to phase his supporters.  The Presidential Polls for Clinton vs. Trump don’t always tell the whole story though, because many who want to participate in polling aren’t able to.

Most of the Clinton vs. Trump polls are made up a small percentage of voters in a highly localized area.  Some provide more diversity than others, but in almost all cases the participants are highly political and follow the Presidential Race closely.  This doesn’t represent the majority of people voting for President who don’t follow the race until the First Debate on September 26th.

Polls showing Clinton vs. Trump support often don’t even show Third Party Candidates.  These other candidates for President have the opportunity to disrupt the Clinton vs. Trump battle for the White House by stealing away a significant percentage of the popular vote.  Some polls that include Gary Johnson have the Libertarian candidate reaching near 15% – the amount he needs to participate in the debates on the national stage.

One of the most important element of Presidential Polls is that they can heavily influence how voters actually cast their ballot on election day.  Often times, the candidate leading in polls close to the Presidential election doesn’t end up winning because so many extra voters come out in support of the candidate who is losing.  Meanwhile, voters who support the candidate leading in latest presidential polls are more likely to stay at home on election day because they assume their choice candidate is guaranteed to win.

This means that the Clinton vs. Trump polls may not be a good indicator of who will win the election.  It can be difficult to predict who will win the election based on Presidential polls, but that won’t stop the media from trying.  We’re looking for more people who want to take part in Presidential Polling online right here on our site…

If you want to see who will win the election, you can take Presidential Polls online today!  Hundreds of thousands have already voted, and the election is just starting to get exciting.  You can vote for the President online and see who is currently winning the Clinton vs. Trump race according to our Poll.

Take Part in Presidential Polls

It’s election season, and everyone is looking to get involved in determining who will become the next President of the United States.  Many are looking to take part in Presidential Polls, where they can cast their mock vote in support of their choice candidate before the actual election.  Taking Presidential Polls isn’t widely available though, and most American’s aren’t even sure how they could participate in one if they wanted to.  Those looking to take presidential poll surveys prior to the election really have to do their research in order to find somewhere that they can cast their vote.

But why is it so difficult to take Presidential polls – shouldn’t they be available for everyone to vote?  Unfortunately, most election polls are made up of a very small sample size of voters who are highly political – and in many cases, have donated money to Presidential campaigns.  This means that those taking Presidential Polls are doing to so on their own behalf in an effort to influence other voters to cast their ballot for a particular candidate.

This leads to many presidential polls being heavily skewed, and some are downright inaccurate.  Some polls have Hillary Clinton ahead by several points.  Perhaps these Presidential Polls would be more consistent if the people taking part represented a larger portion of the population.

There are many different ways that organizations can structure political polls, so the setup isn’t the same in all cases.  Different numbers of voters from different political and economic backgrounds can change the outcome of election polls quite easily.  For example, polls in States that are likely to vote Republican in the 2016 Presidential Election are more likely to show Donald Trump leading on a national level.  Hillary Clinton is leading in states expected to vote Democratic where her support is strongest.

So, does that mean that you can’t take Presidential polls online?  We’ve got some good news for you.  You can take part by voting for the President online in our mock online poll today!  We have nearly 500,000 votes because anyone can participate in our poll.  It’s your turn to vote today!

Now you can take part by voting in our Presidential Poll today!  Anyone of any age, country, background or political affiliation can cast their mock ballot on our site and see who is currently winning according to half a million other voters like you!  Find out who is in the lead now.

Confirm Voter Registration

There is a whole list of different ways that you can register to vote in 2016, and many citizens are registered by default through their DMV or other government agency.  Some election day 2016.  There are a number of different things that could go wrong with your registration, and by confirming that your information is correct now – you can avoid having problems voting later.

Most people don’t know how to confirm their voter registration, but the process is typically very simple.  In most states, voters can verify registration or check to make sure they’re registered to vote online.  You can typically check your voter registration status with the last 4 digits of your social security number, and driver’s license number / registration address.

If confirming voter registration online in your state is not easy, not an option, or you simply aren’t a computer person – you can do so in person.  Of course voter office locations will vary, but you can typically check with your local city hall to find out where you need to go to confirm voter registration prior to the 2016 Presidential Election.

When checking your voter registration, be sure to make sure that your address, political affiliation and spelling of your name are all correct.  Verify any additional information for consistency, and report any voter registration errors to your local election officials immediately.  Checking your voter registration thoroughly can help you avoid any delays in voting on election day.

It can also be helpful to remind friends and family (who are voting for your preferred candidate) to confirm their voter registration details early as well.  The more people that you can get to vote for the candidate you want to win the election, the more likely they will win the popular vote.

We encourage everyone who verifies voter registration to also vote online in our Presidential Poll!  You don’t even need to be registered to vote online today!  Everyone can participate – and you will join over a 1/2 million other votes when you take part in our Poll for President today.  Think of it as just another step in the voting process for 2016.

National Polls

National Polls for the 2016 Presidential Election are available from a variety of credible sources, but the results vary depending on who participates.  Poll results from Southern States traditionally show more votes for the Republican Candidate, while more Liberal facing states consistently show the Democratic Candidate winning.  Polls from individual states or regions often have less voters participating, so the sample size isn’t nearly as large as the National Polls.  While National Poll results show more voters getting involved, they aren’t necessarily as important as some of the smaller polling groups.  Here’s why…

There are just a handful of swing states that will determine who will win the 2016 Presidential Election.  Polls from these states, such as the latest Presidential poll results.

The problem is that National Polls represent the vote doesn’t count in certain cases.

Both state and National Polling requires an overseeing group of people to collect voting data from potential Presidential voters.  Polls are simply asking the question “who would you vote for President as of Today?” with the understanding that some people will change their mind prior to the election.  While debates don’t change voters minds , National Poll Results can.  Candidates will poll results showing they could potentially win the election are more likely to get support from the masses than those who don’t have any chance to get to 270 electoral votes.

Understanding how polling works is important – because most people don’t know that there are less than 1000 participants.  Does this change your opinion of the results?  It should, because that is a very small polling sample size to claim that the poll results are accurate .

Instead of limiting the number of people who can participate, we allow everyone to vote online in Presidential polls on our website.  We’ve had a lot more than 1,000 people take our poll – and when you vote online now, you can see exactly how many have cast their mock ballot online.  Our National Presidential Poll results might surprise you – vote now and see who is winning today!

Write In Candidates

A choice of the lesser of two evils.  A rigged two party political system.  Whatever your reason – you want to vote for a candidate other than Third Party Candidates that have become a more viable option in 2016 than ever before.  Write-in candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election will receive more votes than ever before based on the current political landscape.  While there isn’t any chance of a write-in candidate winning the 2016 Election, you can still have an impact by casting your ballot for someone not included on the official ballot.

Write In Candidates have always been a part of Presidential Elections, and some have received tens of thousands of votes.  These candidates aren’t included as a primary selection on Presidential election ballots, so voters must actually handwrite in the name of the person that they want to vote for President.  These could include your favorite sports star, like Tom Brady, A-List Actor like Morgan Freeman – but many people vote for themselves with the write in option included on ballots.  But, is it a bad idea to vote for yourself?

