Printable Election Ballot

Wouldn’t it be fun to participate in a mock Presidential Poll?  What if you could create your own mini-election with friends by printing election ballots, voting, and determining which candidate would win among your group?  Sure, printing ballots is a step in the opposite direction from allowing people to vote for the President online, but it can still be a fun activity for voters of all ages.  Printable election ballots are perfect for students too – a must have for teacher’s Presidential election lesson plans come this fall.

The truth is that printable election ballots for 2016 would actually make casting your vote for President easier than many of the current methods.  Unfortunately, many voting machines can be difficult to understand, and aren’t uniform from state to state – or even county to county.  Many machines are old and out of date, and printable election ballots would surely be more “voter friendly.”

Of course, there would be many security barriers for Printable Election Ballots to become an option in a Presidential Election.  Verifying votes from printed election ballots would be nearly impossible, which is the primary reason that this is not a current option in November 2016.  Instead, you can print ballots for President and make your own 2016 election!

Want to find out who your friends or family would elect for President in 2016?  These printable election ballots create a fun activity for groups of any size!  Just print the number of ballots you will need, cut as needed, and issue to all playing along in the mock vote.  Then, have all voters fold their election ballots so that other’s cannot see which candidate they selected, and collect them in a box.

You can then designate one “election official” to count the votes in front of the audience, so as to avoid any tampering or fraud.  Whichever candidate receives the most votes in your Presidential Election will be considered the winner for 2016.  While this process doesn’t follow the rules of the electoral college, it can be a fun activity – or end up causing arguments among friends who won’t see eye to eye.

Ready to hold your own election?  Print Presidential election ballots now!  Each sheet has 3 ballots, so you can cut them and easily share.  Don’t forget to tell us who wins the vote for President in your private election!  Click to print!

Don’t have enough friends to create your own election?  You can Vote for President in our Online Poll with the hundreds of thousands of others who have already participated!