What if Trump Drops Out?

What if Trump Drops Out?  The 2016 Presidential Election might go from being the most exciting of all time – to the most boring in history very quickly.  There are rumors that Donald Trump may Drop Out of the Election, and that the GOP is urgently trying to find a potential replacement candidate to run against Hillary.  But what if Trump drops out of the race?  Will the Republicans have a chance at winning the election?

Donald Trump dropping out of the race wouldn’t come as a complete surprise to many voters who thought his candidacy was a joke to begin with.  In recent days, many other top Trump Campaign officials resigned from their positions supporting the Republican Nominee.  After nearly 12 months of questionably racist remarks, and shocking comments from Donald Trump – why would he drop out of the race now?

If Donald Trump drops out, it appears to be spurred on by his highly publicized ongoing argument with a Gold Star family who spoke at the DNC.  The back and forth between Trump and the man who offered Donald his copy of the United States Constitution has finally hurt Trump polling numbers, as Hillary surged directly following the DNC.

Donald Trump has many reasons to drop out of the Presidential Race – multi-million dollar companies to run, and of course, his ego.  The “America Never Wins Anymore” rhetoric won’t go very far for Trump if he see’s this campaign through to the election only to lose against Clinton.  By dropping out of the race now, Trump may be able to save some dignity after of the comments he has made.

What happens if Donald Trump drops out in the rest of the election?  Third Party Candidates are likely to receive more attention than previously expected from both voters and media outlets, but unlikely enough to overcome Hillary.

If Trump drops out of the race, who will be the replacement nominee for the Republican Party?  Previous candidates such as Mitt Romney will likely be mentioned, but we could even see Paul Ryan try to get on the Ballot for November.  Who do you plan on voting for  if Trump drops out?  Show us who you would choose by Voting for President online now.