Vote Online 2020

Published on 2020-10-31 23:46:52

It's been said before, but this year is different. The 2020 presidential election may be the most important not only in your lifetime, but in the history of the United States. Never before have we seen such division between political parties and their supporters, and depending on who wins the election in 2020, this country may be headed in the wrong direction for a long time to come. The last 4 years have been unlikely any other in our country's history. With Donald Trump as president, the United States has taken a much different stance in both foreign, and domestic affairs. Another 4 years could cement the United States current position in the eyes of the world for decades to come.

And most Americans agree that this isn't a good thing. 2020 Presidential election polls show Joe Biden beating Donald Trump in all of the states that matter most this year. Swing states like Michigan and Pennsylania where Trump won in 2016 are likely to turn blue in 2020. Even the traditionally Republican states of Texas and Florida have potential to go Democrat in this presidential election. While we encourage you to exercise your right to vote for the President in 2020, we also encourage you to vote online in 2020. 

Voting online for the President has never been easier than we've made it in 2020. Our mock online presidential election poll collected millions of votes over the last several presidential elections, and this year is no different. While it may not count for anything, you can still vote online for President in 2020 up through election day right here.

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Being able to vote online in 2020 would be such a convenient option, but there is no real way to do it. Despite living through the worst pandemic in a century, millions of Americans are still expected to go out to vote in person on election day this year. Think about it. You can file your taxes online, so why can't you vote online? Probably beacuse it's too easy. That's right, many politicans are afraid of making voting for the President too easy.

Which politicans would that be? Mostly republicans. There has been a long standing belief in presidential politics that high voter turn out results in democratic winners, while low turnout results in republican winners. Online voting in 2020 would lead to such high voter turnout that republicans wouldn't stand any chance of winning the election.

Who Do You Think Will Win?

Already voted for President by mail or in person during early voting? Show us who you think will win by voting online in our presidential election poll now. Join the tens of thousand of other votes already cast online for this year's winner today. One day, we hope that this easy method of voting online is available for official use in presidential elections as we move closer towards a system that focuses on the popular vote in the US.