Election Night Party Ideas

Throwing a Presidential Election Night Party can be fun, but you need to have the right ideas to make sure all of your guests have a good time.  Celebrating the Presidential Election with a Party is an excellent idea – unlike most holiday’s that are celebrated annually, throwing a party that only happens once every four years adds a new level of excitement for everyone involved.  Because this is such a unique holiday party, many hosts are searching the internet for election night party ideas.

Themed parties always bring out the best in people, and there are a lot of things that you can do when throwing a Presidential election party to encourage your guests to participate in the fun.  We’ve created a short list of ideas for Election Night Parties that you can use and share with all of your politically minded friends.

Our list of election night party ideas includes fun foods & drinks, political games and Presidential parting gifts.  We encourage you to use these ideas for your Presidential election party, but also want to hear from you with other suggestions too!

Here is a short list of election night party ideas that you can use, or use to come up with your own for this year’s event.

The combination of party ideas above has the potential to create an explosive atmosphere – especially once the election results are announced.  Don’t forget to make sure that your guests get home safely on election night.  We recommend ensuring their safety by demanding everyone take an “Uber Black” ride back to their destination for the evening, while suggesting they pretend that their driver is in the secret service and that they just personally won the election themselves.

Don’t forget to make sure that everyone at the party participates by voting online in our Presidential Poll too.  Everyone can vote for President on their smartphone, and see who is currently winning in our poll all the way up until the election is over.  It’s never too late to cast your vote online in our mock poll – and is something all of your election night party guests will enjoy!