2020 Super Tuesday Early Voting Debacle

Published on 2020-03-02 17:32:57

What a mess. "Vote early" said the democrats. "Vote for me" said Mayor Pete. 

And then Mayor Pete dropped out of the race, suspending his Presidential campaign two days before the official Super Tuesday vote for the democratic primaries. So, what happens to the potentially millions of early votes cast for Pete Buttigieg in Super Tuesday states? Nothing. They're wasted votes. 

People who voted for Pete Buttigieg or Tom Steyer are out of luck. There is no opportunity to go back and recast your ballot for a candidate who is still vying for the presidential nomination. Yet another way that the United States voting system has failed so many Americans. This is yet another reason why so many political activists are fighting for ranked choice voting.

Ranked choice voting is a better voting system, wherein voters can make selections for their top several preferences. In this case, ranked choice voting would have allowed voters to select Mayor Pete as their primary choice, with Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden as their second and third selections - allowing their vote to now be cast for their second preference. With the current system, your the second preference for your vote is the trash can.

Why Ranked Choice Voting Still Won't Happen

With yet another example of how our archaic voting system as failed so many citizens in the 2020 Super Tuesday Early Voting Debacle, we can still can't expect the government to make any changes to solve this issue. And there is a good reason for that. They don't want to fix this "problem" because it would effect the rest of the presidential voting process.

Ranked choice voting still won't happen, because that would mean that the emphasis would be on the popular vote in a presidential election. Instead, it's much easier for the US government to continue with the electoral college, which does not accurately represent the popular opinion. Keep in mind, the electoral college was established during a period when the average citizen simply didn't have enough knoweldge about each candidate to make an educated vote. Long before we had multiple televised debates watched by millions of Americans, a twitter account for every government official, and news organizations deliverying 24 hour coverage of every canddiate.

What To Do If Your Vote Didn't Count

Are you a victim of the 2020 Super Tuesday Early Voting Debacle? We have a solution for you. In less time than it took you to fill out your pointless ballot, you can cast your pointless vote in our mock online poll for the 2020 presidential election. Go ahead, vote for the president online here, and see who is currently winning the race according to our poll.