Who Should Christians Vote for President in 2016?

Christian voters are having a difficult time deciding who they should vote for President in the 2016 Election.  Typically, Christians have had a clear choice of which candidate they should vote for based on their beliefs, but neither Trump or Clinton have political policies rooted deep in religious faith.  Both Presidential candidates support Planned Parenthood, which has always been at the center of the religious debate for Pro-Life Christians.  When it comes to who Christians should Vote for President in 2016 there are few key things to keep in mind.

Christians voting for Hillary Clinton are doing so mostly because they do not support Donald Trump.  Clinton does not have a particularly rich religious background, but in fact is Methodist.  While this does alienate some voters, it also has shown that she does have belief in a higher power.  Hillary has not been very vocal about her Methodist faith, as she knows that it will determine how some people will vote on Election Day 2016.

On the other hand, Christians voting Donald Trump for President are doing so mostly because they do not support Hillary Clinton.  Despite Trump supporting Pro-Choice based Planned Parenthood, his Republican position is enough to convince Christian voters that he is the best choice to vote for President.  His conservative take on many current political issues has gained the confidence of Christian voters that typically vote Republican in Presidential elections.

While a candidates religious faith alone certainly isn’t the determining factor in who will win the Presidential election, it does play a roll in determining the outcome.  Every single Republican candidate who was running besides Donald Trump had cited that “God told them to run,” but did not pray hard enough for a positive result.  Now, in the general election, Christian voters will back the candidate that they feel allows them to most freely express their religious faith.

Freedom of religious practice gives Christians the power to deny services and rights to others who do not agree with their stance on political issues.  As our country continues to become more progressive, Christians have become more scarce, but just as vocal as ever on certain topics.  Both sides of the aisle make strong arguments regarding the place in politics for faith, but everyone gets to Vote for the President.

Not everyone who believes in God can cast their ballot in the 2016 election – but they can vote for President in our online poll!  Regardless of faith, age, or voter registration history, you can participate in our online poll by choosing which candidate you think should win the election in 2016 now.

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