Do Biden vs. Trump Polls Matter At All?

Published on 2020-10-16 16:47:07

Is Joe Biden leading in the polls? Is Trump going to win in 2020? Do Biden vs. Trump polls really matter at all? The answer is "maybe."

Polling is a valuable tool that has been used by political parties for decades. Not only can polling help to predict who will win an election, but it can also help candidates determine when to drop out of the race if they have no shot at winning. Unfortunately, polling has been overly politicized in recent years, and has become yet another tool for candidates to use when trying to win an election. 

There is actually a huge benefit to appearing to behind in polls that is rarely discussed out in the open. How could losing in the polls actually be a good thing? Candidates and campaign teams have learned that being the underdog can actually help to increase voter turnout. If everyone feels like their candidate is losing in polls, they may be more likely to get out and vote on election day in an effort to sway the result.

The same principal can be applied the other way as well. Being ahead in polls could be a bad thing for some candidates. Look at what happened with Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election. Hillary was polling so far ahead of Trump that many democratic voters decided to stay home on election day, thinking that Clinton would win without their help. This is why so many presidential polls show different results.

But How Are Presidential Polls Taken?

Presidential polls are taken in a variety of ways, ranging from in person, to via mail and even online. To participate in a presidential poll survey, you typically have to seek one out. It's not often that just anyone will be asked for their official polling position without having already reached out and volunteered to give their opinion. This is where the trouble is.

People who want to participate in polls are likely to be highly political people, already swayed to one candidate or another. Most people who actually vote in elections are not as informed on all of the poltiical points that drive voters to the pre-election polls. Therefore, the segment of people who are being polled - no matter the sample size of the audience, is not going to fully represent the voter consensus. So, then why is polling done? Please refer back to the benefits of being ahead or behind in the polls - it's not always what it seems. So, what will the election polls say before election day?

Election Poll Predictions

Presidential poll numbers are likely to get closer to each other as we near election day 2020. While Joe Biden appears to have a lead at the moment, don't be surprised when Donald Trump starts to creep back up in the polls like the creep he is. Just as a closer score in a football game will keep the fans more engageed, a closer polling numbers between Biden and Trump can help both candidates to drive more voters to the polls, and keep TV news ratings high. 

Since you've found your way here - do you want to participate in an online presidential election poll too? Vote for the president online in our mock poll today!