Online Presidential Poll

The latest presidential polls represent a very small portion of the voting population, but remain very close for the 2012 Election.  At this point in the campaign race, it’s impossible to predict who will win the election based on the 2012 presidential polls.  As the race heats up, who will win the election.

There will be several factors that helpvoters determine who they choose to cast their ballot for, such as health insurance, abortion laws, tax rates, and the economy that won’t be discussed until the 2012 presidential debates on October 22nd and November 3rd.  While the public has four years of example as to how President Barack Obama will carry himself in these debates, Mitt Romney has remained a mormon mystery to many.

Romney’s big business and religious background are well known by the American public, presenting a negative view of the presidential hopeful to some because they cannot identify with his character.  In a time where so many Americans are struggling to find jobs and others are going hungry, Mitt Romney is expected to have a difficult time converting voters who have already have a bad opinion of him.  Who will win the 2012 Election?

Due to the harsh view of Mitt Romney, and familiarity with current President Barack Obama, some political experts are suggesting that the Democrat will win seat in the white house come election day.  While considerable remains between today and November 6th, the online polls are already open, and awaiting your vote now!

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Regardless of your age, nationality, or voting eligibility otherwise, you can vote for the president online here – even students!  Just click the big red, white and blue ‘VOTE’ button and cast your vote for who you think should win the 2012 election online.  This is a great tool to get an idea of where the real presidential polls stand for the 2012 election by comparing with voters from around the world.  Don’t wait for election day, take this mock online presidential poll now!