Where Can You Vote

Election Day 2020 is coming fast, you need to find out where you can vote for the President!  After a long campaign, it’s likely that you’ve already registered to vote, and have determined who you should vote for in 2020 – but do you know where you can cast your ballot for President?  Local Polling websites can be confusing, so let us help…

Most counties have several voting locations on Election Day – often in local schools, or even in garages of the politically engaged.  Voting locations are often mailed to registered voters, and broadcast via local media, so finding where you can vote for President shouldn’t be a difficult task.  If you are having trouble finding polling near you, simply call your nearest city hall office and request information.

On Election Day, you will most likely end up waiting in long lines wherever you decide to vote.  Presidential election polling locations often have long waits due to the antiquated systems still in place from generations before ours.  One of the biggest disappointments is that voters still can’t vote for the President online in 2020.

After you Find Your Local Polling Location…

And park you car.  And wait in line.  And talk to the 3 people that you were hoping not to see that directly ask “Who did you vote for” – you can make your way back home to watch the news to see who will win the 2020 election.  Even with as close as political experts predict this election race to be, modern technology and voter modeling trends will allow the top media outlets to tell us who will be the next President by midnight on November 3rd.

Voting Counties Map

Most states will be determined prior to Election Day, but a few will hold out with their announcement of which candidate will win their electoral votes until the last minute.  These states are known as Battleground States, or Swing States, and will play the biggest role in this year’s election.

Living With the Winner

Regardless of which nominee wins the election, you will have to live with the outcome for the next four years.  Even those who threaten to move abroad will likely have their lives influenced by whomever wins the most powerful position in the world, as the long outstretching arms of the US economy continues to dominate the world market as a whole.  All of this is really heavy, but you can vote online for President now in just 30 seconds without any ramifications instead, should you choose.