Polls: Clinton vs. Trump

Voters are watching the 2016 Polls for the Clinton Vs. Trump matchup.  Each candidate has had their time to lead the polls at one point during the campaign, but all that really matters is who is winning come November 8th.  Clinton vs. Trump polls have created one of the most interesting and unpredictable campaign races in Presidential election history.  Hillary Clinton can’t seem to escape her political email scandals, while Donald Trump’s comments don’t seem to phase his supporters.  The Presidential Polls for Clinton vs. Trump don’t always tell the whole story though, because many who want to participate in polling aren’t able to.

Most of the Clinton vs. Trump polls are made up a small percentage of voters in a highly localized area.  Some provide more diversity than others, but in almost all cases the participants are highly political and follow the Presidential Race closely.  This doesn’t represent the majority of people voting for President who don’t follow the race until the First Debate on September 26th.

Polls showing Clinton vs. Trump support often don’t even show Third Party Candidates.  These other candidates for President have the opportunity to disrupt the Clinton vs. Trump battle for the White House by stealing away a significant percentage of the popular vote.  Some polls that include Gary Johnson have the Libertarian candidate reaching near 15% – the amount he needs to participate in the debates on the national stage.

One of the most important element of Presidential Polls is that they can heavily influence how voters actually cast their ballot on election day.  Often times, the candidate leading in polls close to the Presidential election doesn’t end up winning because so many extra voters come out in support of the candidate who is losing.  Meanwhile, voters who support the candidate leading in latest presidential polls are more likely to stay at home on election day because they assume their choice candidate is guaranteed to win.

This means that the Clinton vs. Trump polls may not be a good indicator of who will win the election.  It can be difficult to predict who will win the election based on Presidential polls, but that won’t stop the media from trying.  We’re looking for more people who want to take part in Presidential Polling online right here on our site…

If you want to see who will win the election, you can take Presidential Polls online today!  Hundreds of thousands have already voted, and the election is just starting to get exciting.  You can vote for the President online and see who is currently winning the Clinton vs. Trump race according to our Poll.