Most campaign managers and politicians would argue that you shouldn’t vote for yourself as a write in candidate.  You will only receive a single vote, which doesn’t benefit anyone at all.  It doesn’t even really make a political statement.  So, who are the write in candidates that will receive more than just a single vote in 2016?

There are several candidates who aren’t on the ballot that will still receive a number of write in votes in 2016.  Bernie Sanders, Gary Johnson and Deez Nuts are all expected to collect notable numbers of write in votes during this year’s election.  While you may be familiar with the majority of those Third Party Candidates, you may not have heard about Deez’s Nuts Presidential Poll numbers.

Deez Nuts went viral when he announced that he was running for President as a write-in candidate.  Unfortunately, despite Nuts Presidential Polling figures, he is under age and therefore unqualified to become the next President of the United States.  That certainly won’t stop people from voting for him though.  Do you think that writing in candidates should be an option on Presidential election ballots?

Write in Candidates can make for fun news stories, but they have very little impact on the outcome of the Presidential Election Results.  If you’re like most people, you already know Vote Online for the President in our mock poll today.  You won’t see Tom Brady, David Ortiz or Deez Nuts polling on our site, but you can see how the major candidates are doing against each other right now.

The Second Presidential Debate

The second Presidential Debate will be better than the first one.  The Clinton vs. Trump matchup in a series of highly anticipated debates will really heat up during the Second Debate. During the first, they will simply be feeling each other out on policy issues, personal disputes and more – during the Second Debate they will be able to re-strategize in an effort to win over more voters.  Just like in boxing, round 2 is always better than round 1.

The moderators for the Second Presidential debate will have a schedule of topics to cover with the candidates, but it’s unlikely that the candidates will stay on topic.  As showcased in earlier debates, both candidates tend to focus on only the topics they prepared for – or personal attacks against the other’s character.  Because of the dynamic between Trump and Hillary, there is no reason to think that this will change in the Second Presidential debate.

Most voters have already decided who they are going to vote for by the time Trump and Clinton face off in Presidential Debates, but these events do still serve a purpose.  This purpose is mostly to make voter doubt their original candidate selection through slander and attacks – moreso than highlighting their individual strengths and qualifications to become the next President of the United States.

Unless you are in politics, or belong to a Super Pac, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get tickets to see the Second Presidential Debate live in person.  You can watch the second debate on TV with most major news networks, such as CNN, NBC, ABC and Fox.  If one of them isn’t airing it, simply change the channel and find it – it’s on!

The second Presidential debate date is October 9th, and it will be held in St. Louis.  Topics for the second debate have not yet been announced, nor do they truly matter.  Ratings for the Presidential debates in 2016 is expected to be at an all time high thanks to Mr. Donald Trump who has kept the campaign more entertaining than political – and we can’t wait.

Much of the strategy of the candidates will be to get voters to cast their ballot AGAINST a certain candidate by voting for the other.  For example, don’t be surprised to hear Hillary Clinton urge Trump supports to vote Gary Johnson on election day.  Already know who you want to vote for President – or perhaps against?  Vote online now in this mock election poll

Who Should Black People Vote For?

Candidates do their best to reach out to specific groups of people to gain their support, and votes in the 2016 Presidential Election.  One of the most important groups in the 2016 election are African Americans, but many are still wondering “Who Should Black People Vote for?”  Unfortunately, there is no clear choice candidate for black people in the 2016 election, as both Trump and Clinton have received a very negative reception from this all important group of voters.  Of course, not every black person will vote for the same candidate, but it’s likely that one of the two will receive the majority of support from the African American community – which could determine who wins the 2016 election.

Who black people should vote for isn’t clear in 2016 because both Clinton and Trump have alienated the community at points during their careers and campaigns.  Hillary Clinton has been linked to increased incarceration rates for African Americans during her time as First Lady in the 1990’s.  Donald Trump has been tied to former KKK member David Duke, and continues to alienate rather than include minorities in his plans for being President.

Black people should vote for the candidate who best represents their interests and needs as both individuals and a collective group, but neither candidate appears to fit that description.  So, who should black people vote for in 2016 if Trump and Clinton both aren’t a good choice?

There are large sections of the African American population that have vowed not to vote in the 2016 Election, because they don’t feel represented by either of the primary party candidates.  So, the question for many has changed from “Who Should Black People Vote for?” to “Should Black People Vote in 2016?”  Obviously there are two very different arguments for answering these questions.  Black people not voting in 2016 would make a statement, but also lack any influence over the outcome of the election.  Should black people vote for Clinton or Trump despite not truly supporting either candidate to help determine who wins they could be contributing to the current divide in America.

Both Clinton and Trump are making their cases for why black people should vote for them in 2016, and it will surely become a key topic during the First Presidential Debate.   Clinton represents the Democrats who have consistently won the majority of the African American vote in Presidential Elections, while Donald Trump is making the case against Hillary with his “what the hell do you have to lose?” pitch.

A simple answer to the question of who black people should vote for in 2016 can be found by taking part in our Presidential Poll online.  When you vote online, you can cast your ballot for the candidate of your choice and see who is currently winning in Presidential polls online.  With hundreds of thousands of votes already collected, the results may help you determine how important your vote could be in the 2016 United States Presidential Election.

Practice Voting

You only get a chance to vote for President once every four years, so it can be helpful to practice voting online before the election.  When we vote for President on Election Day, many voters feel pressure in the voting booth, and many even make mistakes casting their ballots.  While it’s unlikely that so many voters would make mistakes to cause a change in the election results, everyone wants to feel like they were able to take part in the voting process successfully.  This is why practice voting online prior to the election can help both first time voters, and long-time voters get comfortable prior to casting their official ballot.

There aren’t very many tools for people to practice voting for the President, but our online Presidential Poll has become one of the most useful on the internet.  Hundreds of thousands of votes have already been cast on our site, which is practice voting for anyone who plans to participate in the Presidential Election.  This practice vote can also be helpful for kids who are under 18 years old, and not yet eligible to take part in the 2016 election.

Practice Voting in our online Presidential poll can help you be more confident on election day, especially after seeing the debates don’t change minds, but current polling figures can make people vote who would otherwise stay home on election day.

You can cast your practice voting ballot online for the candidate who you want to win in our Third Party Candidate?  Taking the time to practice voting online will allow you to be more comfortable casing your ballot on election day 2016.

If you want to practice voting in a classroom or with friends, you can also register to vote for the 2016 election, and take part in the official vote process.

Just because you took part in our practice vote doesn’t mean that you will be perfect on election day.  Make sure to check with your local voting offices to find 2016 Presidential Election procedures for your specific area.  Different counties offer different types of voting machines and processes, and important to follow all instructions to properly cast your ballot for President.

