Mitt Romney’s Acceptance Speech

Who will win the election?

We have explored online presidential polls to see how valid they are, and if they really matter come election day.  We’ve found that they don’t play any significant role in showing who the American public will vote for on November 6th, and if there is a direct correlation, that it’s entirely negated by our current electoral college voting system.

Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech for his Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Bumper Stickerpresidential nomination may be his first of two if he ends up winning the 2012 election.  While we don’t know exactly what the governor will say in his acceptance speech, we are going to make some bold predictions, and find out if we’re right once he actually opens his mouth at the podium at the RNC.

Thank you all for being here to join me in my acceptance speech as the GOP nominee for the 2012 presidential race.  Just as me, you’ve all known that I’ve been the choice candidate for months, if not a year at this point, but I’d like to thank the Republican Party for following through with their promises for once.  

Recent weeks have seen comments that have slowed down our progress in taking over the White House.  While we may all believe in the “Legitimate Rape” comment, we need to be smarter than to open our mouths and say so.  We all agree that women shouldn’t have the rights we’ve given them – the right to vote was enough – the right to have an abortion is too much.  

I understand that many of you in this room agree with me that Same Sex Marriage should not be allowed in the United States, and while we have seen steps in the wrong direction on this front, I feel that if elected President, I, Mitt Romney, can reverse the civil rights given to gay people.  

(Ignorant Cheers)

In an effort to keep this short, I’d like to end on this note…

We may not all agree on how many Gods there are, or the purpose of Jesus, but we all have irrational beliefs that cannot be explained, that allow us to make decisions in their name.  With our faith, we can do whatever we please for the betterment of our great county.  I meant country.  Have a great night – see you in January!

- Love, Mitt Romney

We can move on to the actual Presidential Race to see who will win the 2012 Election.  If the way that our vote for the president online polls are trending end up being correct, we will have a Republican in the White House for the next four years.  It’s time to turn our attention to the Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama, and the upcoming Presidential Debates.  With just a few short months leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election on November 6th, it’s time to get – you need to decide who you should vote for.