What are the Topics for the Final Debate?

The topics for the Final Debate before the 2016 Presidential Election have been announced.  A list of the official topics for the final debate can be found below, but we want to acknowledge right now – that the candidates will most likely speak about whichever issues they choose.  Unfortunately, the first two Presidential Debates in 2016 have shown us that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will determine what actually gets talked about on the debate stage – by avoiding answering questions with rehearsed monologues.

Final debate topics are meant to get voters and viewers excited for the live TV event in advance of Wednesday October 19th.  Touching on issues that are important to a variety of different voter groups and demographics that are likely to play important roles in the 2016 Presidential results.  The topics for the final debate are:

This list of topics for the final debate does not include specific questions that the candidates will be asked about these issues.  You can expect both candidates to prepare for both questions on these debate topics, as well as prepare for attacks from their opponents.  The truth is, that debates don’t change voters minds, so most American’s will be tuning in more for entertainment than politics.

The final Trump vs. Clinton debate will be like a political MMA match where the contenders will attempt to internally wound their opponent so that they gradually fade over the final 3 weeks of the 2016 campaign race.  The list of topics for the final debate should highlight the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates campaigns.  You can expect the Immigration topic to be focused on Donald Trump, while the Fitness to be President topic will be made to make voters wonder “Is Hillary Sick?

Both candidates will answer questions in a manner that leads you believe that they are talking to the real purpose of Presidential Debates is much more clever than you may assume, and may give you a different outlook on their answers during the final debate.

The people in the audience at the final Presidential debate in 2016 will be in for a treat.  With what may be the most watched debate of all time, the topics of the final debate will have some effect on the course of the evening.  During the debate, you can vote online for President in our mock poll – along with the millions of others who already have.  After you vote for President online you can see who is currently winning the election race according to our site visitors.