Practice Voting

You only get a chance to vote for President once every four years, so it can be helpful to practice voting online before the election.  When we vote for President on Election Day, many voters feel pressure in the voting booth, and many even make mistakes casting their ballots.  While it’s unlikely that so many voters would make mistakes to cause a change in the election results, everyone wants to feel like they were able to take part in the voting process successfully.  This is why practice voting online prior to the election can help both first time voters, and long-time voters get comfortable prior to casting their official ballot.

There aren’t very many tools for people to practice voting for the President, but our online Presidential Poll has become one of the most useful on the internet.  Hundreds of thousands of votes have already been cast on our site, which is practice voting for anyone who plans to participate in the Presidential Election.  This practice vote can also be helpful for kids who are under 18 years old, and not yet eligible to take part in the 2016 election.

Practice Voting in our online Presidential poll can help you be more confident on election day, especially after seeing the debates don’t change minds, but current polling figures can make people vote who would otherwise stay home on election day.

You can cast your practice voting ballot online for the candidate who you want to win in our Third Party Candidate?  Taking the time to practice voting online will allow you to be more comfortable casing your ballot on election day 2016.

If you want to practice voting in a classroom or with friends, you can also register to vote for the 2016 election, and take part in the official vote process.

Just because you took part in our practice vote doesn’t mean that you will be perfect on election day.  Make sure to check with your local voting offices to find 2016 Presidential Election procedures for your specific area.  Different counties offer different types of voting machines and processes, and important to follow all instructions to properly cast your ballot for President.