Hillary Clinton Replacement

Although highly unlikely, there has recently been chatter of a potential Hillary Clinton Replacement as the democrats Presidential nominee.  This comes on the heels of questions regarding Clinton’s health, as more voters start to wonder “is Hillary Sick?”  Recent coughing fits started the conversation regarding potential replacement candidates for Hillary Clinton’s current position but those conversations became more serious after her fainting episode at the September 11th event.

Initial reports said that the candidate had overheated.  Secondary reports later announced that Clinton had been diagnoses with Pneumonia two days before the event – which is what lead to her latest health related incident.  While reasonable, the change of story is giving voters another reason to doubt Clinton’s honesty with the public.  There have also been more calls to have Hillary release medical records, which is likely to become the center of Trump’s attack in coming weeks.

Whether for actual health reasons, or because of the lack of trust from voters, many think that the possibility of a Hillary Clinton replacement is very real.  Potential Clinton replacements include Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Tim Kaine as potential Democratic Presidential nominees.  The likelihood of the DNC replacing Hillary Clinton with another candidate this late in the race seems slim, but any further negative attention on the candidate’s health may force them to make the switch.

If the DNC decides that a Hillary Clinton replacement is needed, the afore mentioned names are the top potential candidates.  Sanders supporters would welcome him back into the race with open arms, while Biden would provide security because of his time serving as Vice President.  Tim Kaine is likely a last choice in an already bad situation for the democratic party, as not many voters know much about him as a potential candidate for President.

The main question for the heads of the DNC is which candidates will bring out more people to Vote for President on election day?  High voter turnout improves the chances of a democratic victory in the 2016 Presidential election.  Because of this, party leaders are trying to determine how many people will vote in the 2016 Election, depending on who their official Presidential candidate is.  If the answer isn’t Hillary Clinton, then replacing her may actually be an option for the party.

As we inch closer to the 2016 Presidential Election, many voters are watching online polling results closely – to help them decide who to vote for President.  Some vote online for the President in our election poll.  Vote now to see if the candidate that you want to win the election is leading in our Presidential poll!