Is Hillary Clinton Going to Jail?

Many democrats are wondering if Hillary Clinton is going to jail instead of the White House.  Of course, voters don’t want to cast their ballot for a candidate who could be arrested, rather than elected as the President of the United States.  Most Americans would rather save their Presidential vote for a candidate if who they know hasn’t done anything illegal, and isn’t likely to end up behind bars.  But why are so many people on the internet search for “is Hillary Clinton going to Jail?”

Hillary Clinton could go to jail if she is found guilty of crimes by the current FBI investigation into her private email server.  The content of emails sent to and from Clinton’s email server have been under investigation for months, as she was supposed to be using a secure address provided by the US State Department.  Instead, she set up her own internal email server which web security experts have proven to be hackable and less than secure.

Many of Clinton’s email have been identified as “top secret” – but Hillary claims that none of it had the emails were classified until long after those messages were exchanged.  Some of the information contained within the emails sent to and from the email server in question was classified retroactively, something Clinton could not have known would happen at the time.  This is a key element to the FBI investigation, and could be the crime that determines if Hillary Clinton is going to jail.

Clinton has fought very hard to become the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party in the 2016 US Presidential Election, but the FBI has the power to change those plans if they determine she did something illegal with her email server messages.  In her second campaign to become President of the United States, it would be a big disappointment for her team if Clinton was arrested instead of elected.

Despite this uncertainty, the DNC has continued to support Clinton as she tries to become the first female President in US history.  The second place candidate, Bernie Sanders, has vowed to remain in the Presidential Race until the Democratic National Convention, and many think that this may because he thinks that there is still a chance that Hillary Clinton will go to jail instead of the White House.

Could you imagine the leading Presidential Candidate being arrested just months before the general election?  The stability of the stock market and world economy could be in danger if the FBI decided that “yes” is the answer to “Is Hillary Clinton going to jail?”  When it comes to deciding who you should vote for President, you shouldn’t be worried about whether or not Hillary will be arrested and sense to jail – it’s highly unlikely.