Confirm Voter Registration

There is a whole list of different ways that you can register to vote in 2016, and many citizens are registered by default through their DMV or other government agency.  Some election day 2016.  There are a number of different things that could go wrong with your registration, and by confirming that your information is correct now – you can avoid having problems voting later.

Most people don’t know how to confirm their voter registration, but the process is typically very simple.  In most states, voters can verify registration or check to make sure they’re registered to vote online.  You can typically check your voter registration status with the last 4 digits of your social security number, and driver’s license number / registration address.

If confirming voter registration online in your state is not easy, not an option, or you simply aren’t a computer person – you can do so in person.  Of course voter office locations will vary, but you can typically check with your local city hall to find out where you need to go to confirm voter registration prior to the 2016 Presidential Election.

When checking your voter registration, be sure to make sure that your address, political affiliation and spelling of your name are all correct.  Verify any additional information for consistency, and report any voter registration errors to your local election officials immediately.  Checking your voter registration thoroughly can help you avoid any delays in voting on election day.

It can also be helpful to remind friends and family (who are voting for your preferred candidate) to confirm their voter registration details early as well.  The more people that you can get to vote for the candidate you want to win the election, the more likely they will win the popular vote.

We encourage everyone who verifies voter registration to also vote online in our Presidential Poll!  You don’t even need to be registered to vote online today!  Everyone can participate – and you will join over a 1/2 million other votes when you take part in our Poll for President today.  Think of it as just another step in the voting process for 2016.