Accurate Presidential Polls

You can find lists of Presidential Polls with different results and predictions all over the internet.  It’s important to understand how these Presidential Polls are conducted, and how those methods contribute to the accuracy of the results.  Accurate Presidential Polls can be hard to find, because most are limited by number of voters, voter location, political affiliation – or other outside factors.  As with most scientific procedure, the largest the sample size, the better for creating accurate Presidential Polls.

Many university polls, Fox News Polls, CNN Polls, and even other online polls – have just a few thousand voters participating in many cases.  While highlighting the diversity in location, economic background or races in the poll sample, the number of voters is so low that we can’t consider these accurate Presidential Polls.

Our Presidential Online Poll does not make claims to be the most accurate on the internet, but we do have more voters than almost any other polling location in the United States.  Hundreds of thousands of votes have already been submitted by people wanting to take Presidential Polls.  We recommend that you participate in our online poll as well, and decide if we have the most accurate Presidential Polls for yourself.

Presidential polls can be wrong, and often are inaccurate when it comes to predicting who will actually win the election.  While undecided voters do exist, most American’s who are registered to vote and participate in polls already know who they are going to vote for President – and that doesn’t change.  The factors that change are the polling conditions, in order to manipulate the results while maintaining some regulations to claim accuracy within a range of 3 to 5 percent.

By adding more voters to the polling size, you increase diversity and represent more of the potential voter turnout base in the 2016 Presidential Election.  This is why we allow everyone to vote online for President in our mock election – in order to be among the most accurate Presidential Polls anywhere.

Help us increase the accuracy of our Presidential Poll by Voting Online now!  Join the hundreds of thousands (maybe millions by the time you read this), of other online voters who have already cast their mock ballot for the candidate that they want to win the Presidential Election in 2016.  Don’t forget to share with your friends on social media too!

Evan McMullin Polls

Candidates have come and gone in the 2016 Presidential Election, and we have done our best to include all potentially viable candidates in our political poll.  We’ve gone from having more than a handful of GOP Candidates, a few Democrats and select Third Party hopefuls down to just Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson & Jill Stein.  But we’ve recently had a number of people on our Facebook Page demand that we include Evan McMullin in our polls.

Evan McMullin declared his candidacy for President after the Republican and Democratic National Conventions on August 8th, 2016.  Despite his late entry into the Presidential Race, Evan McMullin Polls show that the candidate may be able to be on the official ballot in certain key states to the 2016 election.  Polls that include Evan McMullin are still difficult to find though, because the candidate is still unknown to most voters.

McMullin has a history in politics working with Republicans, the House of Representatives and even with the CIA.  Evan McMullin polling results are showing that many voters are seriously considering voting for candidates other than Clinton or Trump.  While still not expected to win the election, Evan McMullin could slingshot his political career with the additional visibility during the most watched Presidential race ever.

Even given the outreach from McMullin supporters on social media, we’ve been hesitant to add any other candidates to our Presidential Online Poll this close to the 2016 election.  Evan McMullin poll results have been strong in certain counties around the country, but most American’s still don’t recognize his name.  Do you think we should include Evan McMullin in polls for the President online?

If you think we should add McMullin to Polls, please write us an email and let us know why.  We have listened to our voters before when they asked us to add Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, and if we see enough support for McMullin, he too may win a spot on our online voting poll.

Already know who you want to vote for, and it’s not Evan McMullin?  Take 30 seconds to Practice Vote.”  We have had hundreds of thousands of other’s cast their mock ballot online already, and after voting you can see which candidate is currently leading the polls!

Internet Polls

Internet polls for the 2016 Presidential Election are shaping the opinions of voters across the country.  Every single day, news outlets like CNN release the latest polling results from their “scientific” studies that are positioned as being accurate predictions of who will win the Presidential Election.  Unfortunately, most of these polls are conducted via telephone, or even in person – making the sample size and margin of error in polling results undefined.  Internet polls for President are able to collect more votes, and provide more accurate results when everyone can participate.

There are many different internet polls for President in 2016, and many of them collect votes more efficiently than the “official polls” that we see on TV.  Think about this – if many of the reported results come from telephone polling – where did they get the voter’s phone number from?  These polls are designed to call specific groups of people who have registered Democratic or Republican to influence the results of the polls.  If they call more democrats, Hillary is leading.  When they call more Republicans, Trump is leading.  This isn’t how polls for President on the internet are conducted though.

Internet polls like ours allow almost anyone to vote for President in our mock election online.  Because of this format, our internet poll for the 2016 election has collected far more votes than any of the results you see in the news.

We don’t make claims to be the vote online for free , so cast your ballot in our mock poll now to take part today!

Election Night Party Ideas

Throwing a Presidential Election Night Party can be fun, but you need to have the right ideas to make sure all of your guests have a good time.  Celebrating the Presidential Election with a Party is an excellent idea – unlike most holiday’s that are celebrated annually, throwing a party that only happens once every four years adds a new level of excitement for everyone involved.  Because this is such a unique holiday party, many hosts are searching the internet for election night party ideas.

Themed parties always bring out the best in people, and there are a lot of things that you can do when throwing a Presidential election party to encourage your guests to participate in the fun.  We’ve created a short list of ideas for Election Night Parties that you can use and share with all of your politically minded friends.

Our list of election night party ideas includes fun foods & drinks, political games and Presidential parting gifts.  We encourage you to use these ideas for your Presidential election party, but also want to hear from you with other suggestions too!

Here is a short list of election night party ideas that you can use, or use to come up with your own for this year’s event.

The combination of party ideas above has the potential to create an explosive atmosphere – especially once the election results are announced.  Don’t forget to make sure that your guests get home safely on election night.  We recommend ensuring their safety by demanding everyone take an “Uber Black” ride back to their destination for the evening, while suggesting they pretend that their driver is in the secret service and that they just personally won the election themselves.

Don’t forget to make sure that everyone at the party participates by voting online in our Presidential Poll too.  Everyone can vote for President on their smartphone, and see who is currently winning in our poll all the way up until the election is over.  It’s never too late to cast your vote online in our mock poll – and is something all of your election night party guests will enjoy!

How Many People Will Vote in the 2016 Election

The importance of strong, or weak voter turnout in Presidential Elections has become more prevalent in 2016 than ever before.  There are a number of factors that determine how many people will vote in the 2016 election, and voter turnout could decide who wins the Presidency.  Of course the candidates themselves, and their political platforms will help decide how many people will vote for President in 2016, but there are many other reasons why people will or will not vote this year.

The top two candidates, Donald Trump are among the most disliked potential Presidents of all time.  They both have unfavorability rankings above 50%, meaning that the majority of the country doesn’t like either of them.  While this scenario could lead to low voter turnout numbers in 2016, it’s likely to have the opposite effect.  Voters who dislike Donald more, will vote for Hillary by default.  Voters who dislike Clinton more, will vote for Trump.

