Write In Candidates

A choice of the lesser of two evils.  A rigged two party political system.  Whatever your reason – you want to vote for a candidate other than Third Party Candidates that have become a more viable option in 2016 than ever before.  Write-in candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election will receive more votes than ever before based on the current political landscape.  While there isn’t any chance of a write-in candidate winning the 2016 Election, you can still have an impact by casting your ballot for someone not included on the official ballot.

Write In Candidates have always been a part of Presidential Elections, and some have received tens of thousands of votes.  These candidates aren’t included as a primary selection on Presidential election ballots, so voters must actually handwrite in the name of the person that they want to vote for President.  These could include your favorite sports star, like Tom Brady, A-List Actor like Morgan Freeman – but many people vote for themselves with the write in option included on ballots.  But, is it a bad idea to vote for yourself?

Most campaign managers and politicians would argue that you shouldn’t vote for yourself as a write in candidate.  You will only receive a single vote, which doesn’t benefit anyone at all.  It doesn’t even really make a political statement.  So, who are the write in candidates that will receive more than just a single vote in 2016?

There are several candidates who aren’t on the ballot that will still receive a number of write in votes in 2016.  Bernie Sanders, Gary Johnson and Deez Nuts are all expected to collect notable numbers of write in votes during this year’s election.  While you may be familiar with the majority of those Third Party Candidates, you may not have heard about Deez’s Nuts Presidential Poll numbers.

Deez Nuts went viral when he announced that he was running for President as a write-in candidate.  Unfortunately, despite Nuts Presidential Polling figures, he is under age and therefore unqualified to become the next President of the United States.  That certainly won’t stop people from voting for him though.  Do you think that writing in candidates should be an option on Presidential election ballots?

Write in Candidates can make for fun news stories, but they have very little impact on the outcome of the Presidential Election Results.  If you’re like most people, you already know Vote Online for the President in our mock poll today.  You won’t see Tom Brady, David Ortiz or Deez Nuts polling on our site, but you can see how the major candidates are doing against each other right now.