If the Election Were Held Today

Presidential polling gives us a snapshot of which candidate would receive the most votes, if the election were held today.  So, if the election were held today, who would win the Presidency – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?  That answer will vary depending on which election polling numbers you rely on – and that answer has changed several times, as presidential poll results have changed over time, showing both candidates ahead at certain points during the race.  All that really matters is winning the Presidential Race on Election Day 2016.

But if the election were held today, who would become the next President?  According to some polls, Hillary Clinton would win – while others still say that Donald Trump has the lead in the race.  So, which Presidential poll is the most accurate, and would be able to accurately predict who would win if the election were held today?

Some voters think that election polls from CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC and others are reliable sources for current results – but then why do they change so much?  Polling procedures and sample groups vary, so depending on who takes the Presidential Poll and when – the results will change.  In some cases major polls claiming accuracy have just a few hundred participants representing the entire nation.

According to our Presidential Online Poll, Donald Trump would would become the next President of the United States if the Election were held today.  But it’s not too late to see this results change prior to November 8th, 2016 – and we hope that you make your voice heard by taking part in our Presidential Poll online by voting now!

One of the reasons that Presidential Polls are so important, is because they can sway voter’s opinions based on the results.  Early polls help voters decide which candidates they will support based on who has a chance to with the Presidential Election, and polling results close to November will influence people to vote against the candidate they don’t want to win.

With hundreds of thousands of votes already, and millions expected by election day, our Presidential Poll is one of the largest in the world.  Rather than rely on a few hundred sample voters to show which candidate has the most support, we have created a Presidential Poll where anyone can vote online.  More voters means more complete results, and when you vote online you can see who would win if the election were held today.  Vote now and make up your own mind if our poll results predict who will win the 2016 Presidential Election.