2016 National Conventions

The 2016 National Conventions will determine which candidate from each political party will receive the official nomination in the Presidential Election.  There are separate national conventions for the Republicans and Democrats, where Clinton are expected to officially win the nominations for their respective political parties.    These political conventions set the stage for the remainder of the 2016 Presidential Campaigns until Election Day.  While the presumptive nominees ready for their victory speeches, both are holding their breath and looking over their shoulder for good reason.

Presumptive 2016 Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has seen polling numbers drop significantly since he became the only candidate left in the campaign race. Many are surprised that his recent comments are have driven voters away from his campaign, after many other earlier Trump quotes that have been labeled as racist, homophobic and rude.  On the other side, other’s expected Trump’s statements to eventually be his downfall, and simply believe that the other shoe is finally dropping.

Hillary Clinton is still expected to receive the nomination for President at the Democratic National Convention, but is still battling her email scandal.  The FBI has been investigating Clinton’s email server setup and messages for months, which is becoming a focus leading up to the 2016 National Conventions.

Date and location information for the 2016 National Conventions…

Location: Cleveland, OH

Dates: Monday July 18 – Thursday July 21

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Dates: Monday July 25 – Thursday July 28

who you should vote for President, we recommend waiting until after the 2016 National Conventions to take part in our poll.  Then again, you can vote for the President online now, and then come back to vote later too!  If politicians can change their mind, you can too.