Democratic Debate Tonight, Thursday April 14 2016

Tonight’s Democratic Debate in New York almost didn’t happen.  Senator Bernie Sanders challenged Hillary clinton to debate in her “home state” prior to the New York Primaries in April.  After some back and forth and arguments over specific dates for the debate, the Democratic candidates agreed on Thursday April 14th.  The debate will be aired on CNN at 9PM Eastern, and is likely to be one of the most electric battles we’ve seen in the Sanders vs. Clinton war.

The 2016 Campaign trail has seen several previous debates between Bernie and Hillary, but the two candidates have “played nice” for the most part leading up to this point. Recent news of the Panama Papers has linked big government to big business corruption, which is more in-line with the Clinton establishment than Bernie’s Grassroots background. The problem with this topic being the center of a debate question tonight is that many American’s don’t understand the complexity or magnitude of the information.

Tonight’s debate is more likely to focus on the Verizon strike, where 36,000 employees went on strike starting yesterday.  To no surprise, Bernie Sanders immediately showed his support for the workers fighting for higher wages and better conditions – while Hillary Clinton actually received large donations from Verizon before joining the picket line.  Many political experts expect Bernie to touch on this point several times during tonight’s debate.

There are still many voters who have registered as Democrats that claim to be undecided going into the New York Primaries next Tuesday.  Former NY Senator Clinton was expected to win the state early on in the campaign, but Sanders has made up significant ground according to recent New York Primary Polls.  Bernie has an opportunity to complete the biggest upset victory of the 2016 Democratic Primaries if he is able to win tonight’s debate.

Other topics for tonight’s debate are likely to include recent activity at previous primary voting locations.  There have been issues with potential errors in vote counting in several states – most times weighing in Clinton’s favor.  Sanders will look to point this out, without sounding like he is complaining or whining.  It should be interesting to watch the dynamic between the two candidates in tonight’s debate.

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