Both candidates will make pleas to supporters during Presidential debates to encourage high voter turnout numbers – but this isn’t just about election day.  Early voting for President has become more popular than ever before, and the winner of the 2016 Election may be determined prior to November 8th because of this.  Most early voting takes place via the mail, and we expect the candidates to help voters cast their ballots prior to the election more easily in 2016.

Early voting and pleas from candidates won’t be the only factors in determining how many people will vote in the 2016 election.  Presidential Polls will also play a role in the number of people who vote in the election.  If the latest poll results show one candidate with a significant lead over the other, it’s likely that voter turnout would decrease for both sides.  If the polling numbers leading into election day are close, voter turnout will increase for both parties because people will think that their ballot matters more.

Unfortunately, the electoral votes by state.

Most registered voters aren’t able to vote online for the President, and do have to cast their ballot via mail or in person on Election Day.  Some experts think that voting for the President Online would increase voter turnout numbers significantly, and improve the importance of the Popular Vote vs. the electoral college.  Our Presidential Online Poll provides a glimpse into the future of voting, where you can cast you mock ballot online to see who is currently winning according to our site visitors.

Bill Clinton, First Gentleman?

According to the thesaurus, the opposite of “lady” is “man,” but he opposite of “man” is “woman.”  If we call the President’s wife the “first lady” what will Bill Clinton’s title be if Hillary Clinton wins the election?  Setting precedent as the first husband of a wife, Bill Clinton would likely receive the title of “First Gentlemen” within the White House.  There have been suggestions of First Man, and jokes of First Dude, but Bill Clinton’s title as President Hillary’s husband would be First Gentleman.

If Hillary Clinton becomes President, Bill Clinton’s new title of First Gentlemen will be the first of it’s kind.  Hillary would be making history, becoming the first female President of the United States – which many consider to be a historic feat.  While other countries have had female President’s, the United States highest position has mostly been controlled by White Men.  Until Barack Obama, there had been very little diversity in Presidential background makeup – but if Clinton wins in 2016, we will see successive breakthroughs with first African American and Women President’s.

Despite these recent breakthroughs, many Americans still feel like they only have a choice to vote for the lesser of two evils.  Of course, Donald Trump does fit the traditional Presidential background of older white male, but Hillary Clinton is so closely tied to Bill that most voters don’t see her has being any different.  If Bill Clinton becomes First Gentlemen, many think that his role will be much more significant than Hillary’s was as First Lady.

Experts that Bill Clinton won’t just be reversing roles with Hillary should she win the 2016 Presidential Election.  While Hillary did play a significant role in the White House during her time as First Lady, the spotlight was still illuminating Bill.  If Hillary is elected President, the spotlight may be shared between her and her husband, Bill Clinton – the First Gentlemen in the history of the United States.

While Hillary fights for equal wages for women, her Presidency could actually set the movement back if the media gives Bill too much attention.  If the First Gentlemen role is perceived to be more powerful than the First Lady in the past, gender inequality questions could arise during Hillary’s first term as President.

There are still millions of people that plan on Voting Hillary for President in 2016, while she faces a difficult opponent in Donald Trump who continues to climb in the latest polls.  We want to know who you are voting for President, and hope you will cast your ballot in our mock online poll today.  Whether you want to see headlines that say “Trump Wins!” or are hoping to see the first female President, we encourage you to take part and share with friends online.

Instant Poll Results

The Presidential Election process takes over a year, and the candidates have campaigning aggressively for the past several months – but voters want instant poll results that can accurately predict who will win become the next President of the United States.  If the election were to take place today, who would win according to instant poll results?  Some polls show Donald Trump leading, while others still have Hillary Clinton out to a commanding lead in the 2016 election race.  But why do poll results differ so greatly?

There are significant statistical differences between National and individual State polling results.  This makes sense, as the pools of participants vary in both size and background – but most people don’t realize how much the importance of these results matters as well.  Additionally, voters minds do change, especially those who are currently undecided on the date when we vote for President in 2016.

Understanding these caveats, it can still be difficult to find instant poll results online – because most polling takes place over a long period of time and is conducted under somewhat secretive conditions.  Because of this, most people don’t even know how to take Presidential polls, or how to participate in the polling process.  This is because the mainstream media polls only use small groups of specific people to conduct their research.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret.  You can take polls for President by voting online now in our mock election poll.  Unlike most of the mainstream Presidential Polls that you see on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, or other news stations, we allow anyone and everyone to vote online now on our website.  We’ve had people of all ages, ethnicities, and even citizenships cast their ballot for President online – according to who they want to win the election as of today.

Because anyone can vote in our Presidential Poll, we have had hundreds of thousands of people participate already.  We don’t claim to have the most accurate polling results, but with such a large sample size, perhaps we do?  Once you vote for President in our poll, you can see who is currently winning – instantly!

Get your instant poll results today when you vote for the President online in our mock election.  It’s free to vote online, easy to do, and takes less than 30 seconds if you already know who you are going to vote for President.  Join the hundreds of thousands of others who have already taken part in our poll – and help us make it millions of participants by sharing with family and friends online!

If the Election Were Held Today

Presidential polling gives us a snapshot of which candidate would receive the most votes, if the election were held today.  So, if the election were held today, who would win the Presidency – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?  That answer will vary depending on which election polling numbers you rely on – and that answer has changed several times, as presidential poll results have changed over time, showing both candidates ahead at certain points during the race.  All that really matters is winning the Presidential Race on Election Day 2016.

But if the election were held today, who would become the next President?  According to some polls, Hillary Clinton would win – while others still say that Donald Trump has the lead in the race.  So, which Presidential poll is the most accurate, and would be able to accurately predict who would win if the election were held today?

Some voters think that election polls from CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC and others are reliable sources for current results – but then why do they change so much?  Polling procedures and sample groups vary, so depending on who takes the Presidential Poll and when – the results will change.  In some cases major polls claiming accuracy have just a few hundred participants representing the entire nation.

According to our Presidential Online Poll, Donald Trump would would become the next President of the United States if the Election were held today.  But it’s not too late to see this results change prior to November 8th, 2016 – and we hope that you make your voice heard by taking part in our Presidential Poll online by voting now!

One of the reasons that Presidential Polls are so important, is because they can sway voter’s opinions based on the results.  Early polls help voters decide which candidates they will support based on who has a chance to with the Presidential Election, and polling results close to November will influence people to vote against the candidate they don’t want to win.

With hundreds of thousands of votes already, and millions expected by election day, our Presidential Poll is one of the largest in the world.  Rather than rely on a few hundred sample voters to show which candidate has the most support, we have created a Presidential Poll where anyone can vote online.  More voters means more complete results, and when you vote online you can see who would win if the election were held today.  Vote now and make up your own mind if our poll results predict who will win the 2016 Presidential Election.

Percentage of Undecided Voters

Most of us have known which candidate we will vote for President in 2016 since long before the National Conventions or even before the who to vote for President by this time of year simply don’t pay a factor in determining who will win.  This year’s election is different though, as undecided voters may be the key to winning the Presidency in 2016.

