Washington Democratic Caucus Polls

The Washington State Democratic Caucuses take place on Saturday March 26th, 2016 – and have the potential to heavily influence the race for the nomination.  Senator Bernie Sanders leads in Washington Democratic Polls going into the Caucus with 188 delegates up for grabs.  He’s up against Hillary Clinton who is leading in the delegate count, but has recently seen momentum slow with Sanders getting big wins in Utah and Idaho earlier this week.

Washington Democratic Caucus Polls suggest Bernie Sanders will on Saturday, but there may be potential downside to him being ahead in polling numbers.  Sander’s supporters are urging democratic voters to make sure they participate at the Washington Democratic Caucus locations despite Bernie’s large lead – because they are afraid many may stay home assuming a big win.

Sander’s has already shown earlier in this election race that polls don’t always predict the outcome of the actual vote.  With some of the vote counts coming down to just a few hundred ballots between Sanders and Clinton, both candidates know how important it is to get voters out on a weekend.

All eyes will be on Washington Caucus Polling Locations on Saturday, after potential voter fraud in Arizona earlier this week.  With record voting turnouts possible, it’s important that election officials provide ample resources for the potential crowds.  Caucus polling location information in Washington should be provided by your registered party, and clearly marked on voting day.

If Democratic Caucus Polls in Washington match vote results, Hillary Clinton may be in position to lose her once assume role as the nomination in 2016.  Recent national polls show Sanders vs. Clinton being even, which is a “win” for the Bernie campaign who has made up a lot of political ground in the last several months.  While the Caucuses in Washington will be the primary focus of the party on Saturday, two other states will be voting as well.

On Election Day every four years, Hawaiians are typically in the position of casting a meaningless vote after mainland polls have already close and a Presidential winner announced.  Hawaii’s democratic caucus has the potential to influence the race for the White House before the nomination is even made.  Alaska also has Caucus voting on March 26 – with 20 delegates at stake.

Don’t get left out – you too can vote for president today in our mock online poll!  Happy voting!