What is the Argument Against Mail In Voting?

Published on 2020-09-01 19:53:40

What Is the Argument Against Mail In Voting?

There's been quite a lot of dicussion about whether or not citizens should be able to vote for the president by mail in 2020. Each state has it's own voting system, so there is no universal YES or NO on whether or not you can vote by mail where you live. The theory that mail in voting leads to widespread voter fraud has been disproven by study after study on the topic. So, what is the argument against mail in voting then?

We sat down with our favorite Trump supporter to delve deeper into the logic on this one.

Vote For The President Online: So, why are you against mail in voting? 

Trump Supporter: Because it will lead to widespread voter fraud!

VFTPO: No, it won't, here is yet another study on mail in voter fraud that concludes it's so rare that it would be statistically insignificant in an election.

TS: But there have been reports of voter fraud in the news!

VFTPO: The same news you typically claim is fake? Different argument I guess. Yes, those reports of voter fraud are reported because the voter fraud was caught, and didn't work. It actually proves that our system works, and that voter fraud is caught before it's too late and has an impact on elections. So, why should Americans have to go to a physical polling location to cast their vote for President?

TS: Because that's the way it's always been done!

VFTPO: Well, that's simply not true.

TS: Yes it is!

VFTPO: For the first 50 years, people used to cast their votes by voice. Should we still do it this way?

TS: No, that's stupid!

VFTPO: Should we prevent women from voting?

TS: We got rid of that 100 years ago!

VFTPO: So, which voting tradition are you referring to that we should stick to?

TS: It's our American duty to vote. 

VFTPO: Well, only 58% did their American duty in 2016. Dont you think that mail-in voting would encourage more people to do their "American Duty?"

TS: But not like that? If I have to go vote in person, so does everyone else. 

VFTPO: Have you checked to see if you can vote by mail in your state?

TS: No! I never do research beyond listening to President Trump!

VFTPO: He doesn't do much research either.

TS: Fake news!

Which side do you agree with? Is the Trump supporter right that everyone should have to vote for the President in person? Or do you think that the logic wins this time? 

We think that everyone should be able to Vote For The President Online!