The percentage of undecided voters is at an all-time high in 2016, with reports as recent as June quoting 25% of people who have registered didn’t know who they were actually going to vote for.  That means that one out of every four votes could still go Red or Blue, Trump or Clinton – or Third Party?

Yes, many of the undecided voter population in the 2016 election are likely to vote for a Third Party candidate rather than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  With the dual party system candidates being untrusted and disliked by the majority of Americans, their unfavorability rankings have driven undecided voters to look for alternative candidate options.  Have you decided who you are voting for President in 2016?

There are several key factors to consider when going from being an undecided voter, to knowing who you plan to Vote for President on election day.  Becoming a “decided voter” rather than undecided voter in 2016 is more difficult than ever before, as many people are simply deciding who they want to vote against – rather than who they want to vote for.  The percentage of undecided voters in 2016 is at an all-time high, and is likely to become a focus for both the candidates and mainstream media in the weeks leading up to the election.

Will the undecided voter percentage at the highest level we’ve seen in recent history, this also means that American’s are doing more candidate research than ever before – and carefully considering their options when it comes to voting for the President.  This is the results of economic and racial disparities that are being felt across the entire country, with voters seeking other options for leadership in the United States.

Whether you have known which candidate you plan to vote for since the primaries, or are waiting until the Presidential debates to decide, you can take part in our 2016 Election Poll online today!  Even if you are one of the millions who make up the percentage of undecided voters, you an cast a mock ballot now – and come back later once you have decided who you will really be voting for President in 2016.  Perhaps our poll results will actually help you decide which candidate is best for you!

Hillary Clinton Replacement

Although highly unlikely, there has recently been chatter of a potential Hillary Clinton Replacement as the democrats Presidential nominee.  This comes on the heels of questions regarding Clinton’s health, as more voters start to wonder “is Hillary Sick?”  Recent coughing fits started the conversation regarding potential replacement candidates for Hillary Clinton’s current position but those conversations became more serious after her fainting episode at the September 11th event.

Initial reports said that the candidate had overheated.  Secondary reports later announced that Clinton had been diagnoses with Pneumonia two days before the event – which is what lead to her latest health related incident.  While reasonable, the change of story is giving voters another reason to doubt Clinton’s honesty with the public.  There have also been more calls to have Hillary release medical records, which is likely to become the center of Trump’s attack in coming weeks.

Whether for actual health reasons, or because of the lack of trust from voters, many think that the possibility of a Hillary Clinton replacement is very real.  Potential Clinton replacements include Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Tim Kaine as potential Democratic Presidential nominees.  The likelihood of the DNC replacing Hillary Clinton with another candidate this late in the race seems slim, but any further negative attention on the candidate’s health may force them to make the switch.

If the DNC decides that a Hillary Clinton replacement is needed, the afore mentioned names are the top potential candidates.  Sanders supporters would welcome him back into the race with open arms, while Biden would provide security because of his time serving as Vice President.  Tim Kaine is likely a last choice in an already bad situation for the democratic party, as not many voters know much about him as a potential candidate for President.

The main question for the heads of the DNC is which candidates will bring out more people to Vote for President on election day?  High voter turnout improves the chances of a democratic victory in the 2016 Presidential election.  Because of this, party leaders are trying to determine how many people will vote in the 2016 Election, depending on who their official Presidential candidate is.  If the answer isn’t Hillary Clinton, then replacing her may actually be an option for the party.

As we inch closer to the 2016 Presidential Election, many voters are watching online polling results closely – to help them decide who to vote for President.  Some vote online for the President in our election poll.  Vote now to see if the candidate that you want to win the election is leading in our Presidential poll!

Voting Before the Election

If you already know who you plan to vote for President in 2016, you can vote before the election – rather than having to wait in line and cast your ballot on November 8th.  The truth is, that you can vote before election day even if you are in the percentage of undecided voters that remain in the country as well.  Voting before the election has become more popular in the past 20 years, and is projected to continue that trend in 2016.  In person voting on election day can be a hassle, depending on your location and the time of day that you go to vote.  By voting before the election, you can avoid lines and people, while still successfully casting your vote for President early.

There are several different ways that you can vote before election day, but mail in ballots are the most popular.  You can request mail-in ballots to be sent to you, or pick them up at your local voting offices.  In order to vote via mail, you need to be registered within the correct state / county and follow the instructions to make sure that your ballot arrives on time.  For most people that plan to vote for the President in 2016, voting before the election is the most convenient option – but there are reasons why millions will cast their ballot on November 8th instead.

Most people simply don’t realize that they can vote before the election, or that early voting is an option almost everywhere in the United States.  More voters are familiar with “absentee ballots ,” which are slightly different than other early voting methods, with separate requirements.  If you fit these requirements, and have known which candidate that you want to vote for President for a long time, we recommend voting before the election.

There are lots of questions regarding how votes before the election are counted.  When are early votes counted?  The answer changes depending on the county – some locations wait until Election Day to count early votes, while there are rumors that some other’s never count ballots from before election day unless needed to determine a Presidential winner in that location.  In most cases, election results in individual counties aren’t that close, but the truth is that these ballots are in fact counted anyway.

Voting before the election can only go wrong if you change your mind on who you want to vote for President.  There is nothing that you can do if you cast your ballot early for one candidate, and then decide that you want to vote for someone else instead.  You cannot edit your vote for the Presidential election.  Perhaps you should practice voting for the President first?

Maybe you aren’t ready to actually vote for the President yet.  Maybe you are – but you want to take part in Presidential Polls too?  Now you can vote online in our Presidential Poll for free – it’s simple and fast to submit a vote for the candidate of your choice, and see the latest polling results.  Once you vote online in our poll, you may want to contact your local polling location for specifics on voting before the actual election too.


Do You Need Your Voters Card to Vote?

Voting can be confusing, and difficult to understand – especially for first time voters.  There are many requirements to be eligible to vote for President in the United States, but many aren’t sure of what all the rules are.  One of the biggest questions leading up to Election Day every four years is “Do You Need Your Voters Card to Vote?”  What happens if you show up at a polling location without your voter card (also known as a voter ID)?

You do not need your voters card to vote.  Many people that register just before the deadline will not receive their voters card prior to the election, but this doesn’t mean that they will be turned away from polling locations.  All that you need on election day is an ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.  Even non-government issued IDs will suffice, as long as your name is included, there are many different forms that will be accepted.  So, why do many people not know whether or not you need your voters card to vote?

Depending on your party affiliation and location, the voting process can be intentionally confusing to suppress the total number of votes.  Traditionally, lower voter turnout numbers have benefited Republicans while higher numbers of voters benefit Democrats in Presidential Elections.  By making it unclear of if you need your voters card to vote, many people will simply stay home on election day – which could benefit the primary party in your area.  If you don’t need your voter id card to vote on election day, what purpose does it serve?

Do you need your voters card to vote?  No, so what is your voter ID card for then?  Your voter ID card confirms your registration, your registration affiliation – and most importantly, your voting location.  This information is also provided at the time of registration in most cases, or can be found by contacting your state election authorities if you do not have your voter card.

