Percentage of Undecided Voters

Most of us have known which candidate we will vote for President in 2016 since long before the National Conventions or even before the who to vote for President by this time of year simply don’t pay a factor in determining who will win.  This year’s election is different though, as undecided voters may be the key to winning the Presidency in 2016.

The percentage of undecided voters is at an all-time high in 2016, with reports as recent as June quoting 25% of people who have registered didn’t know who they were actually going to vote for.  That means that one out of every four votes could still go Red or Blue, Trump or Clinton – or Third Party?

Yes, many of the undecided voter population in the 2016 election are likely to vote for a Third Party candidate rather than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  With the dual party system candidates being untrusted and disliked by the majority of Americans, their unfavorability rankings have driven undecided voters to look for alternative candidate options.  Have you decided who you are voting for President in 2016?

There are several key factors to consider when going from being an undecided voter, to knowing who you plan to Vote for President on election day.  Becoming a “decided voter” rather than undecided voter in 2016 is more difficult than ever before, as many people are simply deciding who they want to vote against – rather than who they want to vote for.  The percentage of undecided voters in 2016 is at an all-time high, and is likely to become a focus for both the candidates and mainstream media in the weeks leading up to the election.

Will the undecided voter percentage at the highest level we’ve seen in recent history, this also means that American’s are doing more candidate research than ever before – and carefully considering their options when it comes to voting for the President.  This is the results of economic and racial disparities that are being felt across the entire country, with voters seeking other options for leadership in the United States.

Whether you have known which candidate you plan to vote for since the primaries, or are waiting until the Presidential debates to decide, you can take part in our 2016 Election Poll online today!  Even if you are one of the millions who make up the percentage of undecided voters, you an cast a mock ballot now – and come back later once you have decided who you will really be voting for President in 2016.  Perhaps our poll results will actually help you decide which candidate is best for you!