Green Party Convention

The Green Party Convention will be held in Houston, TX August 4-7, where DemExit movement, Jill Stein’s Green Party Convention won’t go unnoticed this year.

Jill Stein’s popularity has risen significantly over the last several weeks as a results of Sanders officially conceded the Democratic nomination to Clinton despite the latest political email scandal.  Sander’s supporters joined Stein in the streets of Philadelphia to in protest of a rigged primary election, and many Delegates have vowed to leave the party.  Some of those delegates plan to support Jill Stein at the Green Party Convention in Houston from Thursday to Sunday.

The Green National Party is expected to rally around Jill Stein and newly named VP candidate Ajamu Baraka.  Many democrats have announced their plans to vote for Jill Stein and the Green Party come Election Day 2016, so we can expect more news coverage of the Green Party Convention than in previous years.

Jill Stein is a physician, and the Green Party’s candidate for President in 2016.  She is arguably one of the most powerful women in politics, who is currently being overshadowed by Democratic Nominee, Hillary Clinton.  Clinton, and her Republican opponent, Donald Trump are two of the most disliked Presidential Candidates in history, which is driving more voters to Third Parties than ever before.

The Green Party Convention in Houston will feature speakers such as David Cobb, Howie Hawkins, Cornel West and others.  The theme of the convention will be “Houston, We Have a Solution,” and speakers are expected to discuss policy stances and agendas on behalf of the Third Party during the course of those 4 days.

The most recent Presidential Polls that include Jill Stein show her with 5% of the national vote.  These Jill Stein Polls will need to reach 15% in order for her be included in Vote for President in our poll online and see who is currently winning the race today.