Many people will show up at polling locations on election day to vote for the President only to find out that they are no longer registered – when they thought that they still were.  If you aren’t registered, you cannot vote in the Presidential election in 2016 – but you can still participate in online polls!

Voter registration card or not, you can participate in the election excitement by taking online Presidential polls up until Election Day 2016.  We won’t even check your ID!  Just click to vote for your favorite candidate to submit your mock election ballot – and then see who is currently winning the race according to our online poll.

Debate Poll Voting

Political experts are predicting that this year’s Presidential Debates will be the most watched & highest rated of all time.  The top two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have been exchanging attacks for months, but during the debates they will get to do so face to face.  Democrats are counting on Hillary’s experience on the debate stage, while Republicans are hoping that Trump can bully his way to win the Presidential Debates by a landslide.  Viewers will be able to participate in the process more than in any previous election with debate poll voting available to everyone.

You’ve seen debate polls pop up in the corner of the screen on CNN or NBC in previous televised events, but there was never a way that you could actually vote too.  Most times, these debate poll voting results come from a very small group of sample voters handpicked by the network airing the event, so the outcome really doesn’t mean that much.  But if everyone could vote in debate polls online, more people would trust the results, right?

Rather than just watch the Presidential debate, you can latest polling results available!

Of course the Presidential Debates will feature Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton facing off for the first time during the election race – but will anyone else be debating against them?  While still unlikely, if enough people third party candidate is still holding high hopes for the 2016 Presidential Election, essentially betting that the two primary candidates will make each other look so bad that he will become the top choice to vote for President.

If the debate does become Trump vs. Clinton vs. Gary Johnson, many people will be hearing the Libertarian candidate speak for the first time – which may sway the opinion of some percentage of undecided voters.  This would likely benefit Hillary Clinton’s campaign, as Trump supporters are more likely to vote for Gary Johnson than lifelong democrats are.  This could change debate poll voting results, but only in smaller polls – not ours…

You don’t have to be in the debate audience, or even registered to vote for President – you can still vote during the debate online.  Our debate poll voting is a bit different than what you see on TV, because we show results from all of the votes during the campaign race to date so that you’ll get a better idea of who will win the Presidential election according to our site visitors.  Voting online takes less than 30 seconds and provides instant poll results when you verify your vote!

Presidential Debate Rules

The first rule of Presidential Debate Rules is: you don’t acknowledge the rules of the Presidential debate.  Yes, the Presidential debate commission does put “rules” in place for the candidates participating, but these rules are commonly ignored.  The rules specify how long each candidate gets to respond to questions and each other’s answers – and in some instances the production includes a buzzer to tell them when their time is up.  If you have watched any of the earlier debates in this Presidential Election season, you already know that candidates talk over time and simply ignore the moderators requests to follow the debate rules.

Presidential debate rules also specify who can participate based on the first debate – and perhaps others.  This leaves us with a Clinton vs. Trump Presidential Debate schedule headed into the final weeks before Election day 2016.  We’ve already seen from the primaries, neither one of these candidates likes to follow the Presidential debate rules.

We can expect both Clinton and Trump to ignore debate timers, and to talk over both each other and the moderator several times during the debates.  Why do the candidates talk over each other in Presidential Debates despite the rules?  In most cases, this move is not necessarily to make a great point on important political issues, but instead to assert dominance over their opponent in a show of force.  Would it change your opinion of the candidate if they followed the Presidential debate rules instead?

Is it the moderators fault that the candidates end up ignoring the Presidential Debate rules and talk over each other?  Not necessarily.  The moderators for Presidential Debates tend to remind the candidates of the rules, but not enforce them strictly.  This is because they don’t want to upstage a candidate, or have the candidate publicly scold them in an effort to show authority on a national stage.  Candidates are expected to behave “Presidential” during the first part of the 2016 debates, but you can expect the gloves to come off before the final round is over.

Despite the fact that Presidential Debates don’t change minds, the 2016 televised battles are expected to be among the highest watched events of all time.  In true American fashion, this Presidential Election has become more about entertainment than policy.  Despite this, there is still a very real election just around the corner, and voters want to get more involved – starting with the Presidential debates.  That’s why so many people have been taking part in Presidential Polls online – and will be voting during debates live!

You can take part during the debate by voting in Presidential Polls, and the best part is that there are no rules!  Unlike the debates our Presidential election poll has no rules – anyone can vote online regardless of Age, Race, Ethnicity, Sexual Preference, Citizenship, Criminal History – Anyone!  All you have to do to vote in our Presidential Poll during the debate is click to select your candidate, verify your ballot, and see who is currently winning the race!

Voting App

Voting for the President is much more difficult than it needs to be.  Yes, there are security concerns about electronic voting, or being able to vote for President online – but imagine being able to cast your ballot for President on a voting app.  A Presidential Election voting app that allowed registered users to vote online or via smartphone would revolutionize the entire process.  The domino effect that an official Presidential voting app would have on the entire election process may be the real reason we can’t yet vote online for President.

A voting app would make it much easier for people to cast their ballot for President on election day, which would improve voter turnout significantly.  Herein lies the problem.  By increasing voter turnout, the focus on the popular vote vs. electoral vote comes to the forefront, and more Americans are educated on the voting process.  The truth is that the electoral college can overrule the popular vote in any state – leaving the outcome of the election to a very small number of people – electoral delegates.

The long term effect of a voting app could actually be lower voter turnout numbers.  After voting for President, and realizing that popular votes don’t determine who will win the election, registered voters are more likely to become disenfranchised and avoid the election moving forward.  Perhaps the entire election process needs an overhaul?

The truth is that before we can us a voting app in a Presidential Election, we will need to focus on getting rid of the electoral college.  The electoral college is antiquated and no longer relevant with major media.  When news coverage was not as prominent, and even before presidential debates were televised, the electoral college was necessary – as most voters didn’t have enough information to make an informed decision.  Obviously, the Presidential now gets lots of new coverage, and debates are among the most watched televised events every four years.

The chicken or the egg?  The voting app or getting rid of the electoral college?  The two go hand in hand, but nobody knows which will lead the other.  If you believe that the popular vote should determine who wins the Presidential election, we encourage you to take part in the largest Presidential poll online – it’s here!

It’s not quite a voting app, but we do have the best Presidential Online Poll on the entire internet.  With over 500,000 votes counted already, and millions more expected – our Presidential election poll online is the biggest that you will find anywhere.  You can take our poll for President online now, and see who is currently winning the race up until official election results are available in November.

How to Become an Electoral College Member

Just as it does every four years, the debate over the electoral voting process has returned.  As it currently stands, members of the electoral college cast official votes for President that will determine the outcome of the election – while the popular vote does not.  This means that individual votes from people like you or me, don’t actually go towards determining who will be the next President of the United States.  This system has been in place for hundreds of years, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere – so instead people who really want a say in the Presidential election start to wonder how to become an electoral college member.

