Debate Poll Voting

Political experts are predicting that this year’s Presidential Debates will be the most watched & highest rated of all time.  The top two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have been exchanging attacks for months, but during the debates they will get to do so face to face.  Democrats are counting on Hillary’s experience on the debate stage, while Republicans are hoping that Trump can bully his way to win the Presidential Debates by a landslide.  Viewers will be able to participate in the process more than in any previous election with debate poll voting available to everyone.

You’ve seen debate polls pop up in the corner of the screen on CNN or NBC in previous televised events, but there was never a way that you could actually vote too.  Most times, these debate poll voting results come from a very small group of sample voters handpicked by the network airing the event, so the outcome really doesn’t mean that much.  But if everyone could vote in debate polls online, more people would trust the results, right?

Rather than just watch the Presidential debate, you can latest polling results available!

Of course the Presidential Debates will feature Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton facing off for the first time during the election race – but will anyone else be debating against them?  While still unlikely, if enough people third party candidate is still holding high hopes for the 2016 Presidential Election, essentially betting that the two primary candidates will make each other look so bad that he will become the top choice to vote for President.

If the debate does become Trump vs. Clinton vs. Gary Johnson, many people will be hearing the Libertarian candidate speak for the first time – which may sway the opinion of some percentage of undecided voters.  This would likely benefit Hillary Clinton’s campaign, as Trump supporters are more likely to vote for Gary Johnson than lifelong democrats are.  This could change debate poll voting results, but only in smaller polls – not ours…

You don’t have to be in the debate audience, or even registered to vote for President – you can still vote during the debate online.  Our debate poll voting is a bit different than what you see on TV, because we show results from all of the votes during the campaign race to date so that you’ll get a better idea of who will win the Presidential election according to our site visitors.  Voting online takes less than 30 seconds and provides instant poll results when you verify your vote!