When is the Election

It may seem like a silly question to ask.  Most of the country has been fixated on the Presidential Campaign for the last year, but many people are still asking “When is the Election?”  The 2016 Presidential Election will be held on November 8th, but there is good reason that people are still don’t know the exact date.  While election day is on 11/8/16, the race certainly won’t be decided on that day – it’s taken a full year of rallies, debates, political attack ads and twitter wars to get to this point.  There is only a small percentage of undecided voters left, and with just a few weeks until the cast their ballot early.

On the other hand, some people asking “when is the election” are those who haven’t yet registered to vote for President.  Many first time voters simply don’t know can register to vote online, but you will need to check based on the state that you live in.

This 2016 election cycle has been a marathon of a race, and as we get closer to the final sprint we expect to see more claims of corruption, awful accusations and downright inappropriate name calling.  And we’ll enjoy every second of it.  But the last few days of coverage before the election that are sure to highlight “America’s Choice 2016” may be a bit misleading.

Once we’re within a week of November 8th, nobody will be wondering “When is the election” anymore.  TV coverage of the final few days before the 2016 election will be at an all time high, with 24 hour Presidential polling updates right up until they start to make predictions of which candidate will win.  We suggest watching several different networks throughout the day to get a range of opinions and predictions – but at the end of the day, all will likely be reporting the same Presidential election results.  CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NBC, CBS will all tell you the same thing – “______ Wins the 2016 Presidential Election.”

When the 2016 election is over, we will look back at this year of intense campaigning and likely gawk at the statements and highlights from the race.  Neither candidate is well liked by the American People as a whole, but the final Trump vs. Clinton election polls will determine a winner in what many consider to be a “lesser of two evils” choice.

Now that you know when the election is, it’s time to figure out how to vote for President.  We suggest practice vote for the 2016 election!