Is Our Election Process Fair?

Our great nation has fought tirelessly to spread Democracy to the rest of the world, and continues to tell citizens “every vote counts.”  Most educated Americans know that every vote doesn’t count equally, and that big businesses essentially buy US Presidential elections.  Yet we still have so many people asking: Is our election process fair?

The answer to that question would have to depend on who you are and what you have to gain from it.  How is our election process fair when citizens don’t directly vote for the President?  One of the most misunderstood parts the presidential election process is the Electoral College and voting system.  It is the electoral college, not the popular vote that decides who will become the next President in US elections.

The number of electoral votes by state is one of the most scrutinized parts of the antiquated process in the United States.  Each state is assigned a specific number of electoral votes based on the population from the last Census and the delegates in control of these votes can choose to vote however they choose.  The electoral delegates do not have to vote with the popular vote in Presidential elections.  Are you still asking if our election process is fair?

Not everyone thinks that the Presidential election process is fair, but is it effective?  While the electoral college isn’t bound to vote with the citizens of their state, they do in most elections.  The election process can be effective if the candidate elected also wins the popular vote – but is it fair if the electoral college determine the President?  We don’t think so.

“I Voted” stickers should actually have subtext that says “and hope that the electoral college agrees with me.”  Unfortunately, many American’s aren’t even aware that their vote doesn’t go directly to the Presidential election, and that the voting process is more symbolic than it is effective.  There must be an easier way.

Given the fact that so many people question if our election process is fair, and the improvements in technology over recent years, it’s surprising that we still can’t Vote for President online rather than in person at polling locations.  Our mock online poll is free, and easy for anyone to vote online for the candidate of their choice.  This is only for practice, but we expect you to be able to vote online for President in the coming years.