How Many People Will Vote in the 2016 Election

The importance of strong, or weak voter turnout in Presidential Elections has become more prevalent in 2016 than ever before.  There are a number of factors that determine how many people will vote in the 2016 election, and voter turnout could decide who wins the Presidency.  Of course the candidates themselves, and their political platforms will help decide how many people will vote for President in 2016, but there are many other reasons why people will or will not vote this year.

The top two candidates, Donald Trump are among the most disliked potential Presidents of all time.  They both have unfavorability rankings above 50%, meaning that the majority of the country doesn’t like either of them.  While this scenario could lead to low voter turnout numbers in 2016, it’s likely to have the opposite effect.  Voters who dislike Donald more, will vote for Hillary by default.  Voters who dislike Clinton more, will vote for Trump.

Both candidates will make pleas to supporters during Presidential debates to encourage high voter turnout numbers – but this isn’t just about election day.  Early voting for President has become more popular than ever before, and the winner of the 2016 Election may be determined prior to November 8th because of this.  Most early voting takes place via the mail, and we expect the candidates to help voters cast their ballots prior to the election more easily in 2016.

Early voting and pleas from candidates won’t be the only factors in determining how many people will vote in the 2016 election.  Presidential Polls will also play a role in the number of people who vote in the election.  If the latest poll results show one candidate with a significant lead over the other, it’s likely that voter turnout would decrease for both sides.  If the polling numbers leading into election day are close, voter turnout will increase for both parties because people will think that their ballot matters more.

Unfortunately, the electoral votes by state.

Most registered voters aren’t able to vote online for the President, and do have to cast their ballot via mail or in person on Election Day.  Some experts think that voting for the President Online would increase voter turnout numbers significantly, and improve the importance of the Popular Vote vs. the electoral college.  Our Presidential Online Poll provides a glimpse into the future of voting, where you can cast you mock ballot online to see who is currently winning according to our site visitors.