What is the DemExit?

Hashtag Demexit.  #Demexit.  But what is the Demexit?  The Demexit movement is lead by a group of Democratic Delegates who are threatening to leave the party, and cast their votes for another candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election.  They are protesting Hillary Clinton because of the recent email leaks proving that her campaign colluded with the DNC to rig the primary elections.  These emails showed that the DNC favored Clinton over Sanders, and actively worked to sway voters to vote for Hillary unfairly.

The Demexit supporters are particularly offended because Bernie Sanders ran a very clean Presidential Campaign, and took in more money from individual donors than any candidate in history – despite never really having a chance to win.  This means that the $222 Million donated by supporters was for naught.  Sanders was taken advantage of the same corrupt political system that he rallied his supporters against.

But, if these democratic delegates decide to vote against Hillary Clinton, does that mean they are voting for Donald Trump?  Not necessarily, as other third-party candidates have started to gain attention in the wake of the DemExit movement.  Green Party Jill Stein are both giving independent voters hope that neither Hillary or Trump will win the 2016 Election.

Many political experts analyze votes for Third Parties to simply be votes that primary candidates will not receive.  What is the DemExit planning to achieve by leaving the party and voting for a candidate other than Hillary?  Could one of the third party Presidential candidates win the election?  Some think that the DemExit could inspire a nation to vote for one of the alternative candidates in 2016.

In order to be included in the First Presidential Debate, Johnson and / or Stein will need to command 15% in election polls nationwide.  For those who have not followed these other candidates, Gary Johnson is the alternate for Republicans to vote for instead of Trump, and Jill Stein represents the progressive Democrats who would have voted for Clinton otherwise.

Want to watch Democracy in action?  Follow the DemExit movement on Twitter with the hashtag, #demexit.  You will see tweets from politically charged activists who are trying to make their voice heard over the media and message of the primary candidates.  Stay tuned to see how the DemExit will influence the vote for President in 2016.