Can Bernie Win the Nomination?

Senator Bernie Sanders has promised to continue his campaign for the 2016 Presidential Election until the Democratic National Convention in July – but can Bernie win the Nomination?  Sanders trails Clinton in total delegates after losing to the former Secretary of State in the New York primaries.  Many political experts are trying to suggest that it’s too late for Bernie to make up enough ground to win the Nomination, but that doesn’t mean the race is over.  There are several key states remaining that could tip the scales in Bernie’s favor before the Democratic National Convention.

Leading up to the New York primaries, where Clinton won by a much smaller margin than originally anticipated by the establishment Candidate’s political team – Sanders had won 8 of the 9 previous competitions.  Despite his previous wins, Sanders was unable to make up much ground in the total delegate count due to election delegate counting rules in each state.  This has many voters wondering if Bernie can win the nomination – and if they should still vote for him in the remaining primary states.

While Bernie Sanders has stood on a platform against a rigged election system, he may need that very establishment to help him if he is going to be able to win the nomination.  If Sanders can gain enough momentum leading up to the convention, and continues to perform better in head to head polls agains the probable GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, the establishment could hand Bernie the nomination.

That’s right, the DNC can nominate whichever candidate they think is most likely to win in a General Election, regardless of the results in months of Primaries leading up to the convention.  And if Bernie can win the nomination, he will need their help to do so.  The DNC has made Clinton their clear choice since before the primaries even started, but there are many reasons why they could nominate Bernie Sanders instead.

Donald Trump is the main reason why Bernie Sanders can win the democratic nomination.  Sanders continues to beat Trump by larger margins than Clinton, and it’s more important for the party to control the White House than to have their ideal candidate nominated.  Could we be looking at a Sanders / Clinton democratic ticket?

If Bernie Sanders can win the nomination, many Americans will consider the win a step in the right direction to rid politics of big business influence and corruption.  Many of those same American have cast their vote for President in our online poll to show who they think would make the best choice in the 2016 election – join them by voting now too.