Biden vs. Trump Debate Details

Published on 2020-10-20 18:23:55

The final debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump before the 2020 Presidential Election details:

Date & Time: Thursday October 22nd, 2020 at 9PM Eastern.

How Long is the Debate: Approximately 90 Minutes.

Where is the Debate: Belmont University in Nashville.

Moderator: Kristen Welker, NBC News White House correspondent.

It's been reported that the debate commission has approved the option to mute candidates microphones when their time to respond to a question has expired. This change is seen as a good one by most, but there is reason to have doubt that this tactic won't only increase the interruptions during the debate. We just won't be able to hear them as well. 

In fact, the tactic may backfire, allowing President Donald Trump to continue speaking loudly after his turn has concluded, and interrupting Biden, while not looking as bad to the American viewers watchin the debate. While they can turn off the microphones during the debate, they can't turn Donald Trump off.

The final presidential debate may go down in history as one of the wackiest we've ever seen. Biden and Trump both understand the importance of the 2020 election, even though that point of importance may vary between the candidates. It's recently become clear that Donald Trump is in significant debt. Some reports have his debt into 10 digits. Yes, Trump is potentially over 1 billion dollars in debt. This makes it very important for him to win, and try to find ways around this mountain of debt that is weighing him down. 

Biden on the other hand realizes that he most important part of this election is that Donald Trump doesn't win. No matter what. Failing to do so could lead to Trump compromising the country on his own behalf to pay for his debts. Not surprisingly, there are many people who think that large amounts of this debt come out of Russia. Not only is this insinsuated by Trump's behavior and comments about Putin, but more directly when Eric Trump said outoud that they get money from Russia in 2014.

Who Will Win The Debate?

Is there really a winner and a loser in a debate like this? CNN will say that Biden won. FoxNews will say that Trump won. Unless one candidate refuses to debate or walks off stage during the event, there is no real winner in a presidentail debate like this. In fact, you could say that everybody loses. Trump could lose more white women voters from Pennsylvania or other swing states in 2020. Biden could have a fly land on his head and just stay there for minutes at a time, but no, that already happened to Mike Pence. 

The biggest loser of the debate? You! Despite having an exciting NFC East Matchup between the 1-4 Eagles and the 1-5 Giants on Thursday Night Football, you'll probably be watching Biden vs. Trump. The O/U on the football game at time of publishing this post is at 43.5. Get your bets in.

Wait. Don't Hate. Partipate During the Debate!

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