The Gun Control Debate and the 2016 Election

The gun control debate becomes a hot topic during every Presidential election, but we expect to see the conversation get louder in 2016.  Candidates will be facing questions regarding their stance on gun control laws leading up to the 2016 election, as many voters will use this topic to decide who they are voting for.  There are really two different topics in the gun control debate, and it’s important to understand the differences between them – as well as where the Presidential candidate stands on each.

Americans have always loved their guns, and the debate on gun laws and gun control has placed a large divide between two very different groups of people in this country.  Gun owners and supporters of the NRA have fought to allow private citizens to own almost any type of gun.  This has been justified with hunting, as well as the need to protect yourself and your family from government or private attacks.  The 2nd Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms.  In most cases, gun owners support the Republican Party Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

As media coverage becomes more instant and graphic, many American’s have sought bans on certain types of guns – and even guns all together, in an effort to end unnecessary violence.  While many stats show that gun deaths have decreased over time, 24 hour news coverage of mass killings has helped democrats gain support from voters to push measures that will limit access to certain types of guns.  In the debate on gun control, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has sided with party leaders to support stricter laws, limiting access to some guns for some citizens.

Unfortunate events like the one that occurred in San Bernardino, CA and Orlando, FL have influenced people who plan to vote for President in 2016 to choose Hillary because she is backing stricter gun control laws.  Trump had seen continued growth in Presidential polls until the gun control debate heated back up after the shooting at a Gay Nightclub killed 49 in Florida.

The gun control debate revolves around the AR-15, which is an easy-to-use and easy-to-get high powered rifle that has been used in some of the mass shootings in the United States.  The other side of the aisle argues that stricter gun control would only stop law abiding citizens from being able to obtain weapons – that terrorists and criminals would be the only ones left with guns instead.

The gun control debate is far from new, and far from over.  As Democrats continue to push bills and laws to restrict the types of guns that citizens can legally buy, Republicans will have to continue defending their stance as legally obtained guns continue to kill people.  The debate on gun control continues to influence who people will vote for President in the 2016 election, where Hillary Clinton and the democrats continue to lead in online polls.