Reasons Not to Vote

Voting for President can be a hassle, and in a “lesser of two evils” election, many qualified citizens are finding reasons not to vote.  The are many different reasons why people don’t vote for President in elections, but 2016 has given these non-voters more motive to stay home on election day than ever before.  Many people would argue that voting is a right, privilege, and civic duty that we as Americans should not take for granted, but the arguments supporting reasons not to vote make a lot of sense too.

Choosing not to vote for the President isn’t at all new.  In the most recent election, approximately 92 Million qualified voters stayed home instead of registering and voting for the President.  Voter turnout will play an important role in the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election, and those who support reasons not to vote will be under more scrutiny than ever before.  We want to be the first to say that it’s OK if you decide not to vote for the President in 2016.

There are many reasons not to vote in 2016 being mentioned by social media, major media, and even the candidates themselves.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are among the least liked Presidential Candidates of all time, with the highest unfavorability ratings ever seen.  The majority of American’s don’t actually like or trust either Clinton or Trump, meaning that the majority of votes will actually be opposing, rather than supporting one of the candidates.  If you don’t believe that either candidate would make a good President, that is certainly a good reason not to vote in 2016.

Millions will vote for a President that they don’t necessarily believe in this year, simply to oppose Clinton or Trump, because they believe that it’s their “right.”  Yes, qualifying Americans have the option to vote in Presidential elections, but the truth is that the electoral delegates that elect the President , something that many voters don’t fully understand.  This many be the most justified reason not to vote for President.

If you’re still looking for other reasons not to vote in the 2016 election for President, we can certainly help.  Actually voting in person on election day can be very time consuming, and confusing depending on where you live.  As a matter of fact, unless you are take Presidential polls online here !

You can’t find any reasons not to vote for President in our online election poll though.  It’s fast, easy, free and your vote counts just about as much here as it does in the general election.  This way, you can still participate by submitting a mock ballot online, without wasting your time or effort on election day.  There is one last reason not to vote for President though…

If you vote for a President that you don’t actually support, and then they do things in office that you don’t condone – other’s will still say that your vote was responsible for that action.  Voting for President should be to support, not oppose a candidate.