There are just 538 electoral college members in the United States – 435 state Representatives, 100 senators and 3 electors for the District of Columbia.  Because of this, candidates need 270 total electoral votes to secure the Presidential election victory.  These electoral college members were elected to office in local elections where the popular vote determined who would win.  For most electoral college members, politics is a career long journey with no single path to election.

Becoming a member of the electoral college is a high honor, and gives these individuals an enormous amount of power in Presidential elections.  In most cases, electoral college members represent the people of the community that elected them and choose to vote for the popular vote candidate in that area – but this is not always the case.  Electoral college members can vote for any candidate, regardless of popular vote results in their designated region.

Members of the electoral college don’t vote for President on the same day as the general election for the popular vote.  While a winner is typically declared on or just after election day, the Electoral College doesn’t actually vote until the Monday after the second Wednesday in December.  Confusing?  Perhaps it’s meant to be.  This is why most people are confused with how the electoral college member and voting system even works.

Now that you know how to become an electoral college member – do you want to spend years in politics just so that your vote for the President will count more than others?  We agree that the electoral voting process is outdated, but also understand that the process to abolish the college itself would be long and arduous.  Voting for the President should be simple – easy, and online!

The electoral college and voting process is complicated and confusing – what America needs is simple online voting for the President instead!  Our website voting poll has collected over a half million votes already, and you can take part in polling now!  Cast your ballot for the President online today to see who is currently winning the race for the White House in 2016!

Reasons Not to Vote

Voting for President can be a hassle, and in a “lesser of two evils” election, many qualified citizens are finding reasons not to vote.  The are many different reasons why people don’t vote for President in elections, but 2016 has given these non-voters more motive to stay home on election day than ever before.  Many people would argue that voting is a right, privilege, and civic duty that we as Americans should not take for granted, but the arguments supporting reasons not to vote make a lot of sense too.

Choosing not to vote for the President isn’t at all new.  In the most recent election, approximately 92 Million qualified voters stayed home instead of registering and voting for the President.  Voter turnout will play an important role in the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election, and those who support reasons not to vote will be under more scrutiny than ever before.  We want to be the first to say that it’s OK if you decide not to vote for the President in 2016.

There are many reasons not to vote in 2016 being mentioned by social media, major media, and even the candidates themselves.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are among the least liked Presidential Candidates of all time, with the highest unfavorability ratings ever seen.  The majority of American’s don’t actually like or trust either Clinton or Trump, meaning that the majority of votes will actually be opposing, rather than supporting one of the candidates.  If you don’t believe that either candidate would make a good President, that is certainly a good reason not to vote in 2016.

Millions will vote for a President that they don’t necessarily believe in this year, simply to oppose Clinton or Trump, because they believe that it’s their “right.”  Yes, qualifying Americans have the option to vote in Presidential elections, but the truth is that the electoral delegates that elect the President , something that many voters don’t fully understand.  This many be the most justified reason not to vote for President.

If you’re still looking for other reasons not to vote in the 2016 election for President, we can certainly help.  Actually voting in person on election day can be very time consuming, and confusing depending on where you live.  As a matter of fact, unless you are take Presidential polls online here !

You can’t find any reasons not to vote for President in our online election poll though.  It’s fast, easy, free and your vote counts just about as much here as it does in the general election.  This way, you can still participate by submitting a mock ballot online, without wasting your time or effort on election day.  There is one last reason not to vote for President though…

If you vote for a President that you don’t actually support, and then they do things in office that you don’t condone – other’s will still say that your vote was responsible for that action.  Voting for President should be to support, not oppose a candidate.

Popular Vote in 2016

As both candidates continue to act more like children, the Presidential election begins to more like a popularity contest, but don’t worry, the Popular Vote in 2016 won’t determine who will become the next President of the United States.  Name calling and attack ads between the Clinton and Trump campaigns are meant to sway the popular vote in 2016, but they both know that it’s not the “voice of the people” who have the power to help them win the Presidential election.  Despite this, the candidates and most voters will remain fixated on the 2016 Popular Vote results when they should be paying attention to the members of the electoral college.

The popular vote in 2016 could still go either way – as Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton polling numbers show that the two candidates are still very close going into the election.  Some political experts would even argue that Trump is likely to see a surge of voters on election day.  Republicans are stereotypically older & live in more rural locations – making it difficult for them to participate in Presidential polling prior to the election.  This difference could give Donald Trump an advantage in the popular vote in 2016.  None of this will matter if the electoral vote doesn’t reflect the popular vote – and it doesn’t have to.

Career politicians, also known as “the political establishment” have the final say in which candidate will win the 2016 election – and many of these people have sworn to vote against Donald Trump at any cost.  This means even if Donald Trump wins the 2016 popular vote in some areas, the electoral representative from that region could cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton instead.

In case you don’t remember from your presidential election lesson plans in school, the electoral college is able to act independently from the general election, and does not have to vote the same way as the popular vote.  While the individuals in the electoral college are supposed to represent the people of their state, they do have the right to vote however they deem most appropriate.  In most cases the electoral college agrees with the popular vote, but as recently as 2004 we saw discrepancies between the two when Florida went against the people’s choice.

We could see the same type of occurrence this year too.  The 2016 popular vote results could favor either Trump or Clinton, but the electoral college may step in to make sure that “The Donald” doesn’t become the next President – and that we put a career politician in the most powerful position in the country.  Potential backlash from Republican voters could be overwhelming.  Getting too serious?  Let’s have some fun instead…

As you’ve gathered, this site is all about people being able to vote for the President online. You can participate in election voting for 2016 in our mock poll for free!  Anyone can vote online in this election poll, and show the world who they think should be the next President of the United States.  Essentially, it’s like the internet popular vote for 2016, with millions of votes expected by election day!  Vote now!

Election Day Polls

Every political survey and election poll up until this point doesn’t matter anymore.  The only thing that matters at this point, are the election day polls – and where the candidate polling numbers end up at the end of the race.  This Presidential race has been more like a marathon than a 5K, with both Clinton and Trump leading at different points throughout.  Election day polls will determine who will actually win the Presidential Election in 2016, and much like any good contest, you can’t count the second place candidate out just yet.

Election day polls will start to be released on the morning of November 8th, and continue to be updated throughout the day.  At the same time, major media will be reporting on the predictions of who will win the election, and following any other last minute Presidential campaign stories that are bound to come up.  Presidential polls on election day won’t necessarily reflect the voting results, but are more likely to align with the outcome than at any other point during this campaign.

Many people who have found Voting online in Presidential Polls on election day 2016 may be the best way to spend the historic day.

You can practice voting in our mock Presidential election online between now and November 8th, 2016.  Our election day poll for President numbers will have in excess of 1 Million votes tallied, and some political experts believe it will provide an accurate prediction of who could win.  Our online poll is independent, unbiased and unscientific, but with so many votes counted our sample size is among the highest of any site on the web.

