Will Bernie Sanders Drop Out of the Race?

Bernie Sanders has said that he will not drop out of the race for President.  Despite mounting pressure from the left wing in an effort to build support for Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump in the vote for President come November – Sanders is not dropping out of the race.  There is speculation that by doing so, he may be damaging the potential of a democratic victory in the Presidential election, but many of his supporters believe there is much more behind Bernie’s conviction.

While mainstream media has people wondering “Did Bernie drop out of the race?” his loyal supporters are keeping close tabs on the Presidential Candidate.  Many believe that recent – and upcoming news about Hillary Clinton’s email server may prevent her from securing the nomination at the Democratic National Convention.  The content of those email messages continues to leak out, and some believe that the Sanders campaign may know that more damaging information is coming.

Sanders continues to speak out against presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, including specific attacks against his denial of global warming.  Many of the people who voted for Bernie during the primaries have vowed to the “Bernie or Bust” movement – meaning that if Sanders is not on the ballot in November, that they will not vote in the 2016 election.

The Hillary Clinton campaign has effectively claimed victory based on number of delegates and superdelegates that have pledged to vote for her in July.  While supporters vow only to vote for Bernie Sanders, many other’s are vowing only to vote against Hillary Clinton.  The same can be said for Donald Trump.  It appears that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate still (barely) in the race who has people voting for him, rather than against him.

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— NBC10 Philadelphia (@NBCPhiladelphia) June 17, 2016

If Sanders does take his campaign all the way to the Democratic National Convention, you can expect a media circus just as intense as Trump will create at the RNC. Sanders supporters are known to show up in droves, and could interrupt the DNC itself with protests. One thing can be said for sure, Bernie Sanders has left his mark on America – even if he does drop out of the race.

Until Bernie Sanders drops out of the race, we will keep allowing people to vote online for the senator from Vermont.  The 2016 Presidential race has been far from predictable, and anything can happen up until an official nomination is confirmed for the Democratic party.  If you still support Bernie Sanders for President, we encourage you to take part in our online Presidential poll today.