2016 Presidential Election

Most of our articles and information related to the 2016 Presidential election has been independent, and unbiased – focused on facts while allowing our users to vote online for the President in one of the largest polling sites in the world.  There is no reason for us to choose sides, or announce a particular candidate that we support because we just appreciate the sheer entertainment that has been the 2016 Presidential Election race.  With the finish line in sight, it’s difficult to imagine that in just one month’s time the election will have come and gone.  What will be shown on the nightly news?  Why will we argue with close friends on social media?  The American people will simply have to go back to their normal lives once the 2016 Presidential Election is over.

The 2016 Presidential Election has caused a media circus among news outlets, and coverage of the race has been more intense than in any previous cycle.  Do you even remember what your local or national news would cover before the primaries began way back in the beginning of the year?  Nightly updates of the latest results for Clinton vs. Trump polls have become the norm, and almost almost all other stories are at least related to politics and the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election.

who to vote for in the 2016 Presidential election, but most people have already made up their minds.

Over the next several weeks, you will hear a lot about the influence that both drop out of the race.

The truth is that whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 Presidential Election is unrelated to the current polling numbers – or even who you vote for on election day.  Many people think that electoral voting process.  Others believe that voting is a right, and duty as an American – even if their vote only counts for the other elections on the ticket in 2016.

If you’ve never done it before, voting on election day is an experience that every American should take part in – at least once!  The 2016 Presidential Election has the potential to be one of the most consequential of all time, so you should take part any way that you can this year.