When election day polls open on 11/8/16, millions of Americans will be fixated on their local and national tv stations.  Just waiting for the first glimpse of actual election results.  What many don’t understand is that the general vote is essentially just a large, semi-organized election day poll, because the ballot count does not determine who will become the next President of the United States.  Have you forgotten about the Electoral College?

The nation will be watching election day poll results on November 8th, while actually waiting to see how the Electoral College will vote on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December.  That’s right, the official vote for President doesn’t actually occur until over a month after election day.  Now you can see why taking Presidential polls online might make more sense than voting on election day anyway.


2016 Presidential Election

Most of our articles and information related to the 2016 Presidential election has been independent, and unbiased – focused on facts while allowing our users to vote online for the President in one of the largest polling sites in the world.  There is no reason for us to choose sides, or announce a particular candidate that we support because we just appreciate the sheer entertainment that has been the 2016 Presidential Election race.  With the finish line in sight, it’s difficult to imagine that in just one month’s time the election will have come and gone.  What will be shown on the nightly news?  Why will we argue with close friends on social media?  The American people will simply have to go back to their normal lives once the 2016 Presidential Election is over.

The 2016 Presidential Election has caused a media circus among news outlets, and coverage of the race has been more intense than in any previous cycle.  Do you even remember what your local or national news would cover before the primaries began way back in the beginning of the year?  Nightly updates of the latest results for Clinton vs. Trump polls have become the norm, and almost almost all other stories are at least related to politics and the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election.

who to vote for in the 2016 Presidential election, but most people have already made up their minds.

Over the next several weeks, you will hear a lot about the influence that both drop out of the race.

The truth is that whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 Presidential Election is unrelated to the current polling numbers – or even who you vote for on election day.  Many people think that electoral voting process.  Others believe that voting is a right, and duty as an American – even if their vote only counts for the other elections on the ticket in 2016.

If you’ve never done it before, voting on election day is an experience that every American should take part in – at least once!  The 2016 Presidential Election has the potential to be one of the most consequential of all time, so you should take part any way that you can this year.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

The electoral college and voting system is confusing enough – but do you know what the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is?  The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is an agreement among states to cast their respective electoral votes for whichever candidate wins the overall popular in a Presidential election.  The compact is not in effect however, unless the candidate that won the popular vote doesn’t already have enough electoral votes to win the election.  Here’s an example…

If Donald Trump wins the election by way of the electoral college, but gets less of the popular vote than Hillary Clinton – the states in the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would give all of their votes to Hillary Clinton.  This is done to ensure that the popular vote actually determines the outcome of the election, but is not a complete failsafe.  If these states in the compact already voted for the popular vote winner, then there would be no change in the election result.

Just 10 states plus the District of Columbia have joined the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact since it was initially drafted in 2006.  There have been questions of legality as it relates to the Constitution, as the agreement goes directly against the initial checks and balances system of the electoral college.  This pact is considered by many politicians to be a stepping stone in the path to abolish the electoral college by amendment.

Only a small number of the total states have joined the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.  The following list of states in the NPVIC is expected to grow every election until it becomes obsolete:

This compact is relatively unknown by the American people who will participate in the electoral college system.

There are just 538 total electoral college votes that determine the result of Presidential Elections.  We think everybody should be able to vote for the President online, because it would be easy and increase voter turnout.  You can’t.  So instead, take part in our Presidential online poll for the 2016 election, where there are a lot more than 538 votes to go around.  With over 1 Million votes tallied already, we just may be the biggest Presidential poll online!

What are the Topics for the Final Debate?

The topics for the Final Debate before the 2016 Presidential Election have been announced.  A list of the official topics for the final debate can be found below, but we want to acknowledge right now – that the candidates will most likely speak about whichever issues they choose.  Unfortunately, the first two Presidential Debates in 2016 have shown us that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will determine what actually gets talked about on the debate stage – by avoiding answering questions with rehearsed monologues.

Final debate topics are meant to get voters and viewers excited for the live TV event in advance of Wednesday October 19th.  Touching on issues that are important to a variety of different voter groups and demographics that are likely to play important roles in the 2016 Presidential results.  The topics for the final debate are:

This list of topics for the final debate does not include specific questions that the candidates will be asked about these issues.  You can expect both candidates to prepare for both questions on these debate topics, as well as prepare for attacks from their opponents.  The truth is, that debates don’t change voters minds, so most American’s will be tuning in more for entertainment than politics.

The final Trump vs. Clinton debate will be like a political MMA match where the contenders will attempt to internally wound their opponent so that they gradually fade over the final 3 weeks of the 2016 campaign race.  The list of topics for the final debate should highlight the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates campaigns.  You can expect the Immigration topic to be focused on Donald Trump, while the Fitness to be President topic will be made to make voters wonder “Is Hillary Sick?

Both candidates will answer questions in a manner that leads you believe that they are talking to the real purpose of Presidential Debates is much more clever than you may assume, and may give you a different outlook on their answers during the final debate.

The people in the audience at the final Presidential debate in 2016 will be in for a treat.  With what may be the most watched debate of all time, the topics of the final debate will have some effect on the course of the evening.  During the debate, you can vote online for President in our mock poll – along with the millions of others who already have.  After you vote for President online you can see who is currently winning the election race according to our site visitors.

When is the Election

It may seem like a silly question to ask.  Most of the country has been fixated on the Presidential Campaign for the last year, but many people are still asking “When is the Election?”  The 2016 Presidential Election will be held on November 8th, but there is good reason that people are still don’t know the exact date.  While election day is on 11/8/16, the race certainly won’t be decided on that day – it’s taken a full year of rallies, debates, political attack ads and twitter wars to get to this point.  There is only a small percentage of undecided voters left, and with just a few weeks until the cast their ballot early.

On the other hand, some people asking “when is the election” are those who haven’t yet registered to vote for President.  Many first time voters simply don’t know can register to vote online, but you will need to check based on the state that you live in.

This 2016 election cycle has been a marathon of a race, and as we get closer to the final sprint we expect to see more claims of corruption, awful accusations and downright inappropriate name calling.  And we’ll enjoy every second of it.  But the last few days of coverage before the election that are sure to highlight “America’s Choice 2016” may be a bit misleading.

Once we’re within a week of November 8th, nobody will be wondering “When is the election” anymore.  TV coverage of the final few days before the 2016 election will be at an all time high, with 24 hour Presidential polling updates right up until they start to make predictions of which candidate will win.  We suggest watching several different networks throughout the day to get a range of opinions and predictions – but at the end of the day, all will likely be reporting the same Presidential election results.  CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NBC, CBS will all tell you the same thing – “______ Wins the 2016 Presidential Election.”

When the 2016 election is over, we will look back at this year of intense campaigning and likely gawk at the statements and highlights from the race.  Neither candidate is well liked by the American People as a whole, but the final Trump vs. Clinton election polls will determine a winner in what many consider to be a “lesser of two evils” choice.

Now that you know when the election is, it’s time to figure out how to vote for President.  We suggest practice vote for the 2016 election!