Florida in the 2016 Election

The key swing state of Florida may determine the result of the 2016 Presidential Election. Florida has 29 electoral votes, the most of any swing states in the 2016 election, and will likely play an important role in deciding if Hillary or Trump will be the next President.  Just as in other recent elections, all eyes will be on the voters and vote results in Florida come Election Day on November 8th.

Many people don’t understand why Florida is so important in the Presidential Election, but once you look at a map of Swing States it’s easy to tell why they have so much power.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will both be campaigning in Florida aggressively, as the predicted to win the 2016 Presidential Election.

There are several other important states in the 2016 Election, such as Pennsylvania, but polls in those states seem to show that Hillary has a lead.  Trump is hoping to overcome some swing state losses with a win in his second home state of Florida.  He has employed many people in the state of Florida, and does have a residence there as well.  Because he brings money into the state, he does have a chance to win this key battleground area – taking the win in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Many presidential polls are showing that Trump and Clinton are neck and neck in the Florida race for electoral votes.  These current polls for President in Florida give voters a good idea of who is winning, but they certainly don’t show the full picture – and have the power to influence the outcome of the election.

Because the polls are so close in Florida, both Presidential Candidates will be campaigning hard to win the independent voters ballots on election day.  Voter turnout in Florida is expected to be at an all time high for the Presidential Election in 2016 because of the importance it holds in determining who will win.

The race between Trump and Clinton is too close to call in Florida, but our online polls show who is winning the race, according to users on our site.   We encourage you to participate by taking part in our mock Presidential poll today to show support for the candidate that you want to win the 2016 Election.