9 Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump in 2020

Published on 2020-09-28 16:53:00

If you haven't already voted by mail and are still trying to figure out which candidate to vote for, we'd like to help. Keeping up with Presidential Election News is a daunting task, but figuring out what is true vs. what is a lie has become easier than ever. If Donald Trump says something is true, it's probably false. If he calls it "fake news," it's probably accurate. If there is something in you that is still telling you not to vote for Joe Biden, but you're searching for reasons to vote for Donald Trump in 2020, we made you a list.

Vote For Donald Trump in 2020 If...

  1. You don't have a mother, daughter, wife or any female friends
  2. You grew up in a red state, have never left the country, but still proclaim "America is the greatest country in the universe!"
  3. You pay less than $750 per year in income taxes
  4. You think those killed in war combat are "losers" and/or "suckers"
  5. You think 200,000 people dead from Coronavirus isn't enough
  6. You still don't understand what Black Lives Matters is
  7. You like to leave your cart in the middle of the parking lot at the grocery store instead of returning it to cart corral
  8. You like to play dress up and carry your guns around to protect random businesses in other states
  9. You think that masks work from within your pocket or while being worn under your nose

Don't Vote for Donald Trump in 2020 If...

...you are a decent human being at all. It's hard to believe that anyone in this country would still even consider voting for a ractist, lying cheat a second time. The First mistake was bad enough. Joe Biden is the clear and obvious answer that this country needs in a first step towards reunification - although, are we really ever going to forgive any Trump supporters after he's out of office?