Who Should Black People Vote For?

Candidates do their best to reach out to specific groups of people to gain their support, and votes in the 2016 Presidential Election.  One of the most important groups in the 2016 election are African Americans, but many are still wondering “Who Should Black People Vote for?”  Unfortunately, there is no clear choice candidate for black people in the 2016 election, as both Trump and Clinton have received a very negative reception from this all important group of voters.  Of course, not every black person will vote for the same candidate, but it’s likely that one of the two will receive the majority of support from the African American community – which could determine who wins the 2016 election.

Who black people should vote for isn’t clear in 2016 because both Clinton and Trump have alienated the community at points during their careers and campaigns.  Hillary Clinton has been linked to increased incarceration rates for African Americans during her time as First Lady in the 1990’s.  Donald Trump has been tied to former KKK member David Duke, and continues to alienate rather than include minorities in his plans for being President.

Black people should vote for the candidate who best represents their interests and needs as both individuals and a collective group, but neither candidate appears to fit that description.  So, who should black people vote for in 2016 if Trump and Clinton both aren’t a good choice?

There are large sections of the African American population that have vowed not to vote in the 2016 Election, because they don’t feel represented by either of the primary party candidates.  So, the question for many has changed from “Who Should Black People Vote for?” to “Should Black People Vote in 2016?”  Obviously there are two very different arguments for answering these questions.  Black people not voting in 2016 would make a statement, but also lack any influence over the outcome of the election.  Should black people vote for Clinton or Trump despite not truly supporting either candidate to help determine who wins they could be contributing to the current divide in America.

Both Clinton and Trump are making their cases for why black people should vote for them in 2016, and it will surely become a key topic during the First Presidential Debate.   Clinton represents the Democrats who have consistently won the majority of the African American vote in Presidential Elections, while Donald Trump is making the case against Hillary with his “what the hell do you have to lose?” pitch.

A simple answer to the question of who black people should vote for in 2016 can be found by taking part in our Presidential Poll online.  When you vote online, you can cast your ballot for the candidate of your choice and see who is currently winning in Presidential polls online.  With hundreds of thousands of votes already collected, the results may help you determine how important your vote could be in the 2016 United States Presidential Election.