How to Become an Electoral College Member

Just as it does every four years, the debate over the electoral voting process has returned.  As it currently stands, members of the electoral college cast official votes for President that will determine the outcome of the election – while the popular vote does not.  This means that individual votes from people like you or me, don’t actually go towards determining who will be the next President of the United States.  This system has been in place for hundreds of years, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere – so instead people who really want a say in the Presidential election start to wonder how to become an electoral college member.

There are just 538 electoral college members in the United States – 435 state Representatives, 100 senators and 3 electors for the District of Columbia.  Because of this, candidates need 270 total electoral votes to secure the Presidential election victory.  These electoral college members were elected to office in local elections where the popular vote determined who would win.  For most electoral college members, politics is a career long journey with no single path to election.

Becoming a member of the electoral college is a high honor, and gives these individuals an enormous amount of power in Presidential elections.  In most cases, electoral college members represent the people of the community that elected them and choose to vote for the popular vote candidate in that area – but this is not always the case.  Electoral college members can vote for any candidate, regardless of popular vote results in their designated region.

Members of the electoral college don’t vote for President on the same day as the general election for the popular vote.  While a winner is typically declared on or just after election day, the Electoral College doesn’t actually vote until the Monday after the second Wednesday in December.  Confusing?  Perhaps it’s meant to be.  This is why most people are confused with how the electoral college member and voting system even works.

Now that you know how to become an electoral college member – do you want to spend years in politics just so that your vote for the President will count more than others?  We agree that the electoral voting process is outdated, but also understand that the process to abolish the college itself would be long and arduous.  Voting for the President should be simple – easy, and online!

The electoral college and voting process is complicated and confusing – what America needs is simple online voting for the President instead!  Our website voting poll has collected over a half million votes already, and you can take part in polling now!  Cast your ballot for the President online today to see who is currently winning the race for the White House in 2016!