Joe Biden vs. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Presidential Nomination

Published on 2020-03-04 16:19:49

The 2020 democratic nomination has come down to Joe Biden vs. Bernie Sanders. Joe vs. Bernie? Biden vs. Sanders? ... we prefer "Biden vs. Bernie," personally. No matter how you line them up, this is going to be a presidential nomination race for the ages. In the end, it's going to come down to who the party thinks can beat Donald Trump in this year's election.

Can Joe Biden's middle of the road, establishment background win him votes from those that Trump has alienated? Or does Bernie Sanders have a better shot at beating Trump because he'll bring out the young voters? Even with all of the polls and studies and models and maps laid out on the table, it's impossible to tell which candidate has a better chance to win against Trump this fall. Many Americans are still undecided on who they should vote for, and will end up being influenced by the millions of dollars in campaign promotion that will bombard every media channel for months to come.

Biden vs. Bernie will end up being one of the most interesting primary races ever seen. Both candidates are in this to defeat the incumbent, President Trump, more than in any previous similar election. For the good of the party, both will need to remain somewhat civil, while still making their case for why they deserve more delegate support than the other. Here are their argruments...

Biden vs. Bernie on the issues that matter most to voters

Don't know who you want to vote for yet? Now is the time to get up to speed on where the candidates stand on issues that matter most to you. Bernie Sanders has unquestionably been the more consistent of the two candidates, still promotion the same political positions he's had since the 1960s. Sanders is a self proclaimed democratic socialist, a term that has scared away many less educated voters who don't understand the differences between democratic socialism and communism. Bernie is well positioned as a candidate of the people, which is a stark contrast from his rival Joe Biden.

Biden is the establishment candidate, known best for his previous experience as Vice President under Barack Obama. While this experience helps gain the confidence of voters, it also comes with some issues. Previous controversial statements, positions and policies where Biden has since changed his rhetoric show a lack of consistency.

The Democratic Nominee vs. Donald Trump

There is no question that both Biden and Bernie are more fit for office than Donald, but there is still a good chance that Trump wins yet again in 2020. If the democratic national party decides to remain devided rather than rallying behind a "Super Ticket" - perhaps one with both Biden and Bernie on it together, gaining full endorsement from their constituents. Already know who you're going to vote for in 2020? Get all the voting info you need here!