Voting App

Voting for the President is much more difficult than it needs to be.  Yes, there are security concerns about electronic voting, or being able to vote for President online – but imagine being able to cast your ballot for President on a voting app.  A Presidential Election voting app that allowed registered users to vote online or via smartphone would revolutionize the entire process.  The domino effect that an official Presidential voting app would have on the entire election process may be the real reason we can’t yet vote online for President.

A voting app would make it much easier for people to cast their ballot for President on election day, which would improve voter turnout significantly.  Herein lies the problem.  By increasing voter turnout, the focus on the popular vote vs. electoral vote comes to the forefront, and more Americans are educated on the voting process.  The truth is that the electoral college can overrule the popular vote in any state – leaving the outcome of the election to a very small number of people – electoral delegates.

The long term effect of a voting app could actually be lower voter turnout numbers.  After voting for President, and realizing that popular votes don’t determine who will win the election, registered voters are more likely to become disenfranchised and avoid the election moving forward.  Perhaps the entire election process needs an overhaul?

The truth is that before we can us a voting app in a Presidential Election, we will need to focus on getting rid of the electoral college.  The electoral college is antiquated and no longer relevant with major media.  When news coverage was not as prominent, and even before presidential debates were televised, the electoral college was necessary – as most voters didn’t have enough information to make an informed decision.  Obviously, the Presidential now gets lots of new coverage, and debates are among the most watched televised events every four years.

The chicken or the egg?  The voting app or getting rid of the electoral college?  The two go hand in hand, but nobody knows which will lead the other.  If you believe that the popular vote should determine who wins the Presidential election, we encourage you to take part in the largest Presidential poll online – it’s here!

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