When to Vote

Voting on Election Day, Tuesday November 8th, 2016, isn’t your only option of when to vote.  When you vote depends in part on how you vote for President in 2016.  Those who vote early via mail are able to cast their ballot for a period of time leading up to the official election day.  This is the ideal, official way to vote for President if you already know who you plan to support in 2016.  Many other people however, will want to wait to see how the final days of the campaign plays out before making their final decision.

Deciding when to vote for President also depends on where you live, and your local polling locations.  In many areas, local voting polls will have long lines, leading to long wait times. Other’s have jobs that require them to work on Election Day, in which case, voting early would be the best option of when to vote.

Anyone who has followed the 2016 campaign race closely knows that this has been a rollercoaster of an election cycle.  Both major party candidates, Trump and Clinton, have had made controversial statements and have taken unfavorable stances on major current political issues that have influenced voters decisions.  Even if you think you know who you will be voting for President in 2016, there are some good reasons to wait until Election Day to cast your official ballot.

The world is waiting for political debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, which won’t begin until September 26th.  Predictions are that these debates will include more personal attacks than political arguments, and will likely command some of the highest ratings in television history.  Voting prior may be a mistake, because you may change your mind after debates.

Deciding when to vote for President – early or on Election Day – is just one of the many difficult decisions voters will have to make in 2016.  Many people who have chosen to Vote for Donald Trump to keep Hillary out of the White House.

Don’t wait until Election Day – vote for President now in our online poll!  Even if you aren’t sure when to vote because you don’t know who to vote for yet, you can cast your ballot online now, and come back to vote again later!  You can vote online for President in less than 30 seconds and see who is currently winning in our poll now.  So, you can actually vote right now!