Has Our Election Been Hacked?

Published on 2020-11-01 00:03:27

Election interference is very real and pervasive in the 2020 Presidential Race. Donald Trump has been warned by his own FBI that Russia is still actively trying to meddle in our elections and working to influence the outcome in 2020 again. While there has been no evidence of vote manipulation - meaning votes being changed - many experts are still worried about the possibilities of our elections being hacked at some point in the future. Could your vote be impacted?

Online voting presents a host of additional security threats to our elections, which is one of the primary reasons why our government doesn't allow us to vote officially in this manner. Our online election poll has security measures in place, but is still not entirely immune to hacking either. As a matter of fact, the example here that shows Donald Trump winning with 96% of the vote was the result of this site being hacked.

Why Anyone Would Vote for Donald Trump

While no user data was compromised, whoever has continually tried to hack the site has done so for one purpose - to put Donald Trump in the lead. We have seen no evidence of anyone trying to breach the website in order to add votes to Joe Biden or remove votes for Donald Trump. it's been completely one sided. While this doesn't come as a surprise, it should add to your concern.

Will Republicans Play By The Rules?

Trump has done everything he can to cause doubt in the voting process, and has even refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he does not win on several occassions. This rhetoric is amazingly dangerous and beyond unAmerican. The problem is that Republicans may continue to ignore the laws of this country while blindly supporting their president in order to avoid humiliation and political suicide. 

The other question therefore is - Will democrats enforce the rules? The answer remains to be seen. Over the last 4 years the democrats have proven to be too nice at every turn, letting Republicans get away with breaking precident and making up the rules as they go along. Should Biden be able to delivery the Presidential Election victory that many people expect, we will get answers to these questions very quickly.

The Trump Transition Out of the White House

There is no reason to expect that Trump's transition out of the White House won't be contorversial. Everything his administration has done from inauguration day 2016 through election day 2020 has been controversial and it may continue beyond Trump's term in office. We can only hope that the election isn't hacked to avoid any further confusion with the transfer of power in January 2020.