Who is SE Cupp Voting For?

CNN Commentator SE Cupp has continued to gain popularity during the 2016 election season, and now voters want her to weigh in on which candidate they should vote for.  It’s no secret that SE Cupp is a Republican, as she has expressed her support for several of the GOP candidates throughout the race so far.  Cupp has also voice her strong opinions against Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton time and time again throughout the campaign.

Sarah Elizabeth Cupp has received attention for reasons other than her political views in recent months.  SE has been known to lean back in her chair and put her legs up on the desk from time to time – grabbing the attention of her male fans.  While many men consider SE Cupp “hot,” her focus really seems to be on the 2016 election polls.  It seems as though Cupp is dedicated to voting for whoever receives the republican nomination at the GOP convention in July.

This could even mean that Cupp will be voting for Donald Trump come election day 2016.  While she has vehemently defended the other candidates from Trump attacks, her loyalty lies with the GOP regardless of the nominee for the Presidential election.  While this is the predictions months out, this could all change should Trump continue to degrade women and women’s rights at his current pace.

We continue to see that many voters are heavily influenced by TV personalities such as SE Cupp – which is exactly what mainstream media wants from you.  Cupp and her fellow talking heads on CNN aim to influence voters by suggesting who they will vote for President in 2016 – they’re just as malleable as the candidates themselves, being bought by big business.

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There are many different factors that go into determining who you should for in 2016 – none of them include commentator candidate preference.  Real issue such as women’s rights, GBLT issues, religious freedoms, foreign policy and police brutality top the list of important topics during this year’s election, which many people continue to ignore.  Maybe you’re different, and have made up your mind of who you want to be the next President already.

On Election Day, 2016, you will be voting for the next President of the United States – for yourself, your family and even for SE Cupp.  While you may or may not trust the results in the popular election, you can trust the results from our online poll.  Vote for the President now by casting your ballot in our mock online poll and see who is currently winning according to our site visitors.