New York Primary Polls

In every election year, there are certain states that end up carrying more weight than the rest.  In the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primaries, that state is New York.  New York Primary Polls for the Democrats have gone back and forth – with Former Secretary Hillary Clinton leading early in the race, but Senator Bernie Sanders has gained momentum and made up significant ground.  In some of the most recent Polls for the Democratic Primary in New York, Bernie Sanders actually edges out Clinton – a state where she once expected to win by a landslide.

Both candidates have done their best to establish themselves as New Yorkers – and both do have very real ties to the Empire State.  Bernie Sanders grew up in New York – while Hillary Clinton held public office in the state.  Clinton’s ties to New York are more recent, as her time in the Senate was from 2001 to 2009.  Bernie Sanders’ can claim that he spent his formative years, growing up in New York – making him more of a New Yorker than Clinton, and the recent polling results seem to confirm.

New York Primary Polls have fluctuated so much in the months leading up to the April 19 vote that it’s difficult to rely on their results.  Going into the New York Primaries, Sanders has won 8 straight states over Clinton, with Wisconsin and Wyoming already in April.  This momentum may help carry him to a victory in the 2016 New York Primaries.

If the recent poll results for the New York Primary race aren’t reliable – how can we determine who will win on April 19th?  There will be a very important Democratic Debate on Thursday April 14th in New York between the two candidates competing for every last primary vote.  The recent break of information from the “Panama Papers” showing big money corruption mixed with Politics on an international scale will certainly be one of the main topics during the debate.

Bernie Sanders will continue with his rhetoric that Hillary Clinton is from “the establishment” and do his best to align her position and history with the corruption described in the Panama Papers.  Clinton will be attacking Sanders’ socialist policies and grand ideas with what she believes is a more realistic approach to governing the United States.

The New York Primary Poll Results will continue to be updated by your mainstream media outlets, but you too can take part by voting for the President online today.  Our site allows anyone to vote – regardless of age, location, criminal history or political preference.  With one click of a button you can cast your vote for who you want to win the 2016 Election, and see how tens of thousands of other’s have voted as well.  Happy voting!