The Iowa Caucuses Are Stupid

Published on 2020-02-04 16:58:25

Hopefully 2020 will be the last year of the Iowa Caucuses. This "tradition" to kick off the Presidential Election voting season only started in 1972, and has no place in modern society. Humans counting humans in corners of gymnasiums is embarrassing to the country, and extremely ineffective. Not only is the Iowa Caucus voting process too long and antiquated, but only about 16% of potential voters even participate in the event. We knew this going into the night of the 2020 Iowa Caucus, and it was proved with the lack of an immediate winner; The Iowa Caucuses Are Stupid.

There were problems reported before the Iowa Caucus even started this year. Many of the locations throughout the state of Iowa did not have enough "Preference Cards" available, while others had far too many. These "preference cards" are the equivalent to paper ballots in a real election, and defeat the need of standing in corners of gyms throughout the state.  Despite all of these reasons why the Iowa Caucuses are stupid, many Iowans still support their "tradition."

Their argument is that the Caucus process in Iowa allows for members of the community to influence the votes of others. This comes not only by seeing who your neighbors, friends and local outcasts are voting for, but also because they get to have them directly try to recruit your vote for their preferred presidential candidate. Unfortunately, some of them do not fully research their candidate and opponents to make an educated choice.

Homophobic caucus goer finds out Pete is gay after committing to caucus for him from r/PublicFreakout

The One Good Thing About the Iowa Caucus

There is one good thing about the Iowa Caucus that the rest of the voting system could really build on. Ranked voting allows people to make a first and second choice when casting their ballot, or "preference card." This allows people to still support the candidate that they truly like, but has no realistic chance of winning the Presidential Election while then allowing their vote to be used by a second candidate that has enough support to compete in the general election. Unfortunately, ranked voting isn't part of the Presidential Election process and only applies to these early caucus votes.

The 2020 Iowa Caucus has this Presidential Election season off to an embarrassing start, and democrats need to re-organize quickly if they want to beat Donald Trump in November. While final results for the Iowa Caucus still aren't in the morning after manual head counts across the state, early results appear to show the most support for Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, followed by Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. Who should you vote for in the 2020 election?

Vote for the President Online

While an app is getting part of the blame for the Iowa Caucus confusion, you can still vote for the president online in our mock online poll. No, your vote won't actually count towards the 2020 presidential election, but it's much faster than standing in the corner of a high school gym to Caucus for your preferred candidate. Our online presidential poll had over 500,000 votes in 2016, and we expect even more in 2020! Take part in this mock online poll for the Presidential election today!